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"DAMN YOU UCHIHA!" yelled Sakura.

Well right now she was giving birth to her first child. It's been ten years since the truth and dare incident. Sasuke was outside waiting with Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru. They were even more scared when they heard Sakura yelling his name and cursing at him. Sasuke shivered at the thought that she would do when she was out, was she going to kill him?

Ino and Hinata was helping Tsunade while Sakura was giving birth.

"Come on forehead girl! You can do it!" cheered Ino.

"I can see the head!" yelled Hinata.

The baby was out in about fifteen minutes later, there was blood everywhere but they soon cleaned it off.

"Sakura, the baby is beautiful!" Tsunade said patting at her student's head.

The baby had her eyes and Sasuke's hair. She mostly had Sasuke's looks but some parts had Sakura's, like the unusually wide forehead. But she was still beautiful anyway.

Tsunade called the guys to come and have a look at the baby. Sasuke was the first one in because he wanted to see his own child. Sasuke looked at the baby and he was speechless. He still couldn't believe that he was rebuilding his own clan.

"Sasuke, do you want to hold the baby?" Sakura asked handing their baby to him.

Sasuke took his index finger and played with the baby's little fingers. Ino squealed because it was the cutest baby in the whole world.

"Um, Miss Uchiha? What are you going to name the baby?" asked one of the nurses.

Sakura thought for a minute and decided the name. "Suki, because that means 'loved one' and she's loved by a lot of people."

"Ok, so Suki Uchiha then. That's a nice name." the nurse said as she exited the room.

"Aww Sakura! You should have named the baby after me!" said Naruto.

"Like anyone would name a baby after you." Sasuke said as she was rocking the baby back and forth.

"Sasuke! One of these days I'm going to beat you up so bad that you will beg for mercy!" said Naruto. Sasuke just rolled his eyes and looked down at the baby.

"Hmmm we should say her first word right now." said Sakura.

"Don't you think that it's a too early though?" asked Hinata.

"Uchiha." said Suki.

Everyone looked at Suki with a shocked expression on their face. She was just born and she already said her first word!

"Can you say that again for mommy?" Sakura asked sweetly.

"Uchiha." Suki said with a little excitement in her voice.

"Looks like that she has her mom's intelligence after all." said Shikamaru.

Everyone laughed and looked at Suki. She was going to be one of the greatest ninjas ever.

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