Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine. Blame everything on Konomi Takeshi. I do.

Pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Inu/Kai, Silver Pair, slight Atoji

Rating: T for shounen-ai fluff

A/N: This is sort of a sequel to Cinnamon. I tried to make it stand alone, but it makes a little more sense if you've read the previous one first. As yet, this story is unfinished, but now that I think I know where it's going, I'm going to start posting. If people like it, I'll keep posting, so please R/R. Constructive criticism always appreciated!


Tezuka had been having a very nice dream in which he was sitting by a quiet stream, tossing in the dismantled parts of the torturous equipment his rehabilitation coach swore would improve his arm's flexibility, when a swarm of angry bees entered the vision. It was only after a few unsuccessful swats that Tezuka realized his cell phone was buzzing on the bedside table. He fumbled for his glasses which allowed him to read the time as 3:17am. Who did he know that was inconsiderate enough to phone him at three in the morning?

He mumbled a sleepy hello in an odd fusion of Japanese and German

"Tezuka, is your girlfriend attempting to kill ore-sama?"

Ah. Of course. He was tempted to hang up, but Atobe was rich enough to charter a flight to Germany tomorrow if he felt offended.

"Atobe, you are aware of what time it is in here?"

"The matter is urgent."

Tezuka ran a hand through his hair. "Who is trying to kill you?"

"Ore-sama has just received a letter from Fuji Syusuke."

Tezuka sat up a little straighter at the name. "Fuji is not my--"

"Ore-sama is neither blind nor an idiot, Tezuka."

Damn Atobe and his damned Insight. Half the Kanto region was probably aware of him and Fuji now.

"Nor does ore-sama enjoy repeating himself."

Tezuka shook his head. Fuji certainly had no love for the Hyotei buchou after the incident in the regional tournament. The tensai's policies on vengeance were well-rumored and ill proven. Once, Tezuka had attempted to look up the senpai who had originally injured his arm. He found a notice of a transfer, and there the paper trail abruptly ended. He chose not to investigate further. He had spoken with Fuji on the matter of Atobe before leaving, but that didn't mean Fuji hadn't found a loophole in their agreement.

"I don't advise opening it too close to your face," Tezuka muttered, adjusting his glasses.

"Ore-sama has servants for these things."

"What does the letter say?" Tezuka sighed. Better to just get the him off the phone as quickly as possible. He could call Fuji when he was more conscious.

"It appears to be a thank you card."

Perhaps he was still asleep, and this was just another surreal dream. "What is Fuji thanking you for?"

"That is what ore-sama called you to find out," Atobe huffed. "The note simply states, 'thank you for a most enlightening match.' What exactly did ore-sama enlighten him about?"

Enlightening? That was odd word choice. The hell did Fuji mean by ...


"He was probably just being polite to that Akutagawa person. It's rare Fuji gets to play a challenging opponent," Tezuka covered. Not that 6-1 was really considered a challenge.

"The letter was not addressed to Jirou. It was addressed to ore-sama."

"Well, were there any powdery substances enclosed? Small explosives?"

"Levity is not appreciated at this moment, Tezuka."

"You're over-reacting, Atobe. Fuji is very polite--"

"It is ore-sama's understanding that he was 'very polite' to that Son Rodolfo manager as well. Ore-sama does not appreciate being blamed for things that were not ore-sama's fault. Your girlfriend is aware that the outcome of that match was not ore-sama's fault?"

"I'd appreciate it if you stopped referring to Fuji as that."

"And ore-sama would appreciate if you would focus on the matter at hand. Namely, ore-sama's personal safety." Atobe sounded annoyed. Good.

"I don't know why Fuji sent you a thank you card. I am neither his secretary nor his parole officer. If you have an issue with him, I suggest you call him. It's even a decent enough hour to call in Japan."

"Explain exactly what that match 'enlightened' him about first," Atobe demanded.

The memory of Fuji caused Tezuka to hesitate a moment too long before saying "No idea." God, he hoped Insight didn't work over the phone.

A pause in which Tezuka could see Atobe adopting that stupid pose. "Perhaps ore-sama is thinking along the wrong lines. Perhaps Fuji is not the 'enlightened' person, ah?"

He was not up to dealing with this now. "I'll speak with Fuji tomorrow."

"Hm. Do so. And please do not let your newly 'enlightened' state affect matters, ah? Take care of your arm, Tezuka."

Tezuka hung up without saying goodbye. He was awake now, and far too irritated to sleep. Might as well get this over with.