AN: Based off the Smallville DVD, "Chloe Chronicles from the 2nd the 3rd Season. As you may you know, none of the characters are mine, except for the ones mentioned later on in my fanfics. I'll acknowledge them when you get there. Also none of the characters from Supernatural are mine. ENJOY!

Intro: Video Cam

In a dim lighted room, set a desk with only a laptop and a small table lamp on it. The screen was on and on it was a much smaller screen. It had the buttons "play," "stop," "record," and "pause" at the bottom of the smaller screen. The digital camera that sat on top of the laptop turned on and the smaller screen revealed a beautiful blonde. She held up a picture in front of the camera and it showed a family. A mother, a father, and two sons- one, age probably four and the other one still an infant. The family looked happy. The blonde took the picture away from the camera and she appeared on the screen again.

"Hi, I'm Chloe Sullivan and I am yet again making another entry in my Chronicle of Weird things. Except this isn't about a mutant-gifted person/ meteor freak in everything weird of Smallville, but about a family who hunts the weird and unusual…Supernatural if I should put it."

She picks up a newspaper article and held it in front of the camera. It showed a partially burnt home and a father hugging his two sons. The father's face was hidden under his four year old son who had tears in his eyes and holding his little brother. The article read in big letters, "Father and Sons Suffer a Great Lost in Fire." She pulls the article away and looked at the camera with sympathy in her eyes.

"It begins with a sad story. Mary Winchester, the mother, died that night…burnt to death in a home that was filled with such happiness and love. The only survivors were the father and his sons." She paused before she continued. "The family was so devastated. But the weird thing was how the mother died. She was found not on the floor of her home but on top of the ceiling of her infant son's nursery room. The police couldn't explain it and the husband didn't deny it and that was what started my interest about this family."

She holds up another article but this one showed a man in a military uniform. The article read, "Husband goes Crazy after Wife's Death," subtitled, "Psychiatrist Fears for Children Safety." She puts the article down and looks directly at the camera.

"A few weeks after the fire the husband went to see a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist came to the police with this information. It just so happens that the father, John Winchester, claimed that his wife was murdered by something evil. He also mentioned that he was going after the thing that killed his wife." She sighed and picked up another article. "A day after the article was published; John and his sons, Dean and Sam went missing. They were never seen or heard from again." She put the article down.

"Now, since the police couldn't find them didn't mean they weren't alive. From what I am assuming and what I've been told, John was somewhere in hiding in a secluded area. He was preparing for what he was obsessed in finding…the thing that killed his wife. Not only did he prepare himself but he trained his sons as well."

"Being the curious journalist that I am, I decided to do my own little investigation of my own. Who would have known that I would get into something that would only happen in Smallville. I guess it goes to show you not everything happens in the weird town of mines.

I went on an adventure of a lifetime.

I went in search of the Winchesters of the Lawrence, Kansas."