"Finally! Finished!" Ren said happily as he closed a drawer.

"Finished with what?" Horo Horo asked, coming into the room and walking over to his boyfriend.

"I now have 33 pairs of 33 articles of clothing in 33 different styles placed in 33 drawers of 33 dressers in 33 rooms in 33 houses that are 33 miles apart." Ren told him proudly. Horo raised a brow.

"How many 33s do you have?" he asked.

"33 jets, horses, houses, colors, meals, trains, and various other things. It's necessary for balance to be maintained in my life. Without it, my yin-yang will be thrown off and I'll be cursed with bad luck forever." Ren said, greatly exaggerating.

"Do you need 33 boyfriends?" the Ainu grumbled and pouted. Ren turned to him, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him closer.

"No. I think one will suit me just fine…besides, I doubt my yin-yang could handle 33 buffoons like you." He said.

"That was mean…but since I love you so much, I'll give you 33 kisses so your yin-yang won't be disrupted." Horo said suggestively, grinning and carrying through with it. Ren groaned in disappointment when it ended.

"How about 33 rounds in the downstairs closet?" the older boy suggested.

"You try and you'll know 33 different kinds of pain." Ren replied.

"I love you, too, Renny!"