(An Janice is not pregnant in this story)

Jess had always been the kind of person never to date people WAY her senior but when she saw one guy and how he helped her trough the tough trials of the FBI she did not care how old he was. She loved him. That person was John Pollock.

One day Jess was at her apartment with Nicole. They were just talking about work. Nicole still needed someone to talk to since Antonio was killed. It had been a hard time for her. Jess had been seeing Pollock but NO ONE knew not even Nicole. Jess wanted to tell her but she has no idea how she might take it.

"Nick" Jess said.

" What?" Nick said.

"I kind of have been seeing someone." Jess said

"Who?" Nick said surprised.

" Um Pollock." Jess said so quietly that Nicole could not hear her.

"Who?" Nicole said.

"Pollock" Jess said.

"OMG are you serious? You mean the Pollock who is the meanest boss." Nicole said.

"Yea" Jess said

"I have no idea what to say right now." Nicole said.

"I had to tell you. I mean how long could I hide this" Jess said.

Jess stuck out her hand and on it was a huge diamond only a high ranked officer in the FBI could afford. Nicole looked at the ring and her mouth was to the floor. She could not believe it.

"OMG Jess how did this happen?" Nicole asked.

"I can't remember is that he came here and said that Janice filed for divorce and that night we had dinner and he kissed me and left." Jess said.

"Wow what I can't trough my mind is how Pollock?" Nicole said.

"You see him as I do during the day but when we are away from the office he is so sweet and caring." Jess said.

"I have seen it sometimes but it is hard to imagine." Nicole said still surprised.

"Pollock planned to tell you Jack and Thea tomorrow." Jess said

(AN Jack was but on the team after Antonio died. Not really but in my story he did)

"Wow well I'm happy for you Jess." Nicole said

"Really?" Jess said.

"Yea you're my best friend and if you have found someone you love even if it's Pollock. I'm happy for you." Nicole said.

"Thanks Nicole" Jess said.

"Your Welcome" Nicole said.

They hugged and then there was a knock on the door. Jess got up and Nicole followed her. When she opened the door there was Pollock with candy and flowers and his big grin. It went away when he saw agent Scott. He quickly put all the stuff behind him and went into FBI mode. Standing strightup and stern look. He was still wearing his work suit.

"I was just coming to check on Mastriani. She was shot in the last case," Pollock said.

"She knows John" Jess said.

"Oh Ok" Pollock said.

Then he went in and gave Jess a kiss on the cheak and gave her the flowers and Candy. Then he took off his jacket.

"You ok Jess?" Pollock asked being the caring soon-to-be-husband that he is.

"I'm fine. Do you all want pizza?" Jess asked

"Sure" Pollock and Nicole said at the same time.

"Ok" Jess, said.

Jess ordered the pizza and they sat on the couch. Jess leaned against Pollock.

"Wow seeing you like that scares me a little." Nicole said.

"You'll get used to it agent" Pollock said.

"John you're in my apartment. All agent names are out the window. She is Nicole and you know I hang out with her ALL the time right?" Jess said as she smiled and turned her head up to him.

"Yes you told me before." Pollock said then he kissed her.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" Nicole said.

Pollock and Jess just smiled.