Title: Independent

Author: Youkai-Lordess

Rating: T

Warnings: This fic contains m/m slash, don't like don't read. Please turn back now if you have a problem with this, please no flames either, they will be ignored and I don't want you to have to waste your time on something you hate. -;;


Raphael was an…independent individual or so said; Siegfried knew that, and he also knew the Frenchman relied on basically everyone around him without knowing it. Amy for love and caring, plain everyday people to make him still feel human, and Seigfried himself, whom he relied on for, well, everything. But the stubborn fencer wouldn't take that, wouldn't admit his weakness to himself, and took every opportunity he got to prove, prove it to himself, that he was not sorely dependent on others and that he was very much the insane bastard people knew him as.

Seigfried had almost begun to worry after Raphael had rushed into a battle with a notorious gang of bandits alone in another valiant attempt to convince his doubtful mind he was fine on his own. But after being distracted by Amy's screaming in the background, he had been nearly defeated. Siegfried had been the one to scoop the shaken duelist into his arms and fight his way out of the crowd of thugs. Raphael had been near strangling him when they emerged safely; luckily Amy was there to smother the Frenchie with hugs before he had time to do so.

Another thing Raphael liked: control. Almost everyone knew this, the fencer loved control, control over any situation was his dream. Raphael didn't like to be bossed around, he was the one that was supposed to have all control pressed into a ball in the palm of his hand, so he could use it when he liked. Raphael didn't like to be fussed over like some lost little kitten. Raphael certainly didn't like to be the bottom in bed…or at least, that's what Siegfried had thought.

Until one night Raphael had dragged the German to the silken sheeted bed, splayed himself out on the other's lap, and looked up at him with exotic red eyes as Seigfried's hand somehow found its way under the duelist's shirt to finger a slowly hardening nipple. The fencer arched at that, beautiful eyes still trained on the green ones of Siegfried and he whispered, almost whimpered, "Take me," and proceeded to spread his legs willingly to the larger warrior's calloused hand. This had been new; the couple had never gone farther than a few kisses and touching and Siegfried had to admit: he was thrilled.

And so Seigfried was also pleasantly surprised when Raphael turned onto his stomach and pressed his chest against the bed as if showing his submission, giving a soft whine in hopes it would get Siegfried moving again. It worked, and the German dragged large hands down the smooth expanse of pale skin below him and held back a laugh. This was rather unexpected.


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