The Bet


AN: Hey, I'm back peeps! With another HHr story! This one is after Hogwarts, slightly AU and some of the scenes are based on another book called Bet Me! I love that book! Not as much as HP but its still in my top ten. PS: In Bet Me! it took them a month to get married, which was insane! But there is no way in hell I'm putting that time period in my story!

Summary: Meet Hermione Jane Granger a.k.a. the 'plump' one in the Granger Family. She could never compete with her sister's talents and she was always on the bad end of relationships. Now, being 27, her love life was plummeting. That was before she met Harry Potter, the man who came to her rescue. But what if this fairy tale is too perfect?

Rating: T


"You're dumping me!" Hermione shouted over the slow songs jutting out of the jukebox. Nearly everyone stopped their activities to look at the slightly plump woman with curly hair that was resting on her shoulders and a beer mug in her hand. Viktor looked around the bar, nervously smiling at the interested faces.

"Not so loud, Hermione. Geez, they'll think I'm trying to kill you." Hermione gulped down the beer and slapped it on the table. She put her arms in akimbo.

"Well, they're not far from the truth." Hermione replied.

She couldn't believe her boyfriend of six months was dumping her. Where did she go wrong? Why was she always having such bad luck? Why couldn't she just marry and get it over with? She was 27 for God's sakes!

Her sister was getting married within six months and this was the time he chose to break it off with her? Why couldn't he have done it after? And why was her sister of 24 getting married before her? Not fair!

Viktor chuckled when he heard her statement. He finally sobered when he saw the stony look Hermione was giving him. "Look Hermione, I don't think this could ever work out. Even if we tried." He continued when she didn't seem to be making any comment. "You want to get married and have children while I…I'm not that type of a guy ready for that type of commitment. Do you understand, Hermione?" Viktor told her gently.

Hermione nodded without looking at him. Oh yeah, she understood. All men were scum and should be damn well treated like one. "Great." He smiled and pecked her on her cheek before walking back toward his group of friends. Hermione shook her head and turned back to the counter. She handed the cup to the bartender who gave her quick refill and she gulped it down in a matter of seconds.

"Ugh!" She suddenly heard. She turned sideways and smiled as her two friends came toward her. Lavender seemed to be twisting her face in disgust while Luna was telling her something.

"And there was one cubicle where the vomit was all over the toilet seat but not in the toilet…"

"Okay, enough. I have officially lost my appetite." She smiled when she saw the beer mug in Hermione's hand. "Oh, you're too kind." She grabbed the mug out of Hermione's hand and quickly drank the contents.

"Hey!" Hermione exclaimed. Lavender smiled a sheepish smile as she put down the mug. Luna shook her head and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"So," Luna said, after sipping her wine. "what did Viktor say?" Hermione sighed. Was that the best category she could come up with?

"He told me we wouldn't work out if we tried. I wanted the stereotypical things and he wanted the non-committal things." Hermione told them. They all had sympathetic looks in their eyes but Hermione shrugged it off. "Doesn't matter. I never liked him much anyway."

There was suddenly an odd silence among them. Luna sipping away at her white wine, Hermione gulping down her repeated re-fills of beer and Lavender taking drags of her cigarette. She then dumped it in the ash tray and looked over at her two friends.

"Robert hasn't called me since that night we had sex." She ordered a martini and looked back at them. "I don't know why. They all say I'm great in bed so I was sure he would call back for more."

"Maybe he didn't want to be so forward on the first date," Luna suggested. "and is rather ashamed to call you."

"Oh, please, Luna. He's a man." Lavender quickly dismissed Luna's judgment. "So, basically, I'm free for the night. You?" Hermione nodded. "What about you, Luna?"

"I haven't had a date in a month." Luna replied.

"Then tonight's the night, ladies." Lavender said, turning to face the rest of the bar. "We'll be doing a little man hunting." Luna and Hermione both turned the same position as Lavender. It was after a while when Lavender spotted someone. "Look at that guy over there."

The others looked in the direction Lavender was pointing at. The man was smiling and happily greeting his friends. He had short brown hair and pale blue eyes. Of course, a nice physique. He looked like a man who had a stable life on his shoulders. "Looks like your type, Luna." Lavender quipped.

Luna looked over the man once and shook her head. "No. I think he's getting a little old. See the gray hairs." Hermione and Lavender looked at Luna as if she had two heads growing out of her.

"No, Luna, we're getting too old." Hermione said. "Plus, I don't see any gray hairs." Luna shrugged her shoulders and looked down.

"You know, Luna, your prince charming is not going to be perfect. He's bound to have a misfit somehow. So, if you're looking for the perfect man, you're out of luck." Lavender said.

"I don't want the perfect man, I want my perfect man." Luna said defensively.

"Well, your perfect man is too perfect for you!" Lavender said, slightly irritated.

"Alright, enough!" Hermione said, calming down the two. "Look, Lavender, it's not our fault that Luna believes in a happy ending out of a fairy tale book and we don't." No one said a thing after that. When Hermione Granger said enough, she meant it.

Suddenly, they heard a laugh from a section of the bar where Viktor came from. They all looked at the source of the laughter. "Wow." Whispered Hermione.

"He's hot." Lavender said, nodding in approval of his looks.

"Yeah, he is." Luna added. "Who is he?"

"Who? That guy?" They all turned to bartender who was busy wiping the glasses. They all nodded. The bartender grinned. "Comes around here everyday. Same time, same place. Always joking around with friends, playing poker. He's quite popular."

"What's his name?" Hermione asked.

"They call him Harry Potter."


Harry Potter looked at his share of the cards and then back to the players. He nearly laughed when he saw Ron. He looked like he was cracking under the pressure. He looked over at Dean who was shaking his head slightly. Then, last bit not least, Viktor. He hated trying to decipher Viktor's emotion. He would always stare at the table emotionless. Like a rock.

Ron burst. He dropped his cards. "I'm done." Soon Dean followed suit. Harry looked up at Viktor who had finally recovered from his stony state. He smiled at Harry and drew out his hand. Ron and Dean had their eyebrows raised, looking amused.

"Three Aces and a King." Harry stated. "Amusing." Viktor nodded and was about to tell the men to draw out their cash when Harry's voice stopped him. "But…not amusing enough." He drew out his cards and Dean and Ron sat back in their chairs, grinning.

Harry had drawn a flush.

Viktor paled. Ron chuckled and drew out his money. Dean did the same, shaking his head. Harry collected it. A small grin never leaving his face. Viktor sighed and reluctantly took out his share of the deal too. "Well, I guess the undefeated Harry Potter wins again." Harry's grin became wider as he nodded. "You're great at poker and you're great when it comes to bet. Never loses one." Viktor glanced over at Hermione staring straight at Harry. He furrowed his brows in confusion. Why was she…? Suddenly, an idea dawned on him. He smiled and looked at Harry. "Harry, I think its time for another bet."

Harry slowly looked at him. His eyes observing Viktor warily. Ron chuckled. "You just can't stand losing can you Viktor?" He said. "You just had to lash out back with another challenge." Viktor looked over at Ron and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, Ronald, what can I say? They are addictive." He said, drawing out the Ron's full name making him wince. He smirked at him, causing Ron to be red with embarrassment.

"What is it, Viktor?" Harry asked. Trying to give Ron some time to cool down. Viktor looked back at Harry, a mischievous smile on his face. Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"See the girl with the curly hair. In the red sweater? Her name's Hermione Granger." He started. They all looked at Hermione, talking to Luna and Lavender. Harry nodded, looking at Hermione. "I have been trying six months to get her in my bed." He looked at Harry again. "I failed."

"I wonder why?" Ron mumbled to Dean who snorted. Viktor heard and gritted his teeth. Ron looked at Viktor and smiled. "Sorry, mate, couldn't resist." Viktor ignored Ron and continued.

"But I don't think you could do any better, Harry. She's a tough nut to crack." he said. "And I'm willing to pay five thousand pounds to support my opinion."

"So you're betting five thousand pounds that I can't get her in my bed in six months." Harry concluded. Viktor shook his head.

"No, Harry, I'm betting five thousands pounds that you can't get her in your bed in four months." He corrected. Harry nodded, slightly impressed at Viktor's bet.

"And if I lose…"

"If you lose…" Viktor smirked before continuing, "You'll have to pay ten thousand." Harry's brows rose, making Viktor smile wider.

"What!" Dean said, sitting up. "Wait, that's not right. That doesn't make any sense."

"Dean's right, Harry," Ron spoke up. "That's not fair."

"Now, hold on Ron. Why should Harry be worried about the money? After all, he never loses a bet." The way he said it made Harry think about it even more. Of course, he wasn't worried about losing. He looked over where Hermione was. She was out of her chair and was making her way to the bathroom.

He nearly cringed at the sight of her attire. She was wearing a red sweater with a red skirt that reached to her knees. He glanced at her shoes. Well, he had to admit they did look okay. They were open toed white slippers and both had a miniature cherry at the top. "So, Harry," He turned from her to Viktor's direction. Viktor was holding out his hand. "What do you say?"

He didn't care what his friends said; the bet would be a piece of cake. "I'll do it." He said and he and Viktor shook hands. Ron and Dean shook their heads at Harry.

He was doomed.


Hermione was returning from the bathroom. She was a little bit better now that she had her friends to talk to. Viktor would be soon forgotten. He would soon be wind beneath the trees, a memory that would only be remembered when she became old. A name that would just pick up a slight familiarity if ever heard again. It was over and she was finally free to move on with her life.

Down with the old and in with the….

"Remember, Harry. If you succeed in getting Hermione in bed in four months then I'll give you the five thousand. God, I'll even make the check now."


They could never be talking about her.


She sneaked behind the plant that was facing the group. Harry Potter had his arms folded, looking at Viktor making the check. Viktor put it in his check book and put it back in his pocket. "Bad move, mate." The one with blazing red hair was saying as he shook his head.

She emerged from her hiding place and numbly walked back to the counter. She sat down with her mouth gape. She couldn't believe what she just heard. What she just saw…. "How could he?" She whispered. Lavender and Luna stopped talking to look at their friend. "How could he place a bet on me?" She exclaimed. "And that…man had the audacity to accept it!"

Lavender and Luna looked at each other and then their friend, confused. "What are you talking about, Hermione?" Luna asked. But Hermione ignored the question.

"I'll tell you about it later." She said. She grabbed her bag and got up. "Let's go. I don't want to stay here anymore." She walked toward the exit with two confused friends trailing behind her. Suddenly, she felt a warm hand touch her arm. She turned around to see a man with raven black hair which was slightly messy and deep green eyes.

She could have got lost in them if she wasn't so angry.

"Hermione, right?" He asked giving her a charming smile "My name's Harry and I…" But he was cut off when she pulled her hand roughly from his grip.

"Get away from me, you jackass." She hissed at him and turned her heel to go. Harry brows rose in surprise while Viktor chuckled.

"Strike one." He said.


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