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LA Dreaming

Chapter 15.

My Family.

By. Veronica Rockwaller-Stoppable

This is going to be a very interesting paper Mrs. Jenkins. First off my family is made up of Me, my dad, and my moms. Yes I mean moms in the since of two. It's called a polyamours relationship, or something like that. My family didn't really start until ten years ago when my dad married my second mom. I was seven at the time. From what I can remember, mommy was making sure that my dress was wrinkle free. I kept on saying that I wanted to go play. We sat in the church for a couple of hours trying to make sure that we were perfect. I saw my dad pacing back and forth. "Daddy why are you shaking?" I asked as he got a bad case of the jitters. To my mind it seemed like this was one big party. But later on I knew that it was the second most important day of his life. The first being as he told me was when he found out he was my dad. After he hyperventilated into a paper bag, we headed to the chapel Mom was dressed in a periwinkle dress, while I was in green. Dad was in a tux. We waited for Sheila to walk down the aisle Her brother Hego walked her down. She was in a dark green dress with a black pattern down the side. After the ceremony, I was asked to come up. Being seven my first thought was that of. "What did I do? Am I in trouble?" The rabbi just laughed. He told me that dad had planed something special that involved both me and my mom. The Rabbi said. "Ron told me that the adoption was final yesterday. So now I would like to present Miss. Veronica Kimberly Rockwaller-Stoppable." He said. The crowd clapped their hands as I was given a ring that looked like the one that dad and Sheila were wearing. Mom was given one too. So that's when my family officially started. Now to talk about them now. My dad is the host of a cooking/talk show. Snack and Chat has been on the air for nine years now. He's one of the best dad's in the world, strike that he is the best. My first mom is the owner of a gym and fitness club. She's been happy for so long that it makes me glad that dad found us playing on the beach so long ago. My other mom, I refuse to call her Sheila. Even though she insists well acts like it at least. Is a stunt person for several film companies. We live in a house in Beverly Hills. Some of my friends think it's weird for me to have two moms. But I enjoy every minuet of it. My dad's best friend is Kim Possible. She's so cool. I'm doing what she used to do at my age. I go on missions all over the world. With my best friend Andrew Pinsky. We save the world at least once a week. Also my family has one more member. Cleo, she's a naked mole rat. Dad's pet Rufus died several years ago but not before finding someone to mate with. Cleo, most of the time just lives in my pocket and for some odd reason has a lust for cheese that is unmatched by anyone else in the world. Well that's about it for my family. I think that having a family like mine is most interesting. I mean, I have the love of not just one mom but two.

Ronnie went up to her teacher's desk and turned in her paper. "Well Ms. Rockwaller-Stoppable, I'm glad that you decided to complete this one on time." Said her teacher as she read over the paper.

"Well I do save the world a lot. I mean it's not like any of my other stuff is that late." Said Ronnie in a defensive manner.

"You're last paper was two weeks late. And that was after the extensions." Said her teacher.

"Well ummm ok you win. I'll try to do better next time." Said a defeated Ronnie.

"Look at your friend Andrew. He turns in everything on time and he's doing th exact same thing that you do." Said her teacher.

"But he's the son of a mad scientist turned DJ." Said Ronnie.

"You've got a point there."

After school, Ronnie headed home. She pulled her scooter into the garage of her house. She noticed that her second mom was home. "Hey mom. No stunt work today?" Said Ronnie as she headed to the kitchen for some orange juice.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm Sheila." Said Sheila in a mock offended tone.

"As many times as you wish, but I'm still calling you mom." Said Ronnie before she blew a raspberry.

Just then the door opened and in walked Ronnie's mom. "Hey Ron-Ron, how was school." Asked Bonnie Rockwaller-Stoppable. She chose to add the hyphen on everything save for government documents.

"It was ok. I got another lecture from the teacher on my late assignments. Also cheer leading practice went well." Said Ronnie as she finished her juice.

"I still find it odd that history has repeated it's self." Said Bonnie as she hugged her daughter. "Oh and Kim and Victor are coming to visit next week."

"Cool. I love it when aunt Kim visits." Said Ronnie.

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