Well here's the sequel.This story is a mystery story.Enjoy!

Chapter 1SomethingWrong

Zack and Cody are now 22. They both live in the same house together in South Philadelphia. Ring!Ring! "Hey Zack you gonna answer the phone"Cody said."Why don't

you"?ZAck asked. "Because I'm busy"Cody said. "Because I'm busy"Zack mimicked. He picked up the phone and said"Hello"? "Hey Zack"someone said from the other line.

"Trevor"!Zack asked. "Yeah!just wondering ifyou wanna come to our house one day"?Trevor asked. "Um...sure"Zack said. "Cool!What about tomorrow"?Trevor said. "Okay.

So where's your adress"?Zack said. "1786 Felton Street"Trevor answered. "Okay then. I guess we'll see you tomorrow"Zack said jotting the adress on a piece of paper. "Bye"

Trevor said and hung up. ZAck put down the phone. "So who was that"?Cody asked. "It was Trevor"Zack said. "Great!What did he want"?Cody said. "We're coming to Maddie

and Trevor's house tomorrow"Zack said. "Really"?Cody asked. "Really. Can you believe that we haven't seen Maddie and Trevor since they graduated from Penn State"ZAck

said. "I know"Coody said. The next day they drove to Central Philadelphia where they found Felton Street. "Are you nervous"?Zack asked his brother when they were driving.

"Why should I be nervous"?Cody asked. "Because we haven't seen Maddie and Trevor since they graduated"Zack said. "They're our friends. I'm not nervous at all"Cody said.

"Yeah I guess you're right"Zack said. They arrived at the house. They parked in front of the house and got out. "Gee!This house is huge"!Zack said. "It's not that huge. But I must

say I'm impressed"Cody said. Cody rang the doorbell and Trevor answered. "Hey guys"!Trevor greeted. He gestured them to come in. Trevor showed them tothe living room

which was also very huge. "So how have you guys been doing"?Trevor asked when they sat down on the couch. "Nothing much really. Cody's training to be ahockey playerand

I'm training o be a soccer plyer"Zack said. "That's great"!"Trevor said. "Yeah so where's Maddie"?cody asked. "Who"?Trevor asked. "Maddie...your wife"Zack said suspiously.

"Oh right! My wife Maddie. Just hold on"Trevor said. He got up and walked out od the room. "That was weird! For a second he didn't know who Maddie was"Cody said. "I

know! There's something wrong"Zack said. Tevor and Maddie came in and sat down smiling like maniacs. "So would Zack, Cody do you want to stay for dinner"?Maddie asked

still smiling. "Um no thank you we have to go soon"Zack said. "Oh okay, well do you want anything to drink"?Trevor said also smiling. "Um sure"Cody said. Trevor and Maddie

got up and walked into the kitchen. "Hey guys! Is it okay if I use your bathroom for a moment"?Zack shouted. "Sure it's upstairs"Trevor answered. "There's something strange

going on and I'm gonna go up and see if I could find anything"Zack whispered to Cody. He walked upstairs and looked around. He opened the first door he saw and stepped in.

There was nothing in it. Zack closed the door and opened the door next to it. It was Maddie and Trevor's bedroom. "Jackpot"Zack whispered happily. He walked in and saw a

walkie talkie on the bed. "09843!45321!Can you read me"?someone said on the other line of the walkie talkie. Zack gasped. "This isyour master!Answer me"it said again. Zack

ran out of the door and walked downstairs. Cody was carefully sipping his drink sitting across Maddie and Trevor who was smiling so big that you could see all of their teeth.

"Um guys we gotta go"Zack said. "Oh so soon"Maddie said getting up. "Um yeahI just got a call from ourcoaches saying that they want to see us right away"Zack said nervously

as Maddie walked toward him. "Oh okay well ome back soon"Maddie said. "Okay bye"Cody said. Zack and Cody walked out the door and drove off. "There's something

totally wrong with them"Zack said. "What did you find out"?Cody asked. "I went into their room and saw a walkie talkie and..."Zack said. He paused for a moment. "And.."Cody

said. "They aren't the real Maddie and Trevor"Zack finished. Cody gasped and asked"Well what are gonna do"? "We're gonna find the real Maddie and Trevor"Zack said. "So

we're gonna go to the police"Cody said. "No way! They won't believe us! If you want a job done you do it yourselves"Zack said. Cody nodded slowly and they didn't talk for the

rest of the way.