When The Prom Goes Wrong

By:FMA4EVER(sry 4 spelling mistakes)

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Prolouge(however it is spelled)

It was a dark, cold night and he was finally alone. Her blood all over his hands and red camono. "What have I done!" kept going through his mind. A blood stained ax laid to the right of him and her life-less body on his left. Wind started to seep through the cracks of the old pool house causing her hair to flutter a bit. Her clothes were drenched with her blood and you could barely make out that she had black hair do to the blood. He stood and wiped the excess blood off himself and then, he slowly picked the ax back up and threw it across the room, out the window.

Chapter One

Kagome was walking down the school hallway in her new school uniform. It was her first day at Elric Academy, the hardest school to get in and she actually got in!Kagome finally found her locker, but for some reason it wouldn't open. Luckily, a guy from the locker next to her was able to get it open. "Thank you," she faintly said as she pushed back the black hair out of the way of her chocolate,brown eyes. "No problem,"said the strange man that helped her. "My name is Inuyasha,"Inuyasha said leaning against his locker as Kagome put her books up. "My name is Kagome. Nice to meet you," she said politely. "You new here?"Inuyasha asked curiously. "Um, yeah. Today is my first day,"Kagome replied as she looked to Inuyasha and smiled. "Gosh she's so pretty."Inuyasha thought to himself as he looked her over from head to toe.

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