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Blues peeked into Rockman's room for what was probably the millionth time in the past 15 minutes. Still sleeping soundly. That was good. If he listened carefully, Blues could hear Rock's almost silent breath, although Blues was so on edge, the slightest noise could have set him off. And it was about to.

Ruby walked up to Blues and saw him looking into the room. "If you're so worried about him in there, why don't you go in there and be with him?" Blues jumped and looked at Ruby. "Uh…no, that's ok. I'd rather watch him from out here." Ruby sighed and rolled her eyes before leaving Blues to his vigil.

Meanwhile, Roll was back with Meiru, giving Lan a full report on how Rockman was doing. Of course, Lan was hysteric. "He's fine, Lan!" Roll repeated. "He's in the hands of the best doctors Akihara can offer him. He'll be okay."


What is this feeling…I'm definitely not alone…

Rock opened his eyes to complete darkness. He didn't even seem to be lying in a hospital bed anymore; it looked like he was sitting on an invisible floor.

"Where…where am I?" He stood up and looked around. There was nothing around him…

Suddenly, a bright light appeared, and Rock had to shield his eyes from the brightness. The light faded, and Rock saw a golden door in front of him. Ignoring everything he knew about walking through a door when he didn't know what was behind it, he grabbed the door handle and twisted it. It made a much louder squeeeeeaaakk than he expected. Rock stopped and looked around again for no real reason, then walked through the door. It seemed to go nowhere. He kept walking, and the shine and glimmer of the gold behind him was soon out of sight. After about 5 minutes of walking, Rock stopped. Where was he?

As if answering his question, a figure descended from above him. It was made of pure light. It stopped in front of him, and Rockman got a good look at it. It seemed to be a female, almost…angelic, with feathery, white wings and a heavenly aura around her.

"…Who are you?" Rock asked with wonder and admiration clear in his voice.

"…I have met many people who call me many things. You may call me Lust."



Ruby checked her pager that had been going off non-stop for the past 15 minutes.

Room 115 – Patient in distress

Room 115, that's…oh my god!

Ruby dashed off to the room in question, but not before saying a word to the receptionist.

"Call Blues. Get him down here, stat!"


"…Lust…why are you here? What have you come for?"

Lust's feet had finally touched the floor, and she began to walk toward him.

"I have come for you, Rockman."
Rock backed away a little bit, semi-intimidated by this strange new girl.

"F-for me? But…why? What do you need m-me for?" But Lust soon reached Rock, and grabbed onto his arm gently, but forcefully.

"I need you…for a very special reason. You are the one, Rockman. The one who can help us."

"…Us? Who's 'us'? There are more of you?"

Lust cocked her head to one side cutely and blinked. "You don't remember?"


"…Then I shall remind you." Lust tightened her grip on Rock's arm, and memories flooded into Rock's head, flashing rapidly through his mind.

The battle scarred landscape…

The angry red navi with flaring orange eyes, lurching forward…

The widesword Rock had used to finish him off…

And then…


Blues and Ruby ran down the hospital corridor to Room 115. "What the hell happened? What's wrong? Is he okay?" Ruby continued to sprint, but reassured Blues anyhow. "He's most likely fine…the readings they gave me said his heartrate and breathing are off the charts, though…it's probably just a bad dream or something that's stimulating his brain, and in turn, his vital functions." Unsure of this, Blues skidded to a stop in front of Rock's room, where 2 or 3 doctors were surrounding his bed and muttering to themselves. Blues glanced at the monitor that watched his vitals, and saw that they were indeed much higher than normal. Rock didn't seem to be very comfortable, either. He was tossing and turning under the covers, while doctors desperately tried to calm him down. Blues had a split second decision to make. He turned to Ruby and calmly said, "Get them out of here. I'll handle this." Ruby nodded and yelled to the frantic nurses, "Go on then, get out!" The nurses looked confused, but obeyed orders from their superior and filed out. Ruby nodded once more to Blues, who walked over to Rock and held his hand tightly.


Rock gasped. "You...you're one of them! Those 7 navis I saw after I fought Wrath! You're…"

Lust backed off. "Yes. You finally understand. Do you know what has been happening within you?"

"You mean…those feelings I had…that was you?"

"Yes. I caused you to act the way you did toward your friends and comrades…"

Rock stood up and ran at Lust. "You…why did you do that!" He lunged forward, but Lust simply moved to the side, causing Rock to fall to the floor almost comically.

"Ah…Wrath's spirit is already trying to break through…" Lust's voice dropped to a soothing coo. "Shhhh…not yet, Wrath, your time will come. You must recover." She went to her knees in front of Rock and laid her hands on his back, which made him shiver and try to break away. "Get away from me!" He rolled over on his back and forced himself up. Lust stood up again, disappointed. "Aww, you're no fun. Ah well. I'll just have to return you to the physical world."

Blink, blink. "You mean…I'm not in the real world anymore? Then…where am I?"

"You are within yourself. In your own consciousness. And so are we. If you wish to rid yourself of our presence so badly, you must rid yourself of the emotions we enhance."

Rock sat down with his elbows on his knees. "You kind of lost me there."

Sigh. "We aren't really doing anything to you. You are in your mind. We are in your mind. We look around here, find the emotions we represent, and magnify them. You're so good at hiding your emotions that we had to work a little bit, but we've found that once someone triggers it, they flow right out. Like a dam on a river." Rock continued to sit and watch interestedly. Semi-consciously, he felt a warmth spread over his body, strongest at his right hand. The heck?...

"If you want to have control over your emotions again, you have to relearn how to hide them. Rebuild the dam, if you will. Once you learn how to control your emotions on your own, you will be ready to attempt to drive us out." Lust laughed a little. "But since you're nowhere near that point, we'll just enjoy your…struggle…a little longer." A light began to glow in her hands, and it grew bigger and bigger until it was about the size of Rockman's head.


Blues felt Rock tense up a little bit, and tightened his grip on his poor right hand. "Please pull through, Rock…whatever's going wrong, please pull through…"


"Wh…what the...heck is that?"

"It will return you to the physical world. That is all you need to know." Lust let the ball of light float over to Rock, and it did so very slowly. Rock felt the warmth and pressure on his hand grow stronger, almost as if someone invisible was holding on to him…in spirit.


Rock continued to breathe heavily, with his heart beating twice as fast as was safe for him. Blues glanced back at Ruby, who was standing near the doorway with a very worried expression on her face. She caught Blues' eye and smiled faintly, which made Blues do the same.


The light continued making its way toward Rock, who was standing motionless before it and Lust. As it grew closer, he could see…people in the light. One…no, two people…one red and one blue. The blue one was lying flat on a bed and the red one sitting next to them. Closer…he could see silver hair on the red navi. Blues-kun? Can that be…is that me? And Blues…that was him? Before Rock could say a word to Lust, who was standing with an almost sad look on her own face, the light reached Rock and touched the tip of his nose. Immediately, a burst of light flooded Rock's vision, and Lust was gone.


Rock gasped, and opened his eyes. He was still lying in his bed…That's a relief. He felt a couple of beads of sweat run down his face as he sat up and noticed that Blues was with him. His hands were tightly clenched around Rock's right one. So that's…it was Blues? Rock now noticed Blues staring at him and turned his head around, then flinched a little bit. Blues' eyes were filled with tears. Blues-kun…what on earth… "Blues?" Blues let go of Rock's hand and wrapped his arms around him instead. "Rock-kun…I was so worried! I thought…I thought you were…gonna…" Blues then broke into a mass of un-understandable sobs on Rock's shoulder. Rock was taken aback for a moment. I've never seen him like this…did I really worry him this much? He hugged Blues back, who continued to cry. Ruby sighed, rolled her eyes, and winked at Rock, who winked back and let Ruby leave the room.


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