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Chapter 4- Avoiding Reality

Will twiddled her pencil in her hand an doodled boredly in her notebook. She was so sick of school, and she had been back for three days. Is it possible to be this bored? She thought, looking down at her notebook. She had unconsciously doodled the name Matt in her book. She quickly scribbled it out and looked at the clock. Two minutes. She heaved a sigh and looked back at the board. She hadn't paid one bit of attention to the teacher's lecture, and she was going to regret come test time, but what did the world want from her? She had enough trouble on her hands at the moment—


"Finally", she muttered, grabbing her bag and practically running out of the classroom. And running right into Hay Lin.

"Ouch!" Hay Lin rubbed her head as she sat up, "That smarts. Funny running into you Will"
"Oh you're funny", Will said sarcastically, helping Hay Lin stand up, "You okay?"
"Never better", she laughed, "Wanna come over my house? Irma's coming, but I'm not sure I can take and hour and a half of Irma's jokes"
"I can barely take five minutes", Will admitted jokingly, "Lets go"

The girls talked aimlessly the whole way to Hay Lin's, going on about the little things: their least favorite teacher, what this kid did during class that day, who had detention (surprisingly Irma wasn't on the list), just random chattering.

"Hey Mom", Hay Lin said as they made their way into the Silver Dragon.

"Hey sweetie", her mom said, looking up from the cash register, where she was counting money, "Irma's already upstairs waiting for you. Oh, hello Will"
"Hi Mrs. Lin", Will said as she followed Hay Lin upstairs.

"Hey", Irma said as the two walked in, "Where've you been? Feels like I've been here forever", she attempted to stand up and then fell back on the bed, clutching her back and groaning, "My body forgot what it was like to move, how can you keep someone waiting for so long?"
"Irma you spend too much time in front of the TV", Hay Lin said, "If your body can remember how to move after a Boy Comet marathon, it can remember how to move after waiting a few extra minutes for us"
"Busted", she giggled and grinned, "Okay, okay"

It was a pretty enjoyable visit for the girls. Mrs. Lin made some cookies for them, they listened to a few CD's, they did what any normal girls would do. Even though they all knew they had way bigger things to deal with. Right then, they just wanted to be normal. "Shouldn't we start focusing on the guardian thing again?" Hay Lin asked Will quietly when Irma left. She stood up and grabbed her bag, preparing to leave as well.

"What can we do?" she asked, "Until they make a move, there's nothing we can do, just wait and see what happens"
"I hate not knowing what to do or what's going to happen", Hay Lin complained, "But you're right, until something actually happens, we're stuck"
"I know how you feel Hay Lin", Will sighed, "See you tomorrow"

"Bye Will"

She wandered home lost in a fog. There was a lot depending on them. Like the world. And they didn't know what to do about it. The world was depending on them. Poor world.

"Hey Mom", she called as she walked into the apartment she shared with her mom.
"Hey Will", her mom called back, "How was school?"
"School", she flopped back on the couch, dropping her bag and sighing heavily.

"That was a pretty heavy sigh", her mom peaked in from the kitchen, "Anything you want to talk about?"
"No", she pulled forward and grabbed the remote from the coffee table. Her mom sat down on the couch next to her.

"Will", she said after a second, "You know you can talk to me about anything, right?"

"Of course", Will said. I wish, is what she thought.

"I mean it", she pushed, "You can tell me anything. I know I'm your mom, but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of understanding"
"I know", Will put on a smile and looked over at her mom, "Don't worry Mom, I'm fine, really"
"You sure?"
"Of course", she pushed herself off the couch, "I'm going for a walk, I'll be back for supper, promise"
She barely heard the distant, "Okay…" of her mom consent as she shut the door.

The park was empty. Perfect. Right then she really needed to be alone. Needed time to sort her thoughts, to think, to—

"If only I were a mind reader", a voice behind her mused. She whirled around.

"Hello Will", her former friend said silkily, "Been busy?"

What do you want?" Will snapped, "Forget the chitchat Elyon. In fact, forget all of this. Get lost"

"Big words for someone with no friends at her side", Elyon said, walking around Will in a circle. Will turned to keep up with her.

"Your pretty brave too, not fighting with fifty or sixty castle guards around you", she back.

"I don't need guards", Elyon informed, "In the woods I took all four of your friends and beat them. I'm sure you remember that night in the woods Will, so close to dying…"
She didn't show just how much the words shook her, "Cut to the chase Elyon. What do you want?"
"Oh, nothing much", she said, "just some friends who understand me, maybe a new ring, and uh, oh yeah: the Heart of Candracar"
"Oh, we uh oh yeah: forget it", Will shot back.

"Will", she whirled around to face her, "Don't you get it? If you give up the Heart of Candracar, everything will go back to normal. Normal friends, normal relationships, normal life. You want have to worry about the weight of the world being on your shoulders. You can be what you always wanted: normal"

Her words rang in Will's ears. Normal? She shook her head. No, no, Elyon was trying to trick her into giving up the Heart. Well it wasn't happening. "Don't you want to be normal?" Elyon simpered, "Isn't that what you always wanted?"
More than anything she wanted to say. She couldn't show weakness though. Elyon's eyes had a weird twinkle in them. She smirked. "You can give it all up Will", she said, "You can be normal. You don't have to do this anymore"
Normal. It was all she ever wanted to be. She held up her right hand. She could make the Heart appear in this hand at any time she wanted. That wasn't normal. If she gave it to Elyon though…

"You can be normal Will"

She bit her lip. She could be normal. She wanted to be normal.

"Just give it to me Will", Elyon said, "That's it…"

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