The Perfect Weird Couple: After the Honeymoon

The Perfect Weird Couple: After the Honeymoon

Jess and Pollock were driving back from the airport after having an amazing honeymoon in Paris.

"I can't believe we had to but another luggage bag just to bring home all the souvenirs" Jess said.

"That was a pretty good trip" Pollock said.

"How badly do you think were gonna get trampled?" Jess asked as they pulled into the driveway.

"I don't even want to think about it" Pollock said.

They pulled up and got up to the door. It was 10 am on a Saturday morning so they know Michael and Chloe are downstairs watching cartoons while eating sugary cereal. They walked in the door, with Pollock carrying her bridal style.

"Were Home" Jess yelled while laughing.

"Mom, Dad" Chloe yelled as she ran out of the living room toward them.

"Hey Princess" Pollock said as he put Jess down and lifted her up.

"Hey mom" Michael said at a normal volume as he walked into the foyer.

"Bring any presents?" Chloe asked with a big smile.

"Yes you'll get them later. Now where are Grandma Toni and Uncle Doug?" Jess said.

"Kitchen" Chloe said.

Pollock put her down and he and Jess went to the kitchen.

"Hey you guys, how was the trip?" Toni asked as they walked into the kitchen.

"It was good, Paris was amazing. The Eiffel Tower was amazing at night when they turn all the lights on and the way it sparkled." Jess said with a smile.

"We had fun. How were the kids?" Pollock asked.

"No trouble they missed you guys" Doug said.

"Need help with all your bags?" Toni asked.

"Sure" Pollock said back.

Doug, Toni, Jess and Pollock all went outside to get the bags out of the car.

"How about you go upstairs and call Nicole and let her know your home." Pollock told Jess.

"Ok" Jess said and gave him a kiss. And she went upstairs to their room, she grabbed the phone next to the bed and laid out while she dialed Nicole's number.

"Scott" Nicole answered.

"Hey it's me" Jess said.

"Hey how was the honeymoon?" Nicole said.

"Some I'll tell you about a lot I won't" Jess said while smiling.

"Since a lot of it has to do with my boss I don't want to know but all the sights I do want to know about" Nicole said excited.

For the next hour they talked until Chloe came and told her lunch was ready.

"Hey Nick I got to go, lunch is ready but I'll call you later ok?" Jess said.

"Sure Bye Mrs. Pollock" Nicole said while smiling.

"Bye Nick" Jess said as she smiled and hung up.

"So what's for lunch little one?" Jess asked as she picked Chloe up.

They went downstairs where everyone was sitting at the table waiting for them. Jess and John spent the lunch telling everyone about what they saw in Parris. Once they were all done Toni and Doug started to clean up.

"Why don't you guys go take a nap, you must be jet lagged?" Toni said,

"I'll take you up on that offer" Jess said while yawning,

"I will too" John said then he picked Jess up bridal style and carried her upstairs.

They slept till 5, when they woke up all their luggage was right inside their door so knowing that dinner was gonna be in a hour they started to unpack. Jess had gone on a major shopping spree in Paris so she alone had so much to unpack.

"Did you need all the clothes you bought?" Pollock said while he out his clothes in his closet.

"Well if they weren't so cute and if the director didn't pay you so much and in turn you didn't pay me so much we wouldn't have this problem." Jess said as she smiled.

"You know what I've been thinking about lately even though we just got married?" Pollock said as he sat on the end of the bed.

"What" Jess responded as she too went and sat on the end of the bed beside him.

"Giving Chloe and Michael a sibling" Pollock said with a nervous smile.

"I've been thinking about it too" Jess said.

"So were gonna try" Pollock said with a big smile.

"Yes" Jess said as she smiled and scooted over onto his lap. They were making out until someone knocked on the door.

"Were coming" They yelled as they got up hand in hand and walked downstairs.

The rest if the night was spent spending time together and Michael and Chloe telling Jess and Pollock what happened while they were gone. At 9 they went to bed after saying goodbye to Toni and Doug since their flight left early the next morning.