Crack Love: Installment 18

Pairing: Gin/Rukia

Dedicated to: FuturePast and Deidre's Dreams

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This pairing is twisted with a capital T and has so much potential, this story is a little shorter than my usual but I am getting back into the habit of writing so I'm starting out small. Oh yeah, this story is twisted and warnings for graphic violence and sexual themes.

Revel in the twisted-ness!

Title: Make Me Bad

Tears splashed down her cheeks. Fingers trembled and blood stained, her lank hair fell over to one side.


It shouldn't be like this. Why did it have to be like this?

She laid her head on Ichigo's still chest, pouring her tears onto him, as though they were drops of resurrection water. But Ichigo didn't move; just lay there in a pool of his own blood which he had obviously suffocated in, his hollow mask still on. She tried to pull it off, but it wouldn't budge. It was his face.

Paling, Rukia stood up shakily backing away from her dead friend. The surrounding screams and colliding crashes drowned out like a buzz.

Who killed you Ichigo…?

Hueco Muendo had become a smoky, bloody playground of death.


She stiffened, violet eyes turning skywards. Sure enough there he was, towering over like her shadow. Like some sort of snake hanging off a tree to look at its prey.

"I'll kill you."

Gin's grin widened. "Rukia-chan." He chirped again.

"You killed Ichigo, I'LL KILL YOU!"

Spinning around she grabbed her sword and drove it through him, but in a flash he was gone and stood in front of her.

Snapping her head back Rukia growled loudly, baring her teeth.


But then Gin grabbed her thin wrists making her drop her sword. He forced her down on the ground, pressing his weight on her.

"Ah." Rukia winced at his full weight pressing all over her petite frame.

Gin's face was inches above of hers. "Rukia-chan, this is exactly where I like you."

Gin laughed taking in her splayed hair and her wrists still trapped by him.

"Get off me you sick bastard!" Rukia struggled against the traitor.

"Now, now, I need to know if you're going to behave Rukia-chan" Gin reprimanded, his silver hair blowing in a slight breeze made him look angelic.

"Aizen-sama said I can keep you but-" He dipped his head and licked the expanse of her neck "-only if you behave yourself!"

Oh god, he wasn't going to…? "Please get off me." Rukia pleaded, tears forming again.

"Now, now Rukia-chan" Gin said, releasing her wrists "Yer lucky I ain't gonna kill you, so no crying now, I don't like it when you cry."

He said it with such sincerity; she looked at him in surprise. He grinned again and ran his hands up and down her sides, making her shiver.

"I don't know what it is about you…that makes me feel this way Rukia- chan" his mouth whispered into her ear "But I want to see you break."

His lips brushed over her forehead. "Don't tell Rangiku." He whispered, his eyes opening a fraction.

A burst of air escaped Rukia's tight lips when she felt him spread open her robe. Her arms previously stiff with fear reached up and pushed him away.

"Stop it!" she cried out. She would not cry anymore. She had to be strong like Ichigo. And he would never want her to give in, no matter the odds against!

"You killed Ichigo! I hate you, and I would rather you snap my neck right now!"

Her violet eyes glittered with anger, her hands still on Gin's chest pushing away.

Gin's smile faded. "That's no fun Rukia-chan. And I didn't kill the Ryoka boy" he said seriously "his hollow form took over and threatened to destroy everyone, so he stabbed his blade through himself to stop himself."

Rukia glanced over at her friend's dead body lying next to her, it was true there was no sign of a struggle in the grass, and there was a big; bloody gash in his chest that was still bleeding.

"No." she whispered.

"Yes." Gin hissed, excitement rising in his voice "That's right Rukia-chan. Now break for me. Get loose for me. I've shattered your resolve before." Perversely, he licked her neck again, this time sucking on it gently, earning a groan from the girl underneath him

"And I can do it again."

Rukia had never been kissed before, let alone have that done to her before by a man-she hadn't meant to! She had dreamed about it a few times, though always of someone else.

As if reading her thoughts, Gin uttered "My little Rukia-chan, my little innocent flower, don't worry-It won't hurt you! You can even call me Ichigo-" he grinned widely "I think I'd like that…"

Rukia's eyes widened at him. "You're sick!" she spat.

"My, but Rukia-chan what could I say for you?"

He gestured downwards, Rukia's eyes fell. Her hands had unknowingly slipped into Gin's obi and were resting on his warm chest.


So shameful. So disgusting. So corrupt.

"You see" Gin whispered "You thought all there was too life was doing what was right, but then you found something else…something that makes you happy. You think that the only thing worth doing was the right thing, but then you discover" his grin widened "it's the wrong things that make you feel alive Rukia-chan. I know you enjoyed it."

"N-no!" Rukia screamed and, wrenching back her hands, slapped him audibly across his cheek. Her heart raced as she looked at his profile, would he hurt her now? But when he looked back he was baring his teeth in a grin.

"See what I mean? It's happening to you just as it happened to me. We're one in the same Kuchiki-sama."

Reaching up Rukia grabbed Gin's robe and crashed her lips against his. His red eyes widened but he pulled her closer. Then they suddenly broke for air.

"I knew you'd come 'round my lil' Rukia-chan!" His eyes were drunk with desire now.


Gin's stiff body hit the ground with a dull thump before he could even register it, his eyes widening. Rukia grabbed Sode no Shirayuki, Gin could break free in moments-

Squelch. A hoarse cry of pain erupted from Gin's mouth as Rukia drove her sword deep into his stomach. Blood pooled from the large wound formed, Rukia's mouth grimaced.

"Burn this into your mind, BASTARD!"

She dug her sword deeper, now touching the ground on which he was lying. Gin screamed again, blood was running from his mouth, staining his teeth.

"Lesson one-Don't get distracted by the enemy!" Rukia kicked his side and he screamed helplessly again.

"Lesson two-You and I are completely different!" Rukia pulled out her zanpakutoh slightly and pushed it back in, eliciting another tortured scream.

"Lesson three-I am not your Rukia-chan!"

She pulled out and stabbed him again, in the chest, secretly reveling in his pained cries. Black blood was pooling out of his whole front, it wouldn't be long before he suffocated in his own blood…just like Ichigo did…

He fell back down, he had broken the kidou spell, but was too injured to even sit up let alone fight.

And then…His voice was raspy. "You…are…'njoyin this…ain't 'cha Ru…kia." He hacked and coughed wildly. One last bloody grin was sent her way before his head plopped down quietly on the ground.

Rukia shivered, extracting her blade, and wiping it on the grass. She dared a peep. Gin's eyes were wide open and glassy, the red looked duller, the ever-present grin still smeared with blood on his lips.

That bastard died with a grin on his lips

He was dead, she had faced him. Gone were her nightmares! But then…new ones had taken his place…

Don't listen to him…you didn't enjoy it…don't listen to him.

She shivered.

You're a good person…nothing like him…you just did what you had to do!

"We're one in the same…"

Rukia grabbed Sode no shirayuki and flew into the smoky red abyss-determined to prove that she and Ichimaru Gin were not the same-

"Inoue; Ishida; Chad; Nii-sama, I'm coming!"

"It's the wrong things that make you feel alive…"

-And shivered in her uncertainty.



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