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Judai sighed happily as the island came into view from his seat on the plane. Finally, Duel Academy Again! Judai thought to himself. And I haven't seen Manjyome since I turned back to being human. I wonder if he's cleared things up with his brothers?

"Judai, you're not usually this quiet." Sho murmured next to him. "Are you feeling okay?"

"What are you talking about, Sho? I'm fine." Judai growled. Sho didn't know about he and Manjyome yet. Nobody knew except the two boys. "I just have a lot on my mind right now." Judai suddenly felt guilty. He knew that if Sho had a secret like this, that he would tell Judai before anyone else. But this secret was just between him and Manjyome. It wouldn't be right to tell Sho. He would keep it to himself, at least for now.

"Want to talk about it?" The bluenette offered sympathetically.

"Uh, no, I'm okay." Judai said, a little louder, as if he had regained some lost confidence. "Must have been something I ate."

"Okay, Judai. But if you ever want to talk..." Sho put a hand gently on Judai's lower arm.

Judai took a deep breath. "No. I'm fine. You worry too much. I know I'm your big brother and all, but you don't need to worry about me." Judai gave Sho a goofy smile. "However, Ryo is looking a little weird."

"He's been..." Sho took a deep breath, as if lookig for words. "I don't know what's up with him lately. I guess he just misses being here, dueling."

"Really." Judai inspected the navy-haired boy's face, and sure enough, under that emotionless gaze was a spark of excitement and happiness. Judai shared the same feeling; being home with his parents and siblings was nice, but Duel Academy was like his second home. He loved it here with his friends and the teachers and now, he realized, with Manjyome. He had something new to look foward to at Duel Academy.

Judai was sure he noticed a change in Manjyome after they had kissed. He had not gotten to see the boy since he returned to his own home, but they had written faithfuly to each other, and Judai had noticed something different about Manjyome's personality. Like how he had began calling him 'Judai' instead of 'Slifer Slacker' and how he had ended every note with 'Love'. He was sure that his prescence that summer had brought about a change in Manjyome Jun.

Sho's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "We're landing, Judai!" The brunette looked up and saw the school very close now. His heart began to pound. This was it, he realized. He was back at Duel Academy!


Judai and Sho stepped out of the mini-airport with all of thier luggage. Both breathed a gasp of fresh air and stretched thier legs. "Judai, why don't you put on your old Slifer blazer?" Sho questioned, pointing at his own red and white jacket. "Remember, the pilot said to get into uniform for the school."

"I know, but I must've had a huge growth spurt over the summer," Judai laughed, "because none of my old blazers fit me anymore! I'll need to get some new ones made."

"Probably from all that you ate over the summer." Sho joked. "Are you the garbage disposal at home, too?"

"Duh!" Judai said, looking back at Sho. "Why let perfectly good food go to waste?"

"Judai!" A farmiliar voice called from behind him. "Juuudai!" The teenager suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around him, and a blush came to his cheeks, burning up his face and ears.

"Manjyome?" Sho looked shocked. "Manjyome, are you feeling okay?"

"Sho doesn't know about...us yet." Judai whispered in Manjyome's ear.

Manjyome stood up quickly, glaring at Sho, who had raised one blue eyebrow at him in confusion. "What, Syrus? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

Syrus walked slowly over to Manjyome, putting a shaking hand to his forehead. Manjyome pulled away quickly. "What are you doing, moron? Why would you think I'm sick?" Manjyome growled angrily.

Judai decided to take a different approach. "Syrus, do you think I could walk to class with Manjyome? I need to discuss a few things with him." He said gently to Sho.

"Okay!" Sho said happily, racing off in search of Asuka or Hayato.

"Finally!" Manjyome began walking off, but Judai grabbed him by the wrist.

"Let's go the long way through the forest." Judai explained. "That way we'll have more time to talk."


As the two boys entered the trees, Judai returned the hug that Manjyome had given him at first. "How are things with your brothers?" he asked gently, refering to Chousaku and the arguments that the two had had.

"Better." Manjyome said. "At least, better then they were. After all we've been through, I don't think we can honestly ever have a brotherly relationship again." He looked to Judai. "Where's your blazer? You must be freezing."

"Doesn't fit anymore." Judai informed him. "I got taller over the summer."

"Here. Take this." Manjyome gave Judai a smile - a kind, caring smile - as he put his long black coat around Judai's shoulders. But when Judai looked back at Manjyome, he gasped in shock and sympathy. Manjyome's arms were covered in bruises.

"Manjyome..." Judai gently put his hand to Manjyome's arm. "What happened to you?"

"N-nothing." Manjyome stammered, but Judai recognized the tormented, isolated look in his eyes from when he was a cat.

"This was your brother's doing."

Manjyome forced a smile. "Hey, you know how brothers are, rough-housing and all."

"You can't let them..." Judai trailed off, eyes downcast. "You can't let them." He could feel his heart twist with worry and pity for the boy.

Manjyome put two fingers under the brunette's chin, raising his head so thier eyes met. "Promise me, Judai." The taller boy pleaded, voice thick with sadness. "Promise me that you will never tell my secret. To anyone."

Judai pulled away. He knew that if he accepted this promise, he was condemning his boyfriend to death. "I can't let this go on, Manjyome-san. Your life could be resting on this. I need to tell."

Manjyome leaned in and kissed Judai sweetly on the lips. When he pulled away, he looked serious as ever. "Not any students." he said at last. "Or I'll tell everyone about how you turned into a cat."

Judai sighed. "Okay, but we need to tell Daitokuji-sensei." He paused. "And I'm always here if you want to talk. I love you Manjyome." Manjyome smiled and blushed. Judai returned the smile. Something told him that this year would be out of the ordinary.


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