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After last night's revelation Lloyd and Colette woke with a renewed vigour. Thanking those who had helped them, the pair went in search of any stragglers who had survived the fight with Manfred. One gang member had holed up in the pigpen of a local farm. Seeing Lloyd, clean, healed and stern, he told them exactly where to find Manfred's stash of exspheres. Lloyd destroyed the numerous exspheres found in the gang's hideout in Caifa. Like a weight lifted from both their shoulders, they had smiled at one another; Lloyd taking his girlfriend's hand.

It took around two months to return to Iselia; their progress faster with the high spirits they shared. They camped together; lying in each others arms and learning more about each other's taste, scent and feel. The whole world looked different to Colette's eyes. Even the snow, pure and white as it lay on almost every surface seemed brighter and if possible whiter. Her heart pounded ecstatically in her chest when he reached for her hand, or shielded her against the elements. Lloyd couldn't get enough of Colette's kisses. He stole her lips whenever he could; indulging in the pleasant light-headed feeling and hot blush each and every time. She smiled at him from lowered lashes. She was gentle and timid, but deliciously compliant. For her part, she loved when leant down towards her, tilting her face to reach his, caressing her with love. She felt like a fairytale princess found her prince. Was love always this good?

When they finally reached Iselia, they travelled down the path of Dirk's house. The little dwarf appeared at the door; his face a mask of startled shock. Lloyd reached down and hugged his surrogate father who was only able to stutter his name in surprise. Colette smiled when she saw the little tear caught in the side of the rough mannered dwarf's eye. His son had come home. Before they unpacked, Colette was desperate to see her Grandmother and her father. They too had been surprised to see her. Phaidra's old eyes lit in knowing happiness to see the young pair's hands entwined. She was proud of her granddaughter's courage and determination.

A few days later, Lloyd came to Colette's door and asked for her help. Taking her to his mother's grave, he revealed his intentions: he wanted to finally let his mother rest. Colette felt a hard lump in her throat. She nodded painfully. He had told her before that if he ever did finish his quest, his last job would be to destroy his mother's exsphere. She of all people deserved to be free. This was a big step to Lloyd. This was losing a great deal of his prowess as a warrior; it was giving up his task. Dirk came out and joined them as they stood before the simple stone. He helped Lloyd dust off the snow which adorned but obscured the grave. The air was so still and quiet in the little garden. Colette stepped back and stood with Dirk. She would have like to have had fresh flowers to lay at the grave, but only had dried ornamental ones. She decided that Lloyd's mother wouldn't mind; they were just as pretty. Lloyd removed his key crest and exsphere together; grimacing slightly at the discomfort. Placing the small marble like object on the granite slab before the gravestone, he bent down and sat on his knees.

"Mom…" he said quietly at long last. "I'm sorry I haven't been back here for a long time. Thanks for being with me all this time" he paused and smiled gently. His mother had always been close. Rubbing gently at the empty space on the back of his hand, Lloyd felt completely lost. The soft pressure of his true love's hand on his shoulder gave him the reassurance he needed. "I guess it's time for you to finally rest…I love you Mom"

Lost for words; a knot of emotion constricting his words, he could only watch as Colette knelt beside him and bowed her head in prayer. She reached for his hand and clasped it tight in hers. Lloyd gasped slightly when he felt someone take his other hand. Dirk knelt on his right clutching his free hand. The young man felt a heart-felt smile touch his lips.

Colette spoke quietly, wishing Anna peace and contentment and hoped they would all see each other someday. She promised in a small soft voice, to look after Anna's son and love him with all her heart. She gave his hand an extra tight squeeze and Lloyd could feel the tears coursing down his cheeks. It took a few moments for him to compose himself and when he did, he rose to his feet. Drawing a small, simple, but carefully crafted dagger from his belt, Lloyd stared at its shiny blade and tightly bound leather hilt. He and Dirk had spent the whole previous day crafting it, especially for this purpose.

Raising the dagger high above his head, he let out a strangled sob as he brought the sharp edge down on the exsphere and watched as it exploded into dust. Lloyd breathed heavily, watching solemnly as a red tinged light rose faintly from the small pile. His pulse pounding, he could have sworn he heard his name; whispered so tenderly. His eyes widened in realisation, but the evanescence was gone. He knew in his heart however that he had heard his mother's voice and finally felt a sense of completion. He hadn't failed her.


The winter came and went, leaving welcome spring in its place. With its freshness, Lloyd decided it was time to think about the future. It wasn't as romantic as he planned, but when he asked she said yes. That was good enough for him. It was almost as if the words were excessive; as though it didn't have to be asked or answered. Dirk and Lloyd started straight away on building the engaged couple a house slightly further down the forest trail. He worked night and day: insane hours! It was light unburdened work and Lloyd fell asleep each night on his bed, exhausted but with a clean soul. His enthusiasm carried the work through quickly, and he found himself adding the finishing touches long before plan.

They sent invites to their friends and were delighted the week before the wedding to find the six companions arriving almost one after the other. It had been almost two years since they had last been together without one member missing. Everyone had been overjoyed at the news; Genis punching Lloyd in the arm and exclaiming it was about time. The week was a whirlwind for the little Chosen who found herself surrounded by flowers, presents and cards, wedding dresses and smiles. It truly was the best time of her life and the sun never seemed to stop shining.

Before she had time to register it, Colette found herself walking down the small humble aisle, her eyes trained on the tall man, clad in red. Her hair sat in beautiful long waves, adorned with a simple veil. Her dress was the softest white satin she had ever felt; a flowing gown held together in a most dazzling gold brooch. Lloyd looked completely breathless and he all but shouted "I do!" when asked. Colette giggled but stared up adoringly into the eyes of the man she wanted to share her life with. Lloyd gazed at the miracle before him and wanted nothing more than to swallow her whole where she stood.

The reception was the first real chance they had had to celebrate. They both cut loose and enjoyed the company of their friends and family. It was wonderful to have everyone in the same place and Colette even noticed though distracted by her own happiness, the joy her friends seemed to genuinely feel for the young couple. Zelos pulled Lloyd aside at the buffet. Taking a sip from his glass he smiled lewdly at the blushing swordsman.

"Hey Lloyd. Looking forward to tonight my man?"

Lloyd swallowed hard and nodded honestly.

"Mmmm" Zelos glanced over at Colette as she laughed and talked to Sheena and Raine. "She looks good enough to eat! You're a lucky man, my clueless compadre"

Lloyd frowned deeply with a blush as Zelos spoke about his wife in such a way!

"She looks innocent, but I'll betcha she's a little firecracker in bed!"

The swordsman had had enough. "Zelos, will you shut up! Colette's my bride!"

Zelos gave Lloyd a long look. "Hey, I'm just trying to give you an idea of what you're in for my friend. Enjoy her!"

At that Regal's large hand descended on Zelos' shoulder, causing the shorter man to look up in fright. "Zelos, I don't think that's any way to talk! Lloyd, please ignore Zelos. Although I must agree with him"

Lloyd shot the Duke a shocked glance.

Regal smiled "She looks beautiful." Lloyd's expression relaxed into an almost bashful smile. "You're a very lucky man, my friend"

Staring out through the dancing guests, Lloyd watched his new bride smile; her face full of pure joy and found he couldn't argue. He was the luckiest man alive!


At the end of the night, Lloyd gently took Colette's hand and in his eyes she saw something that excited her. He was telling her it was time to go. Thanking the guests and saying their goodnight, Mr and Mrs Irving walked hand in hand through the dark, quiet village. The houses were deserted as the whole town was still revelling in their honour. Lloyd glanced down at his small wife and smiled. What lay ahead excited him and terrified him at the same time; he could feel his body reacting already. This was the moment he had dreamt guiltily about for years. Yet he wondered how Colette felt. His fantasies had always relied upon her want, need and lust for him. He wouldn't want it any other way. He simply saw his own complex mix of emotions reflected on her face.

As they reached the door of their newly built house, Lloyd felt an immense feeling of completion. He was about to carry his bride over the doorstep into the house he had built with his own hands. Turning to her, he saw how breathless she was and felt his own excitement multiply. Feeling her slender form in his hands, he lifted her into his arms. Colette's small cool hands wound round his neck and shoulders. Pushing his boot against the door, Lloyd stepped into a fire-lit room; it was all he could do to keep himself restrained.

Carrying his precious bundle up the simple yet beautiful wooden staircase, Lloyd and Colette found their new bedroom. Lloyd of course knew every detail by heart and had put his greatest effort into making the room as comfortable and cosy as he could. A large four-poster bed sat against the wall; the lit fireplace running parallel with it. There were a few furs strewn like rugs across the floor and Phaidra had come by that day to ensure the bedclothes were neat and tidy and the couple had everything they could possibly need on their first night as man and wife.

Lloyd laid Colette down gently on the duck-down filled mattress. He straightened up and stared down lovingly at her flushed face. He was entranced by it for a few moments before the situation caught up with him. So…what was he supposed to do now? Colette shared Lloyd's sudden lack of courage. She was nervous but desperately wanted to share his body.

Colette's mind quickly remembered the conversation she had had with Sheena a few days before when she arrived for the wedding. She had worried that no one had taken the time to educate the little Chosen who was never meant to have to deal with this issue. She asked Colette about what she knew about sex. Sheena had then proceeded to explain the "ins and outs" to her. Colette had burned bright red through the whole conversation but felt her imagination now opened up to possibilities she would have felt tainted at thinking about before. But now it seemed to so right with Lloyd her husband hovering just by the bed, unsure what he should do next. She could see the quiet torment in his behaviour. He wanted to launch himself at her, but he knew he couldn't do that. She also knew he worried about Colette's experience with Manfred and his gang and the effect that had on her.

Colette Brunel Irving pushed herself upon her rear and reached for her husband's hand. Pulling him gently down beside her, she never let her gaze leave his. She stood up before him and realised what she wanted to do. Lloyd for his part just watched her, mutely; his whole body alive and on the edge of control. Colette's tiny hands reached slowly for the clasp which gathered the delicate satin of her dress together. Snapping it open, she felt the warm air of the fire bathe her skin as the material floated to the ground. Lloyd's breath escaped in a gasp. His wide brown eyes danced all over her body, his complexion bursting into a magnificent crimson blush. Colette's heart was pounding in her chest. She could feel her arms reach to cover her chest. It wasn't that she was uncomfortable with Lloyd's intent gaze exploring the delicate, subtle curves and planes of her body, but she had seen enough of Raine and Sheena to feel insecure about her own body. Lloyd noticed her nervousness and reached out for her wrists. He was trembling as he gently drew her arms away and gazed feverishly at the treasure she sought to hide.

"Colette…" he breathed almost inaudibly. "Y-you're beautiful…A-and you're not an ironing board!" He burst confidently. How the last few years had altered the physical appearance of the little late bloomer! She did not have an hour-glass figure, but her willowy, slender frame boasted the correct proportions in the correct place. It took the young man's breath away.

He rose to his feet, suddenly towering over his wife. She still wore her gloves and he reached to remove them. Colette began to unbutton Lloyd's beautiful red coat, pushing it tenderly off his shoulders and down his arms to the floor. Lloyd watched her quietly; entranced and turned on greatly by the fact that she was undressing him. As dense as Lloyd could be, he didn't miss the sensuality nor the intense pleasure she was giving him by simply touching him through the layers of cloth. Finally she had him down to his shirt and trousers. Unbuttoning his shirt, she smoothed her small palms over his wide toned chest; the simple action causing his skin to break out in goosebumps. His hands longed to reach for her hot milky flesh. He helped her take the shirt from his figure and held his breath as she carefully undid the buttons on his trousers and had him stark naked in a matter of seconds. Lloyd felt his face ablaze as Colette seemed transfixed by the sight of his nakedness exposed and stimulated.

They caught each other's gaze and Lloyd pulled his wife gently to him. Her bare breasts came into contact with his muscular chest and Colette felt a wave of new pleasure ripple through her, creating a whimper as it left her body. Lloyd tried to catch her eyes, barely capable of rational thought. Their lips came together in a new way. The kiss was different at the revelation they had born to each other. Lloyd's arms completely enveloped the small frame of the woman he had married: and he was thoroughly convinced she had become a woman. Gently they lay down together.


Colette was more accustomed to pain than most girls her age, yet still she wasn't prepared for the agony Sheena had warned her of. Lloyd had hurt too, his own inexperience and high expectations bringing salty tears to his eyes. But they had persevered; learning ways to excite one another to the point where they could try again. In a matter of hours Colette had become an expert in her husband's anatomy. She knew exactly how far down on his abdomen the particular spot was that drove him wild and how the softest touch of her fingers could elicit the most delicious moan from low in his throat. He too realised early on how important it was to help his little wife find her particular pleasure. He was gentle, but surprised when she demanded him to be firm. It was confusing but unbelievably rewarding when he did something that caused little Colette; the innocent Chosen to cry out in passion. Eventually Colette's tightness relaxed a little and accordingly so did Lloyd's discomfort. They found a pace that they could each keep. Lloyd had questioned her over and over again; apologising for hurting her and asking her if she wanted to stop. Despite the stabbing pains at her very core, Colette shook her head vehemently; unwilling to give up.

When they finally reached the verge of their pleasure, Colette gripped Lloyd's tense, muscular shoulders. He was slick with both his and her sweat, and Colette's fingers melted into his flesh. He groaned rhythmically through his ragged breathing, each growing in intensity with a feeling he had never known before. It was past the point of pain now; further than he had imagined it was possible to go. Colette's frame flexed up to meet his one last time before he reached his moment.

With a feral cry, Lloyd threw his head back. Colette's body arched into his: her whole being soaring to the highest height. She felt the sun exploding through her body, scorching every vein with its heat. Letting her eyes open to catch the sight of him at his climax, Colette gasped and became lost in the scene. His magnificent wings burst forth, filling the room with light, almost touching both walls of the spacious room. They fully unfurled, stretching to their limit before relaxing in perfect time with Lloyd's body. Colette gaped silently at the sight before her. Lloyd's exsphere had been destroyed; how could…? It didn't matter; it was real. He was real: so real.

As the married couple slowly started to become aware of their surroundings once again, they lay panting in a beautiful heap of tangled limbs. After a few moments, Lloyd slowly, reluctantly withdrew from her heat and watched, eyes-half-lidded, his wife flinch as he took away that which he had worked so hard to let her taste. Pulling her into the most meaningful hug they had ever shared, they both wept gently in a myriad of emotions and sensations. He held her and promised her in soft whispers how much he loved her and how he would never leave her. Colette smiled despite her tears and the numbness and emptiness now pervading her body. He knew exactly what she needed to hear. It was all true. She had helped him become a man and really understand the hidden meaning in the term "husband". He realised that he'd give up everything else if he could keep her as happy as he knew she was now. With a sigh, he clutched her close, stroking her new but familiar flesh, waiting for sleep to claim him deservedly.


Colette's eyes opened slowly. She felt completely limp and as though she had had the best night's sleep of her life. Turning her head slightly, she met the sleeping face of her newlywed partner. His expression was relaxed as his long ponytail of brown hair fell over his bare shoulder. He looked so soft and peaceful in the spring morning light. Shifting closer the Chosen tangled herself in his arms. He stirred slightly in his slumber, his eyes opening slightly and focusing on Colette. His beautiful smile creased his features tenderly.

"Good morning Mrs Irving" he said; his voice grainy and rough from overuse last night.

Colette smiled warmly, content just to watch him fall back into a light doze. For the first time in the little Chosen's life, she had gotten to the heart of her dream. She had saved Sylvarant as she had set out to do from her very birth and had saved Tethe'alla; it's partner. She had been saved and had saved her partner too. The vows they had made; the secrets they shared and the flesh they had given to one another sealed their relationship into something she had never believed could happen: her dream. And as she woke on this most ordinary day, Colette realised that her dream was now her reality. To love, honour and cherish her Eternal Swordsman; her husband; her soul-mate; her Lloyd.

Just a dream,

just an ordinary dream.
As I wake in bed
And the boy,

that ordinary boy.
Or was it all in my head?
Did he ask if I would come along
It all seemed so real.

And he said

take my hand,
Live while you can,
Don't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand
Right in the palm of your hand,
Right in the palm of your hand.


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