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A/N: I have been listening to waaaay too much Evanescence. This just came out of nowhere while I was poking around and I clicked the "random article" button and it took me to the "Seven Deadly Sins" page. Sounds interesting…I thought to myself, so I read. It kept on sounding interesting, plus I had been reading a bunch of FMA fics, and the names of the Homunculi (sp?) are based on the Sins, so here we are. Kind of an FMA/Rockman crossover. Enjoy.


(---Seven Deadly Sins---Pt. 0---Prologue---)

"Hiii-yaaaa!" The fierce cry rang out across the battle-scarred landscape. Rockman was fighting one of his strongest enemies yet-Ira. (Wrath in Latin.)

"Longblade!" The sharp sword lunged out in desperation, but only sliced thin air and an after-image of his foe. How much longer will this fight to on? I don't know how much more I can take…

Rockman prepared for his final blow on Ira, who did seem to be weakening. Rock's punches flew like lightning, knocking the demon navi down to the ground. Pinning him down, Rock raised one last sword to his enemy.


A moment of silence, then surprise jolted Rock as he realized-Ira was smiling. He was dying smiling. Not the "I'm happy I finally died" kind of smile…No…this is something different. A smile of pure evil. Ira's grin grew wider as he began to explode and fill the room with smoke.

"Wha…what's going on?" The Hikari logo on Rockman's chest began to glow white. The smoke dissipated enough for him to see seven shadowy figures before him, each with a different colored set of eyes.

"Who…who are you?" Rock gasped. The figures stood there as motionless, black personalities blending in perfectly with their dark surroundings. "What do you want!"

The seven growled in perfect unison. "You think you defeated us? You have only made us stronger. Now we are finally able to become a part of you."

The black beings then dissolved into rays of dark energy, shooting themselves at Rock's insignia, and finally absorbing into him. Before the voices faded and left Rock to lose conciousness, they gave him some parting words to mull over…

"If you are able to control us, we will consider your worthiness…"


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