I do not own The Outsiders or any names songs, plays or books I mention

I do not own The Outsiders or any names songs, plays or books I mention

About Seven Thirty P.M Soda's Pov

Some orderlies wheeled Ponyboy's gurney into recovery. He had tubes up is nose. I think it was a safety precaution or something. He looked so tiny but not so much as when he was on that ventilator.

Darry and I each grabbed one of Ponyboy's hands. We wanted to be there close by when he came around. Darry sort stroked Ponyboy's left hand. "Come on buddy rise and shine.

"Mmmhm," Ponyboy moaned.

"Hey honey." I said gently.

Two grayish eyes met mine. Boy did he look doped up. "No fwash pho...phopography." I looked at Darry who laughed. the kid was as loopy as a lolly pop.

"They gave you some good stuff didn't they baby." A large goofy smile spread across Ponyboy's face. This was the brother I knew. "Gonna fwy." he fell back asleep. I wanted to laugh, I really did.

"Thanks God." I whispered. Ponyboy was alright; it seemed to me that he was himself. I was so glad God had given us our little brother back. He made life worth living.

"Get some sleep kiddo." Darry whispered stroking Ponyboy's hair. Ever since I can remember Darry has done that to Ponyboy, his way of showing affection.

Reader's Pov

It was a sticky hot June afternoon at the Curtis residence. Sodapop Curtis was mopping the kitchen floor seemingly dancing with the mop to the tune of Hound Dog. How this qualified as mopping, his older brother wasn't so sure but at least Soda was doing some sort of cleaning.

On his part Darry was dusting the mantle and bookshelf. The many pictures of their family, mostly smiling, flooded the mantel. A toothless Pony here, a tongue pocked out Sodapop there and a smirk from himself in between. There were his parents who always seemed to radiate an air of an unfailing passion for one another as well.

The bookshelf was full of books belonging manly to Ponyboy and their mother. Athletic and Academic awards from the eldest and youngest Curtis adorned the top most shelf while numerous rodeo and dance awards adorned the one below from Sodapop.

Sodapop stopped and looked at the clock, putting the mop up and drying the floor.

"Almost time to pick up Ponyboy."

"Yep." Scruffy barked in the distance from the bedroom. She certainly would be happy to see her owner 'and,Darry though he'll be glad to see her to.'It was no secret how much Ponyboy adored his Christmas gift. She was a good dog, faithful, loyal and true. To be frank all a dog ever should be and more.

Pony's Pov

Sodapop grinned at me as I sat on the edge of the bed. "Feel good to wear normal cloths again?" I nodded. My brothers had bought me a pair of my jeans and a t-shirt. I love the pjs Mrs. Matthews had made me and the hospital gown wasn't so unbearable; but I still felt more at home in this particular outfit. It was baggy, very baggy but I certainty looked tuffer in it then the previous one I mentioned.

"Mr. Curtis your ride is here." Darlene showed up pushing a red wheelchair. I frowned at the sight of it. "Hospital policy." she said seeing my distain. I could walk. "Besides you should really take it easy for a while until you get a bit stronger." I was perfectly healthy except for being quite a bit underweight.

"It's just this once kiddo." Darry said and I begrudgingly got into the wheelchair. At least I would be going home at last. As we strolled, or in my case rolled, down the corridors various nurses and doctors waved at me. I was so thankful God had healed me. I no longer needed their machines and constant vigilance. I was going to grow up normally, at least as much as possible for me.

When we got home Darry insisted on helping me up the steps like I couldn't do it myself or something. I know he means well by it and that he just worries because I was so sick and haven't gotten my strength back yet; but it still is sort of degrading.

We walked in the door and I plopped on the sofa sighing with relief. I had missed this place something awful. Home really is where the heart is.

I heard the sound of scurrying paw prints and Scruffy ran into the room She1 saw me, wagged her tail and jumped onto the sofas beside me. I scratched her behind her ear. "Hey Scruffy, did you miss me." Scruffy barked as if to answer me. She was full of more energy then I'd ever seen her have.

"I'd say Scruffy about summed it up." Soda dropped down on the other side of me and flung an arm over my shoulder then he turned to me. "We really are glad to have you with us, you know." I nodded. I was home and healthy at last.

Author's Note

Thank You for all your love and support over the past couple of years. This is one of the best things I've written and your reviews have made all the difference. There will be a sequal sometime in the future but I don't know when.

1. I accidentally have made Scruffy switch from boy to girl a lot but Scruffy is and always was meant to be a she.