Chihiro was at her school canteen, queueing up for her food. Thinking when she was ever going to see kohaku for a while. She had always dreamed of them meeting each other walking on the beach together while telling him how much she had missed him.

The young 15 year old teenager never had firneds. All the guys in her school always looks at her during class, lunch break, while walking down the hallways or even walking home. The hair that she always let down, with a few streaks of red, wasplaced behindherears.She wore the school's uniform: awhite blouse that was tucked into a navy blue skirt that wasright above her knees while her 'new balance' track shoes matched the outfit perfectly.

Chihiro was carrying her wallet in betweenher shivering hands that was stepped on bysome ofthe jealous girls. She ordered two unagi sushi. That was all she could afford since those girls took away 99 of her money. Every single day was like that for her.

She sat down on a table that wasfilledwith everyone'sleft-overs.Everyone occupied every seat in the whole of the canteenexcept for that table.It had flies flying around all the plates and leftover rice, noodles... Chihiro hurriedly ate both of them and threw away the piece of plastic that was covering the sushi. She left it in her mouth so that she could enjoy the taste of it.

After school, Chihiro was carrying her almost torn sling bag around her shoulders as she carried her books on her arm. She was walking to the school bus that was waiting for all the students in front of the school. Just then, as she was walking, one of her classmates, Elizabeth, kicked the back of her knee that causeed her to fall down onto the ground. Scattering her books all onto the ground. She picking them up, back onto her arms, while the other girls were making her have public embarrasement.

The driver of the bus honked them to hurry up. Chihiro quickly, as fast as she could, picked up all her books and quickly ran up the bus.

The back of the bus was where she always sat. Studying to have good marks just to get the attention of her parents who was always buyers over her little brother. Giving whatever he wanted andeven accusing Chihiro of something she did not do like throwing away his favourite toy in the trash can that he, himself, did it just to get her into trouble.

Chihiro got a few stares from the boys that were sitting at the front of the bus. She simply ignored them. Especiallly all the smirks she had from the girls. Purposely, Elizabeth who was sitting two seats before Chihiro. stuck her foot out as Chihiro was walking to her seat. Chihiro tripped down and landed on the floor. She got up and saw blood dripping one by one down onto the floor. She held her tears till later as everyone just laughed until Chihiro got up and went to her seat.

Chihiro took out a packet of tissue paper and wiped her nose. She pinched her nose with a new piece as she stared out of the window, crying. Who knew that she was going to move into the new town 5 years ago where she left her best friend and met Kohaku. She cried as a few soft whimpers that she wanted to control slipped out. She did not know what to do but cry until a guy called 'wei yi' came to the back and sat with her.

"Why are you crying?" he asked. Wei yii was the only one who was actually nice to her. He did not want to lose his cool over not laughng with his friends at her. Chihiro knew that he was not a true friend but it was the only one she gotbut shejust took it was as ablessing for her.

Chihiro wiped her eyes and moved the tissue away from her nose and stared at it. The blood that stained the tissue was as red as a rose. She quicky pulled out another tissue pack before she wiped away the tears and replied "it's nothing. I'm just crying because I miss my family who left to Thailand without me."

Wei yi shot her a worried look and said "it doesn't look like it. It seems to me that you are sad about something.What's wrong?"

Chihiro replied and sniffed as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks "I'm fine." and sniffed one more time as she wiped away the tears, placing a new piece of tissue over the nose hole.

Wei yi looked to his friends and saw that everyone was talking to each otherandshowing-off their mobile phones and exchanging numbers.He quickly wrapped his arms around her and whispered softly into her ears "just to remind you thatI will always be there for you. And remember, I'm your friend Chihiro."

That was when it shot her. Wasn't it the time where Kohaku and Chihiro were before Kohaku left? Chihiro kept on thinking and dreaming of him when she slept after doing the household chores. She had a maximum of 4 hours of sleep everyday since she was inmorning school. She was always woken up in the most tormentive way her parents would wake her up. They usually wake her up by throwing ice cold water onto her ragged pajamas or canning her or putting a heated piece of wire on her fare skin that was freshly burnt over the stove and many other cynic ways.

It was Chihiro's stop. Her nose had stopped bleeding and she bent down her head to hide her tears from all the people that were sitting on their seats.

She got down and threw away the pieces of crumpled tissue that was stained with her blood into the rubbish bin. Just then, she heard Wei yi shouting "open the damn door!" as he pushed open tthe door that was going against him. Surprisingly, he struggled his way through and ran ahead of her until the bus was out of sight, he stopped and ran towards Chihiro. He panted for breathe and struggled with his words "ikdshjfbsj...sofbhge, whanjkw..."

Chihiro interrupeted him by placing two fingers on his lips and cured him "breathe in... and breathe out. Do that." Wei yi did just that and he was not panting that furiously anymore. Just then, Chihiro looked at her surroundings and saw a figure that seemed very familiar. Just then Chihiro shifted back and said "Kohaku?"

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