"Hi, I am Sakuragi Kosuke. Pleased to meet you."

In front of the class, a boy was standing next to the teacher's desk and gave a little bow upon introducing himself. On the blackboard he stroked, one by one, the four Kanji of his name. "Sakuragi", the wood of cherry trees; "Kosuke", which literally meant "small help". The boy had slender looks - pale skin, five-feet tall, mahogany short hair and crimson eyes. He felt quiet and shy when all the girls started to drool about his cute looks.

Kosuke was being assigned to his work desk, left of Tomoka's, whose eyes were full of curiosity about the new student. The sensei proceeded to take the roll call, where as Kosuke took his seat and sighed inwardly about the past hectic events —

"Who are you and what are you doing in my granddaughter's bedroom?" Ryuuzaki Sumire gasped in horror when in front of her was a half- undressed youngster, who was equally as panicked as her.

"O... Obaa-chan!" the young lad cried, "It's me, Sakuno!"

The older Ryuuzaki walked forward furiously and pinched the boy's ear, scowling at hearing such ridicule.

"Who are you fooling to!? Where's my granddaughter and what had you done to her, hentai boy!"

"I'm not lying! It's really me, Sakuno! Look at me closely, why the sake I'd lie about this!" He then recalled what could prove him the genuine Sakuno – the small birthmark on his left sole.

Sumire carefully inspected the undersurface of his foot, and without mistake it was the rare sakura petal shape mark that no one knew except her and Sakuno's parents.

"Oh my," she exclaimed in disbelief, "Heavens tell me what's going wrong!?"

"I couldn't remember anything after I fainted in school. For the whole night I was having severe headache and muscle pain. It was until morning I found my body is this situation."

"After you fainted in school... Could it be... Could it be..." Both the grandmother and granddaughter (now grandson) came up the name of the culprit.

"Ne, Kosuke-kun, are you listening?"

"Eh?" Kosuke snapped out, "What is it, To... Osakada-san...?"

"Spacing out on your first day of school? No good, my dear. The lesson's over and it's now lunch break, would you like to have lunch with us at the patio, Kosuke-kun?" Tomoka was already being too affectionate by calling him his first name.

Kosuke felt uneasy with the girls of his class surrounding him enthusiastically. He though used to have lunch with Tomoka and a couple of other friends when he was Sakuno. Now he needed to be alert of his current identity and not to spill the beans, even to her best friend. He also noticed the boys were giving deadly stares because of his unwanted attraction to the opposite gender.

"But I didn't bring any meal box, I think I'd better go to the canteen..." Kosuke said apologetically and hoped he could spend the time alone and perhaps figuring a resolution to his unimaginable circumstances.

Of course, he had never realized when a guy out to lunch with a bunch of girls at school meant no worries for food. They all happily suggested him to try out their "delicacies". He nodded unwillingly. This also reflected one of his many weaknesses was the inability to say no to others.

As Kosuke was being drifted by his female classmates through the corridor to downstairs, he was grabbed by Tomoka and he accidently felt the soft pressure of her breast against his arm. Kosuke's face went red and his body became stiff. "Baka!" He scolded mentally, as he was supposed to be a girl by birth. Why did he get overreacted about it?

"I'm a girl, I'm a girl!" he reminded himself. "But I'm now a boy, technically speaking." The another side of him debated. It was going to be a hard day, or possibly, unknown days for him.

The same moment, at the Seigaku Tennis Club premises, Inui was alone searching in the changing room. He looked at every corner to find an opaque cylindric container, white in color, that he lost a couple of days ago...

"Where's my bottle? What a pitty, the Aozu juice must had gone bad by now..."

To be continued...

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