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Video Cam Conclusion

That was the last time I had seen the Winchester brothers. They left Mercer and disappeared once again. To say they were crazy was a mistake on my part and the people who wrote those terrible articles.

She holds up an article in front of the screen that reads, "Ten Reappeared: The Missing Woods People."

" The day after the discovery of the missing people, the news was out about where everyone had been and why wasn't there a criminal in custody for the kidnappings," she stated into the screen. Removing the article away from the screen she face forward and smile. "Sheriff Shepperd, being the curious policeman that he is, wondered the same thing. He also wondered how two detectives and a reporter found the people and not catched the kidnapper. Being the perfect little detective that he is, Dean told Sheriff that they simply came across the cabin after hearing a gun fire in the distance. When they found the cabin, they only found the ten scared people and not the kidnapper. Unbelievable as it may seem, the Sheriff bought it and no other questions were asked."

Chloe held up another article in front of the screen and it read, "Man Possible Kidnapper and Murder."

"Bob Miller, aka the fear demon, was suspect as the town bad guy once he miraculously disappeared. Leaving his beloved Cafe behind. Till this day, Mercer police and FBI agents are still looking for Bob Miller. Good luck boys," putting down the article. "Even though ten lives were saved that day, still around forty-eight people lost their lives to that demon. Thankfully to the Winchesters no one else will. If only the world knew what was out there amongst the living and beyond the dead, then they could too understand why the Winchesters do what they do. I've only known the Winchesters for almost a week and I understand them. Better then a reporter should have when it comes to a story. It almost makes you wonder what would happen if the world did know about the things that goes bump in the night. Would the Winchesters still be after them? Would they be the only ones fighting against the supernaturals? We can only wonder right." She paused a little to think. Picking up the article that started it all, she faced it to the screen.

"My search for the Winchesters started with this article," holding up the article showing the picture of Mary Winchester. "An article that was put away twenty two years ago in a dusty infected room with other old folders of old stories left to be forgotten. If I hadn't accidently step across this...if I hadn't have my investigative reporter drive in me to search for the missing family, I wouldn't have found the most wonderful guys a girl could ever meet. Sam and Dean Winchester, both on a journey, to find evil, to find a father, to find the one thing that started it all...the thing that killed their mother and Sam's beloved girlfriend, Jessica.

I know what you all are thinking...why are you missing out on an opportunity like this Chloe? This is your one in a lifetime to become big and famous. Well, lots of reason why I'm not doing it.

One, I realize it is not my story to give but to understand. Only in time will the world know, but not from me.

Two, the boys would kill me if I wrote the story about them and their fighting evil job description.

Three, who would believe a story about demons and a family who hunts them. That have Buffy the Vampire Slayer male version written all over it.

And lastly, but not least, from the words spoken from one of the Winchesters boys himself...The World isn't ready.

I mean no one didn't want to believe a meteor shower hitting Smallville, Kansas and causing people in the town to turn into meteor freaks, then why would they believe this. That is why I am making this video. Only for my eyes only. But it's not going under my "everything weird in Smallville," oh no. This I'm sending to some special friends of mine. Friends I wish good luck on their journey and to hope we meet again... someday."

The video stopped. The mouse moved up to file and then save but stopped.

"Should I save it," asked Sam. He was sitting in the passager seat of the impala with his laptop on his lap. They were park on the side of the road, viewing the video message sent to them by Chloe. Sam was looking at his brother who was looking at the screen at the time. Dean move his attention from the screen with a roll of his eyes.

"I don't care what you do with it," Dean said sitting up straight in the driver seat.

Sam scoffed, "You're still mad aren't you?"

"What..." Dean trail off while starting the car.

"Yeah, you're still mad that Chloe save our butts back there in Mercer. Give it a rest Dean, you should be greatful that Chloe save us. If it wasn't for her, you and I would be dead."

"No what I'm mad about is her comparing us to Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"I thought you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

"No, I said I like the chick who plays Buffy, I never said I like the show."

Dean pulled out on the road once he saw an opening and drove down to their next gig. Sam was still looking at his brother with a smile on his face.

"What," Dean said annoyed that his brother was looking at him.

"You're still mad that you were save by a girl," Sam laugh.

"Shut up."

After a minute of continuous laughter, Sam settle down. He looked down at his laptop on his lap and saw that it was still on the icon for save. He smiled and with a swift click of the mouse, he press saved.

Chloe was in her dorm room looking at a picture in her hand. It was a picture of the Winchesters. The picture of four year old Dean, baby Sam, and their parents. She smiles.

Looking at it one last time, she put the picture in one of her computer desk drawer and closed it. A knock at the door startled her and she let out a relief sigh when she saw that it was Clark.

"Clark you startled me."

"Sorry. Did I interrupt something?"

"No, no I was just," looking down at the drawer. "Putting away some things."

"Those things wouldn't be the story about the Winchesters by any chance? Why is it that I had to hear it from my mom and Lana that you left to go on some hunting trip to find them."

Chloe laughed. "I was going to tell you."

"When, when you came back. You should of told me first, I would have came with you," he said moving to sit down on her bed.

"I don't need you with me all the time Clark."

"I know but what if they were dangerous or..or.."

"Crazy. No they weren't. They were...kind of like you in a way. Except for the alien with superpower thing."

"They're like that huh?"


"So what about your story, are you going to write it or put it in your everything weird in Smallville category?"

"No and no. There's nothing to write about, Clark and they don't belong with that category," she said sincerely.

"What category do they belong in then?"

She paused, making sure she chose the right word to describe the Winchesters and in some ironic way,Clark."The category I like to call, Superheroes," she laughed, but mostly smiled.

The room went silent.

"Hey, let's head down to the Talon and get a cup of coffee. I'm dying for one," Chloe said standing up. Clark followed in pursuit.

"Yeah. Maybe there you can tell me all about your little trip in search of the Winchesters."

Chloe smiled behind him as they walked out of her dorm. She stopped to take one last look at the drawer, the one that held the picture of the Winchesters.

"Good luck," she whispered, hoping that in some weird way it would reach them to let them know she cared so much for them.

With one last wish she closed the door behind her to catch up with Clark to tell him of her amazing adventure...her amazing adventure in Search of the Winchesters.

The End.

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Set after the episode, "Shadow".

Meg decides to go after the boys once again, but this time she goes after their new friends. Her place of target...Smallville, Kansas.

Dark forces are brought forth, old foes are returned, evil takes over, and the Winchesters must ...

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