I'm sorry Chihiro. I need to know if you love me more or that Wei yi guy I can sense that he really likes you a whole lot. I had sensed it since you and I were together in front of your school. And I mean, a lot as in he really likes you a lot. I don't know why, myself, left the room with you. Maybe I was just jealous or something. But don't worry. I won't keep him in there for too long.

I love you, Chihiro.

Chihiro flipped the pages of the books that were in her textbook and studied what she had missed out. Wei yi looked at her with an evil smile and leant closer to her.

He landed his hand close to her perfectly-shaped buttocks and slid his waist closer to hers. He set his lips very close to her cheeks bone and breathed heavily.

He sent shivers down Chihiro's spine and looked at turned his head to him and saw that he was motioning to lean onto her shoulders.

Chihiro did not know what to do.

"Um… Wei yi, could you move away just one inch? This is making me uncomfortable." Chihiro asked politely.

Instead of moving, Wei yi turned his head and kissed Chihiro soft-milky neck and stuck his tongue out and licked up to her ear and nibbled it. Chihiro nearly wanted to scream her lungs out and get a sore throat. (like what I have now. Hahax!) Well, getting a sore throat is better than getting licked by your best friend! I know some of you might like it. Preferring sex to getting a sore throat and those girls or guys are freaking stupid! They just don't have any brains.

Getting back to the clears throat licking…

"Wei yi, why are you doing this?"

"Your neck, arms and thighs are oh so as sooth as silk" Wei yi said.

He placed his free hands on her thigh and brushed it inwards. He nibbled her ears and used his hand that was now brushing her inner thighs and placed in on her side. He moved his hand up to the side of her ribs and moved towards her back.

Chihiro wanted to cry but she just could not do that. She will end up opening her wounds that were almost fully healed. Why the freak is he going this? Chihiro asked herself.

"Wei yi, why are you doing this?" Chihiro asked again.

"Haven't you noticed Chihiro?" Wei asked under his breathe of desire. "I loved you since we were kindergarten friends. Why were we only friends and nothing more? Chihiro, I am desperate for you. Why didn't you notice? I've been giving you uncountable hints of my love. I was the only one who hugged you since hell who knows and I missed you since we were separated. I never loved another girl because you were the only one who I want to see when I get up in the morning."

Wei yi sank deeper into her and his hands teased her back while the other lost his balance of want that caused him to push Chihiro down and sank down onto the bed. He was on top of her and his hands were all close to her c cupped breasts. One knee was in between her thighs while the other trapped her shin. He kissed her neck to her lips and drowned her with kisses.

Chihiro did not know what to do. She could not force her arms or legs to move. She could not even open her mouth since the answer Wei yi gave her. It was impossible for them to be together. She could kick his dick hard with her knee and ran out of the room to look for help. But she could not do that to her friend even if they rape her or something. She trusts her friends and never betrays them. Maybe she was like this because of how desperate of how she was to find a friend the last time everyone hated her or even think she was a rich slut.

Chihiro tried once again to lift up her arms but, no luck. She was motionless and she waited for help.

Just then, she notice tears prickling down her cheeks as Wei yi laid his body weight on her as he French kissed her. Wei yi licked away her tears with his tongue and made his way back to her mouth. All he wanted to do was just to strip her naked. But because they were in a hospital, too bad!

Kohaku was walking back to Chihiro's ward with his hands in his pockets as he whistled a happy tune. After greeting several blushing nurses, he knocked on the door and entered the room.

"So how are you today, hmmm?" he asked politely.

The little girl in the bed, not more than the age of nine, was smiling with glee. Her front teeth were missing and that went really well with her mushroom-like hairstyle. Her pink pajama's had little giraffe's on them that stuck onto her body, showing off her figure. It was a pity she did not have any curves. Otherwise, she would have looked horrible.

"Fine, thank you! Do I need to be given any injection today? My tummy is growling!" she whined.

When was the last time you ate?" Kohaku asked

The girl blushed furiously and replied as she covered her nose with her blanket, looking up at him innocently "10 minutes ago. My tummy hurt before I ate!"

Kohaku sat at the side of her bed and put his hand on her cheek "Your tummy hurts before you ate because the water that your tummy gives out was eating your stomach! So you have to call the nurse to bring your food when you're hungry." And gave her a sweet smile.

"Then why is my tummy growling so much?" The girl asked again.

"Because the food in your tummy is being digested"

The girl smiled cheerfully until you could not see her eyes. "So why are you here Doctor Kohaku?" she asked cutely, (KAWAII!)

"Just to see how you are doing. I missed you you know. I haven't been seeing you for four days! Or is it just you don't like me to come?"

"NO! Doctor Kohaku! I missed you too! You can come anytime! I was bored and everyone went home. Oh yes, when am I going to go home Doctor Kohaku?"

Kohaku took in a deep breathe and replied "it depends on your condition. You are suffering from lung cancer and we need to run a few more tests on you."

He was a frown, pasted on the girls face and said "don't worry. I'll visit you everyday!" He placed his hand on her head. She looked up at him and smiled like a baby at him. 'Oh my goodness, she is so cute!' Kohaku thought to himself.


Both their faces turned out the door and paused for another sound.


"Chihiro!" Kohaku said out loud.

He ran out of the door and traced where the voice was coming from. He was 100 sure that it was Chihiro. Who else would know who Wei yi is in the whole hospital?

"Wei yi, what the hell are you doing to her?" Kohaku demanded.

Wei yi got up from where he was and smirked "what else? I'm making your girl mine of course!"

Kohaku knew that this was going to happen. He decided to walk away (Just walk away! By Kelly Clarkson, ha-ha!) because maybe he thought that Chihiro found another in her life. Well, that's never ever going to happen in this particular story that you all are reading.

"Kohaku!" Chihiro shouted and ran towards him. She kneeled down in front of him and hugged him by the waist as she rested the side of her head on his temples. Kohaku placed his hands on her shoulders and gripped them, telling her that it was all going to be alright. Then, he shot his bloodshot eyes to him and demanded again "what are you doing to her…" and it did not even sound as if it is even a question. Note the sarcastic tone.

"I said I am making her mine. Be grateful that I didn't strip her naked. This is a hospital mind you! I am not that foolish to do it in a hospital! Like who would want to have sex in the hospital?" he said sarcastically.

Kohaku granted and carried Chihiro bridal style and threatened "if you do this again, you'll 后悔 regret because I will personally hunt you down and you'll wish that you never entered this world. You're lucky that I am not reporting to the police for this matter. Now scram!" (A/N: If you can see the Chinese character. If you can, I'm surprised! And the word beside it is the meaning for those who can see) he screamed and widened his eyes and showed his vampire-like teeth.

Wei yi left and left them alone. Kohaku was still carrying Chihiro in his warm arms and brought her closer to his chest. She could feel the warmth of his chest flowing all over hers. Goose bumps popped out of her skin as she snuggled her head into his chest as she cried. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let out whimpers.

"It's okay Chihiro. He's gone. You can relax now." He said and patted her ass and motioned over to the bed to put her down.

"I was so scared Kohaku! So scared that I couldn't even find my voice or even move my arms!" Chihiro said.

Kohaku set her down onto the bed with a small thump of the springs and wrapped his even warmer arms around her. Chihiro felt like she was on cloud 9 when they hugged. She knew that when they were together, no one could even break them up. Wasn't how Kohaku express his love just so sweet? Aw… (Echoes from the audience)

"It's all right Chihiro. No one can ever hurt you when I am here." He let her go and looked down to her eyes and said as their arms were tangled together "Chihiro, I am willing o sacrifice my life for yours. I want you to keep on living if I am dead or not."

"Why are you telling me all this? Is it because you are actually going to die? I'm never going to let you go! If you die, I'll die along with you! Then we'll be together and no one can get in our way. Why did you bring this up in the first place?"

Her eyes were red and her cheeks were all puffy and stuff, all looking up at him, looking innocent because of the answer. "Nevermind Chihiro. You do not need to know about it right now. Right now, you need to focus on getting cured. Promise?" he said.

Kohaku could not bear to look into those eyes of hers. He could not bear to lie to Chihiro. Making the question echo in her mind: Why is Kohaku going to die? Or 'what did she do to him not to tell him why was he going to die? He never should have told her that he was going to die in the first place.

"I'm sorry Chihiro. It's not you, it's me. Why don't…" he paused to hold it in, "why don't you go and concentrate on getting well and we'll talk about it later." And with that, he left.

Chihiro watched him walk through the doors. She felt so empty and alone when he left her in the darkness, finding out the answer to that 'oh my god why did he say that?' private investigation. Weird isn't it?

Don't worry; I'll be with you wherever you go. I understand how you feel. I experienced that when we were separated. I really pity that Wei yi guy. He is so desperate for you and yet, he never gave up on you even when you were away from him. But don't worry; I'll never give you up for him. I realized my mistake of leaving you two alone together. I will never leave your side again. Parts of my soul is in you and whenever you feel unsafe wherever you are, make sure you find out for yourself that I will always be with you. I love you my darling Chihiro. One day both of us will be free and we'll be together forever.

"Why did you disobey me, Kohaku?" he said in a deep-dark-cold voice.

"I'm sorry master. I really could not bear myself to let her off like that. Forgive me, master" he responded.

"All right, I accept your apology. Never do that again or you'll regret the consequences."

"Yes, master. I will not disobey you once again."

"Good. Now, I have another task for you…"

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