NOTE: this is the long lost ending! I found it in the RRyaoi lists archive! I cannot believe it was actually there. And yes, I know that the characters are out of Character, I told you, I wrote this years ago. Anyways.. on with the ending

Ranma blacks out.. Akane?! I thought you were dead?!

Ranma's head swirled in a mist of confusion, his vision began to grow blurry and he feared he was going to faint. Kasumi looked at Ranma expectantly when all of a sudden, a very wet, very cold Soun came crashing into the house. Genma chased after him, holding a sign that said "What is it Soun??"

Kasumi jumped up. "Oh my, what is it father?" Soun didnt even take the time to talk to her between his breaths and yelling out Akane's name. He raced down the hall and to Akane's room. Were they all found her laying dead. Soun fell to his knee's by Akane's bed and cried, Ranma even blinked away a few tears. As Kasumi went to examine the corps of Akane she decided to call Dr. Tofu so he could tell them what happend.

Genma tried franticly to calm down Soun, but all to no use. He turned to Ranma and pointed a acussing finger at him.

"This is all your fault boy! Why couldnt you have been a good Fiance to Akane and kept her alive!! and instead you had to go running off with that hapless Lost boy of yours." He snarled. "Excuse me?! Your the one running off with Mr. Tendou in the middle of the night pops so dont even start this with me" Nabiki walked in the room right as Ranma said this and cringed.

"Geez daddy, I thought all that was just a dream. How could you?" Nabiki rolled her eyes in disgust and walked out of the room. Next thing everyone heard was a slam of the door.

Kasumi walked into the room with Dr. Tofu, "Here you are Dr. She's dead just like that, I dont think anyone killed her. What do you think it is?"

Dr. Tofu examined Akane carefully and shook his head with a sigh. "I hate seeing things like this.... "

Things became hazy to Ranma once again.. and he fell to the ground....


.......Ranma looked down at everything. He saw Dr. Tofu standing over his body, laying next to Akane's. Both seemed to be dead. He blinked 'if my bodies there, and so is Akanes...' He thought and looked around him. Spirits of those long forgotten looking at him and Akane.

"A..akane... do you see that?" Ranma pointed down past the could he was sitting on with Akane. Akane shook and held Ranma's hand tightly as she looked down at the sight.

"But I was there just a second ago...w..wasnt I akane?" Ranma said in disbelieve. Akane shook her head. "Dont you remember Ranma? Dont you remember what reall...really happened?" Akane looked right at Ranma, and he noticed now what she was wearing. A wedding dress.

He looked down at his own clothes, a tuxedo in place of his normal chinese style garb. He trembled. "A..akane.. what happend?" He said his voice cracking.

Tears welled up in akane's eyes as she spoke. "We got married Ranma, what you were just seeing, was a dream I placed in your head. In hopes that it wouldnt come to you dying as well. I.. died first" Her grip on Ranma's hand tightend.

"D..dead.. married..w..what happend?" Before Akane could answer, a woman with ankle length red hair and emerald green eyes walked up behind the two of them and answerd the question.
Ranma had a sudden ounce of courage. "What do you mean...those ...we're. not really... this has to be a dream.. Akane.. pinch me.. please this has to be a dream." Tears fell from his eyes, and the emerald eyed goddess sighed in distain.

"I am afraid dear Ranma Saotome, and Akane Saotome, that no matter how hard you are pinched. You will find that this is not a dream.." Akane lowerd her gaze from that of the goddess and looked into the vision pool once more. She nudged Ranma who looked down to see what was going on.

It was their funeral, laying in a double coffin side by side, holding hands as they had been when they died. Ryouga Hibiki held his arms around Ukyou Konji, and led her out of the Chruch crying, Soun and Genma lead eachother out, Shampoo and mousse had finally made peace, and Kunou and Nibiki were together as well.

Last came Dr. Tofu and Kasumi, walking behind the preist as people led the coffin out of the curch, to be barried in the cold ground. Akane and Ranma turned from the site, standing and looking at the goddess, one arm around eachother.

"Our marriage and our death proved to benefit the others Akane.." Ranma said quietly as he cast a look around the place. More beautiful than anyplace he had ever seen. More peaceful, children played and frollicked in the sun light. Lovers had picknicks in the shade of the trees and laughed as if they were happy. Yes they had died, but not gone to a burning wasteland. But they had gone to a place were they could be happy together, without Kunou, Shampoo, Ukyou, and Ryouga bothering them.

"Y..your right Ranma" Akane said softly as she looked around. The goddess seemed pleased with Ranma and Akane's reaction and smiled softly. "Then come now, Id like to show you around this place in which you now call home. Welcome, to your new lives Ranma and Akane Saotome"

Ranma and Akane nodded, and still holding eachother close followed the goddess through the wonderful place that surrounded them. Both slightly regreting leaving the land of the living, but happy to be together. In a peacefull place which they could now call home. Never to return, to Nerima again..