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Chapter 12 Together Again

3 months later

Zack waited impatiently at the airport waiting for Flora. Today she would come back from Miami. They kept in touch with each other over the last few months and both were very anxious to see each other again.

Meanwhile on the plane

Flora sighed as she looked out of the plane windows. Everything looked so small from down on the ground. Suddenly the flight attendant came onto the intercom telling the passengers that they were landing in a couple of minutes but Flora was too busy with her own thoughts about seeing her love again. A couple minutes later the plane was on the ground and the passengers were getting off the plane. After Flora got her luggage she walked over to where Zack said he would wait for her. She looked around and then she saw him, standing there, looking as cute as ever. She ranover to him and when he noticed her, they ran into each others arms, hugging warmly. They leaned into each other until their lips met softly. They kissed for 3 minutes until they finally broke apart.

"I missed you so much"Zack said.

"Me too"Flora said softly. They arrived back at the O.S.S and everyone had a party celebrating the first time they were all together in months.

"We're glad you're back Flora"Rebecca said.

"Yeah it was getting pretty boring without you"Trevor said.

"Awww...thanks guys"FLora said. Suddenly all of their beepers went off. Everyone looked at them and looked at each other.

"Looks like we gotta get back to work"Rebecca said. They chuckled and left for the main office (I seriously don't know what that's called).


Rebecca and Cody got engaged 2 months after that and were married 1 1/2 years later. Zack and Flora got married 6 months later. Trevor and Maddie had 1 more child named Mackenzie Lisa O'Conner two years after Roxanne and James were born. All of them stayed at the O.S.S. As you probably all know Jake was sentenced to death row for life and as for his posse...they were never found.

The End

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