Sometimes it seemed like kisses could never be honest.

Kisses could be desperate. Cloud knew this from childhood, when he still used to dream of Tifa Lockhart. Kisses could be desperate, because he was always desperate around her, desperate to be noticed, desperate to be heard.

Kisses could be fake, because sometimes it seemed like the only reason he kissed a girl was because she wanted him to. Playing the role of a gentleman had it's downsides, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he stopped altogether, because deep down he admitted that he was selfish, and what he really wanted just just a friend and a lover and a kiss that was something more.

Kisses could be hurtful. He knew when he first joined ShinRa and the others found out about him and Zack. He got mock kisses on the cheek, and laughs, and even slaps and punches and sometimes fighting back got a hell of a lot of bruises, but what else was there to do but waste your time in the bathroom trying to cover them up?

But kisses were never h-

"Hey, Cloud." Zack greeted him sweetly, leaning over and kissing him briefly on the mouth. "How have you been?"

Cloud resisted the urge to reach up and touch his lips, stunned.

Well, okay. He supposed that sometimes, kisses could be honest, too.