Disclaimer: Anakin isn't mine. I probably wouldn't claim him even if he was

All that I Fear to Lose

Let go, he said. Let go of all that you fear to lose. But how? If I lose her, I lose everything. Everything that gives my life meaning. Everything that I live for. All of my hopes, my dreams, all gone. Let go? I wish I could.

Do I? How could I wish to feel nothing towards her? That would be even worse. As much pain as this has brought us, all the lies, the hiding, the secrecy, it has brought joy, as well. The joy is worth the pain. Do I wish I could let go, forget everything, never have met her? No. I will never wish that. Never.

What I do wish is that the dreams would leave. Or that I could believe they were just that -- dreams. But I was right before. How could this be any different, when I feel the pain even stronger? How could I be wrong about someone I am this close to? How could I even hope to be wrong?

Questions. So many questions. But never any answers. Nothing but, "Let go." Let go. How could I let go of someone I love so dearly? Is there anyone who could? Is there anyone else who has ever been told to? Anyone else would be told to fight for the one they love. To do all that they could. But not a Jedi. No, a Jedi must, "Let go."

Let go. Two simple words with such power. Two simple words that make an impossible instruction. An instruction I know now I would never follow even if I could.

Let go? Never.