A/N: I got this idea in a dream. And I like it. So's I'm writing it. And using the Japanese names! Cause I said!

Jaden Yuki is Yuki Judai

Syrus Truesdale is Marufuji Sho

Zane Truesdale is Marufuji Ryo

Chazz Princeton is Manjyome Jun

Alexis Rhodes is Tenjoin Asuka

Mr. Banner is Daitokuji-sensei

And I think that's it. I'll letcha know if I can think of anything else later.

Sho: -all scowly and whatnot- Why'dya have to write about Manjyome and Judai? I really don't think that they like each other.

Stella: Cause I said and I'm the authoress and WHAT I SAY GOES.

Sho: Couldn't it have been Judai and Asuka like the cartoonists planned?

Stella: Because I'm trying my hand at yaoi. Stop bothering me. Ryo, honey, would you like to announce the plot?

Ryo: Don't call me 'honey'.

Stella: Fine. Ryo-kun. Announce the stupid plot. As written this time.

Ryo: -takes out index card- Kay, so lyke, there is Judai, right, and Manjyome, right, and this is like, on a summer vacation ting. And Judai is, lyke, cursed by this giant werekitty of DOOM, cause I like kitties, ya know? And Judai turns into a kitty. And the spell can only be broken when he finds his true luv and obtains a kiss on teh forehead, cause, ya know, he's a kitty n stuff. Isn't that the most romantic-est?

-narrows eyes menacingly- I hate you.


A tiny white cat trotted down the sidewalk, ears flattened to his head in frustration and defeat. A sandy-haired girl ran close behind him. "Wait!" she called, trying to catch the cat. Finally, the little furball lost her in an alleyway, behind a garbage can. Panting, he likced a paw and brought it over his face.

The truth was that this wasn't a cat at all, but was really Yuki Judai, famous Slifer of Duel Academy. The girl, Asuka, turned and walked away. Judai breathed out a sigh of relief. He had once been a 16 year old human boy, but had been horribly transformed by Pharaoh, Daitokuji-sensei's cat, after Judai had called it fat. Yeah, for something that stupid, Pharaoh had gotten his ultimate revenge. And furthermore, the only way that the spell could be broken was for Judai to recieve the kiss of his true love. And the little cat boy had tried everything. Asuka, Sho, even Sho's older brother Ryo. Although it was hard to get Ryo to kiss the mangy fleabag (long story).

Judai still looked a little like his old self. He was a white cat with a huge brown spot around the ears and over one eye. His eyes were a burnt orange color, and he had a splash of orange fur on his chest. But as much as he looked like the old Judai, no one had recognized him. Asuka had called him Fluffy, but only because her little sister had begged her to. And Fubiki, Asuka's brother? Well, he couldn't care less about a scrawny stray cat that his sisters had taken in. Sho had named the cat Crazy, because of his coloring. And, of course, Ryo payed little attention to the feline boy. The only way Judai got the kiss from Ryo was by forcibly pressing his forehead against Ryo's lips. All Ryo had done was complain that he now had cat hair in his mouth. Needless to say, Ryo was obviously not destined to be Judai's true love.

Breathing deeply, Judai darted out of the dark alleyway, orange eyes wide as he scanned the street for cars. When the road was clear, he ran across to the other side...and ran smack into Manjyome Jun.

The 16 year old boy turned around, grey eyes looking coldly at the tiny cat. Judai mewed pitifully, rubbing his cheek against Manjyome's leg. He doubted that Manjyome was his true love, after all, they had hardly gotten along in the Academy, but he was hungry and tired, and as he looked back up at the black haired boy, he heard thunder looming in the background. He let out another terrifies meow, and Manjyome bent to inspect the terrified cat. His stone grey eyes scanned that cat. "You remind me of someone." Manjyome said at last. "Judai."

"Yes! Finally!" Judai shouted joyously, but Manjyome couldn't understand the cat language (obviously) and all he heard was a happy yowl.

Manjyome gave a rare smile. "Judai it is then." he said, putting a hand gently on Judai's soft head. Purring, Judai mewed happily and pressed his nose against Manjyome's outstretched hand. Manjyome looked at the watch on his wrist. "It's getting late. And I think it might rain soon." he predicted. He picked up Judai gently and held him tightly in his arms. "Come back to my house. I'll get you something to eat." he said softly.

"That's why I'm here!" Judai mewed. Obviously, Manjyome had a soft spot for kitties!


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