Author's notes:

Do keep in mind, there are no actual Yugioh characters here, with the exception of a few from time to time (This series is where the Spies play the game)

I am also not the Mykan you will see… he is just a character who has my name. He is not me nor like me at all. He is only an OC

Long, long ago… when the pyramids were still young…

Ancient kings and sorcerers played a game of great power- combining magic with monster in a battle for power and glory so fiercely that world was soon caped in the war of the shadow games! Chaos and destruction spread all across the world, until a brave a mighty pharaoh locked the dark magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical millennium items…

Now, five-thousand years later, the once great chaos is about to be unleashed, and it will up to a chosen few to defend the world from the return of the dreaded shadow games!


Mali-U, 1245 pm…

Alex, Clover, and Sam were into their second year of college, but kept on alert for whenever they would summoned to the newly reopened WOOHP for a new mission.

"You think that Jerry would close up WOOHP and mean it and then- snap- he turns around and opens up again." said Alex.

"Give him a break, Alex…" said Sam "Jerry's just not fit for retirement. It's his life, and besides that, neither are we. I love being a spy. Don't you, Clover?"

"Ah… as if. Sure we get to travel to far off places, fighting bad guys, saving the world, and Blaine and I get to be together when we're in Australia." She had one of her romantic chibi visions of her and her boyfriend kissing each other from opposite ends of the world.

Her fantasy was interrupted by the wicked sound of Mandy laughing. "Fantasizing again of you dying romance, Clover?" Mandy mocked.

Clover felt her head heating up with rage. "And just what would you know, Mandy? When was the last time you had a boyfriend at all?"

"For your information, in just a few minutes, I am planning to land the newest hunk on campus." She motioned down the hall where I was sitting…

I was a plain ordinary looking guy, roughly the girl's age, about nineteen years old. I had short dark hair, slightly spiky around the top. I wore a black T-shirt, a blue shiny jacket, with matching pants and solid boot-like shoes. Finally, a small red kerchief was tied round my neck. Beside me lay a silver briefcase, and reached up and softly felt around my neck with my fingers.

Alex, Sam, even Clover gazed at me with lovey-dovey eyes and almost drooling mouths. "Whoa!" cried Sam.

"Double whoa!" added Alex.

Clover felt almost sorry to be gazing at another boy and not picturing Blaine's face. Still, Mandy checked her reflection, and winked at them, and she approached me. "Well, hi there." she said in a flirtatious way. I looked up and said "I'm not interested, Mandy."

Mandy felt as if she had followed a fly. Apart from being upset that I wasn't interested. "Just how did you know my name?"

I stood up and gazed at her mysteriously. "I know many things. Like you're planning to go shoe-shopping this afternoon, only to find the pair of Black-leathered high heels you wanted are all sold out."

"WHAAAAAAAAT…?! Mandy shouted in a lightning flash of shock. First I knew her name, and I she was going shopping, but she didn't honestly believe that crack about the shoes she wanted being sold out. Even the spies thought I was strange at first sight already. I just snickered softly and picked up my case. "See you in class." And I walked up the hall and out of sight leaving Mandy and the spies confused and shocked.

They soon snapped out of their trances when they realized they had a new Ancient History class to go to. "Remind me again why we're taking this?" asked Alex.

"Come on, learning about ancient stuff will be so awesome." said Sam "Especially seeing as we're going to work on Ancient Egypt. I've always wanted to know more about it."

"Puh-lease!" groaned Clover "The only thing I'm interested in is whether our new prof will be smokin' hot."

Sam and Alex sighed in dismay.

Soon they arrived with their other fellow classmates. The teacher had not arrived yet. Mandy was already seated a chair down from where the spies were sitting, and then… I entered the room, and a few of the other girls students whistled at me or fell in love with the sight of me, even offered me to sit right beside them, but I took no notice of them.

Some of the male students who liked to bully others from time to time thought I was weird looking and were already crumpling up paper balls to throw at me.

Just then the dean came in and told everyone settle down and take their seats, and everyone did so… except me, I just stood where I was. The dean cleared his throat and sated "As you know, your normal history teacher has quit out of protest, though I am still unsure why…" he had flashbacks of himself and the staff at a party and playing a prank on the history teacher which lead him quitting out of anger. "But we have managed to find a replacement."

That's when he motioned to me, which made many of the student gawked in surprise. "Him?" sputtered Alex in disbelief.

"He's our… prof…?" added Sam.

Clover stuttered and stammered, "B…But… He…!"

Mandy's mouth hung agape, and I moved to my desk at the front of the room and placed my case down and said "Hello everyone and welcome to Ancient History. My name is Professor. Mykan Jaden. I specialize in Duel- I mean doing studies of Ancient Egypt. I'm pleased to be here."

Silence, and more silence followed, and suddenly the whole class erupted with everyone asking me questions, which I quickly answered.

"Say, how old are you, guy?"

"Me? Oh, I'm nineteen."

"Where do you come from?"

"I'm a worldwide traveler."

"Hey, you must be really smart."

"Academically I've achieved a bachelor's degree."

Some of the girls in class went gaga hearing those words. "Oh, wow!"

"He's a bachelor!"

The dean hushed everyone to sit down, reminding them that I was their instructor, not a pet. "You're all to treat him with respect and dignity. Is that clear?"

Everyone acknowledged, and he left the class in my care, and we all got straight into work learning about the beginnings of Ancient Egypt and the formation of their empires, the laws that were, and all that stuff.

Still, Mandy, and the spies couldn't help but feel something was very strange about me, not just that I was only nineteen yet teaching college, but how I seemed so alert and omniscient. For example, while my back was turned as I wrote notes on the board about our subjects, those boys in the back threw their paper balls at me, and I stepped out of the way perfectly and called out their names warning them not to anger me.

The boys were freaked out by how I knew their names and that they threw the balls at me in the first place. The spies whispered back and forth to one another. "Who is this guy?" asked Clover.

"And how does he know all this stuff so easily?" added Alex.

"Girls, I'm getting the feeling that maybe we need to do some spying." Sam suggested.

WHACK! I clapped my hands hard shocking them to attention. "Ladies… is there a problem?" I asked with narrowed eyes.

"No sir." The girls said shyly, and everyone snickered softly at them, but everyone got straight back to work.

I reached up and felt along my neck by my kerchief with my fingers again like I did before, and went on with my lectures about Ancient Egypt, describing its many wonders and happenings without having to even look in a textbook for referencing. Sam was impressed by my knowledge and the way I went on, I made it sound as if it was all really happening right before their eyes.

Before class ended, I had instructed that everyone was to write a paper on one of the subjects of Ancient Egypt to be handed in within two days. "That will be all." I said and the class left me all by myself in the now empty room, and I felt my fingers across my neck again, and I began to look a little sad. I then reached into my briefcase and pulled out a small picture frame…

It was a picture of a very beautiful girl- a princess. She had long dark green hair, and she was wearing a beautiful red gown, with a silver tiara on her head, and around her neck was an odd looking gold necklace with a weird looking eye thingy in the middle. I sighed heavenly but sadly as I clutched the photo to my heart. "I miss you so much." I whispered softly, and touched my neck yet again.

The spies met at the café for their work shift, and to brainstorm for their papers. "Ah! My head is aching enough!" groaned Alex "I couldn't keep up with all the stuff he was saying."

"Speak for yourself!" said Clover "I was supposed to go shopping this afternoon. All those cute and adorable shoes and accessories just screaming out my name..."

"CLOVER!" shouted Virgil, snapping her out of her trance. "Will you get your head out of the clouds and get back to work."

Clover smirked embarrassingly, but then saw at the end of the counter, Mandy angrily came to the counter and demanded service. The girls of course had no right to refuse, but they couldn't help but want to egg her on. "So, Mandy… how was your shopping spree?" Clover asked.

"Wait, don't tell us… they were all out of the shoes you wanted." added Alex. Mandy's lips curled into an angrier sneered and she imagined dunking the girls in a vat of hot coffee they made for her, "For your information, that's exactly what happened! Not a single pair was left!"

She picked up her coffee and left in an angry huff. "Touchy." Clover said with a smirk, and Alex giggled cheekily, but Sam felt strange. "Isn't that what Professor Jaden said, that the store would be out of shoes when Mandy went?"

Clover and Alex began to feel that that was strange, and they remembered what they had talked about and all agreed to try and spy on me and figure out how I knew so much, but when they got off shift, much to their dismay, I wasn't in the classroom. They went to ask the dean if he had seen me. "Professor Jaden left the grounds an hour ago, heading into town."

The girls were at a total standstill, and decided to retreat to their penthouse to call on Jerry for help. "Hello, girls… How's the college life?"

"Fine, but we need to ask a favor." said Sam "Do know anything about Professor Mykan Jaden?"

Jerry nearly flipped out and dropped his newspaper. "Did you say Mykan Jaden? Oh, my! Who would have thought?"

"You know him, Jer…?" asked Alex.

"Know him, who doesn't know of him?"

"Um, we do… or we wouldn't be asking." said Clover putting hints in her voice.

Jerry explained to them that as well as being an excellent teacher of Ancient Egypt, and having had taught at several colleges and universities in California already, I was best known as a world-class champion in the game of duel-monsters.

"Duel Monsters?" asked Clover "Isn't that, like… that weirdo card game where you place these monsters out to attack each other?"

Jerry bolted upright and felt insulted "I assure you, Clover, Duel Monsters is most exciting game. One that requires vast and quick wits and great deal of strategizing." he held up a deck of cards that he himself had assembled over time ever since the game came out, indicating he was a big fan of the game, but then he quickly put his deck away and the girls got down to how they were very suspicious of me.

"You're saying he predicted things yet to come and knew your names without even asking? Well, it could all be coincidence, but perhaps it would be best if you kept an eye on him. If anything unusual or unexplainable happens, call me again."

The girls nodded and signed off, and now they felt more confused than ever. "A teacher who plays a card game?" asked Sam.

Alex nodded "There is something majorly weird about our new prof."