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Digimon Beginnings:

It was the last week of summer. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. Today was a perfect example of tranquility. A teenage boy sat on a hill at a nearby summer camp. The sunlight reflected off the lenses of his circular, silver rimmed goggles, which he wore over his sandy brown hair. His name of was Kazuya Miyamoto. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, a blue undershirt and a bright red jacket. He sighed as he enjoyed the scenery around him.

"Kazuya!" a voice rang out from behind the boy, causing him to flinch.

"So this is where you were."

He turned around with an annoyed look on his face. He knew who the source of the voice was.

It was a girl around his age. She had long, light-colored hair and a purple skirt and a lavender shirt. What made her really stand out though, were her thick glasses. Kazuya was all too familiar with her. After all she was his best friend, Sakura Kodira.

"Oh, hi Sakura." Kazuya said, nonchalantly.

"Everyone is getting ready get on the bus and you still haven't gotten your backpack ready." She said putting her hands on her hips.

"All right I'm going. Man you're as bad as my sister." he said, as they walked off towards the cabin.

Ever since they were little kids, Sakura was always scolding Kazuya if he was goofing off. Despite that he was glad to have her as a friend.

Just as they stopped at the cabin, they noticed a gothic looking boy with the same colored hair as Sakura's waiting there.

His name was Chiisi Kodiro and he was Sakura's younger cousin. He was dressed in a black shirt, a pair of black pants, and a belt.

"Chiisi shouldn't you be on the bus?" Sakura asked her cousin.

"The counselors sent me hear to get the rest of our group." He explained, in an almost emotionless voice.

"They never showed up"

"Oh, great where could those two be?" Sakura said

"Knowing Jun, she's probably tormenting Sho" Kazuya said.

"Why don't we check out the woods?" Chiisi suggested.

The three of them left towards the woods and sure enough, they stumbled upon a teenage girl holding a teenage boy against a tree, right at the entrance to the woods. Their names were Sho Sanbara and Jun Asuka. Sho was tall and very skinny. He had long black hair and his skin was rather tan colored. He was dressed in a blue hooded jacket without any sleeves, a green long sleeved shirt, and with a pair of brown pants. His face was bunched up in fear as the girl stared back at him

"Please. I'll p-pay you when I get home." He stuttered.

This caused the girl to grab him tighter.

Jun simply glared and said. "Look Sanbara, I promised to leave you alone as long as you paid me and I want my money."

Jun was by all means a bully. She was tall and very pretty. She had short blue hair which was kept short. She was dressed in a pair of jeans cut into shorts and a white tank top. Her left ear was pierced and she wore a maroon hat atop her head.

"Hey, let him go." a voice rang out causing the Jun to let go of Sho.

"Oh great it's you Miyamoto." She said, with annoyance in her voice.

"Don't you better things to do than pick on people?" Kazuya asked.

"Want to make something of it goggle boy?" Jun said, intentionally trying to provoke Kazuya.

"Where did you get those dumb things? In the trash?"

"Take that back" Kazuya said, tensing up.

"They were a gift from my father."

Sakura rushed in between the two in order to break up a possible fight.

"Both of you, stop it." She said.

"We have to get back to the bus"

Jun simply put her hand in her pockets and said, "All right"

"Hey, Sanbara I'll expect you to pay me double when we get back."

Sho's face tensed up as the others helped him up.

The five of them then started to head back towards the bus. Then, Chiisi suddenly stopped, as he seemed to notice something.

"Look." he said pointing up towards the sky.

Everyone looked up and they noticed n the distance there were five lights.

"What is that?" Kazuya asked, as he gazed up.

As they gazed they noticed that the lights were getting bigger. Soon they realized that they were rushing towards the earth. Before they could react, the five lights went into the hands of the children.

All five of them looked at what had landed in their hands.

They were small colored devices no bigger than their fists. Kazuya's was red, Sho's was orange, Jun's was blue, Chiisi's was black, and Sakura's was white. There were three buttons on them and a screen in the middle. Around the screen was some kind of code.

"What do you think these are?" Sakura asked, looking at her device.

Sho shook his and said "I don't know."

Suddenly the devices began to beep and soon a light emerged from them and engulfed the children.

"Great, what next?!" Jun exclaimed as they were engulfed in a sea of one's and zeros. That was the last thing they saw.

The next thing Kazuya knew he was in some kind of chamber. He franticly looked around. "Where am I?" He said, looking around the room. It appeared as if he was in some kind of temple.

"Sakura, Chiisi!" he shouted.

As he called for his friends, he then noticed something out of the corner of his eye. At the end of the chamber was an egg. It was nestled in some sort of pedestal. Curiously he walked up towards it.

"What's an egg doing here?" He muttered.

It was larger than a normal egg. Also, it had a green stripes on it. Something inside him was telling him to pick it up, so he did.

He winced as he picked it up, expecting some giant ball to come rolling at him.

Just then Kazuya heard a sound coming from the egg. He then put his ear to the egg.

"Is this a heartbeat?"

Just then, the beating got louder. Kazuya gasped as the egg began to crack. As it cracked a blinding light engulfed the room.

"Not this again." he said, as he was drowned in the light.


"Ugh, my head." Kazuya said as he groggily got up.

Just as he sat up, he was then knocked down.

"Your finally here." A voice said, as Kazuya was knocked down.

Staring back at Kazuya was a talking rabbit.

"Hi" he said

"AGGHH" Kazuya screamed in response, as he knocked the creature off of him.

"What did ya do that for?" The creature shouted.

The creature looked like a rabbit, except it had a tail like a lions with a black band at the end. It had yellow eyes and scruffy gray fur. Judging from its voice, it was a male.

"Y-You're a talking rabbit." Kazuya said, pointing at the creature.

"Actually, I'm a digimon." The creature said getting up.

"Digimon?" Kazuya said.

"Yep. It's short for digital monster and I'm your partner. The name's Gazimon." He said as he leapt onto Kazuya's chest.

Kazuya immediately stood up and asked, "Okay. Where am I? What's with all of this partner talk?"

This is the Digital World." Gazimon said.

Kazuya then looked at his surroundings. It appeared he was in some kind of canyon. Other than that the sky and sun were the same.

"As for the partner thing, well, you let me out of the egg so I'm yours." Gazimon said happily.

"That egg was you?" Kazuya said, taken aback

"Yep and also you have the digivice." Gazimon said pointing at Kazuya's waist.

Kazuya looked to where the digimon was pointing and sure enough the device from earlier was strapped to his waist.

"You mean this thing?" he said. He then casually pushed one of the buttons on the digivice. The screen on it then displayed five colored blips. They were red, orange, blue, black and white. He figured that he was the red blip.

"Then I guess that means…" Kazuya began.

Before he could further question the creature, Kazuya was startled to hear a scream.

"Ahh, get away from me!" a male voice shouted.

"That sounded like Sho!" Kazuya said, running towards the voice.

"Wait up!" Gazimon shouted, running after Kazuya.

Sure enough, it was Sho. He was on the ground trying to get away from a dog digimon that was latched onto his leg. It had golden creamy fur and it's tail and ears had pink fur.

"That was fun. What are we gonna play next?" It said, in a female voice.

"Please don't eat me." Sho whimpered.

"You're silly. I'm not going to eat you." she said, giggling. Her stomach then growled.

"I'm hungry. Do you have any goodies on you?" She asked, drooling a bit.

"Hey Sho." Kazuya called.

Sho turned and smiled as he saw the goggle-headed boy.

"Whew. Thank god. Another human." he said, relieved. He then took a look at Gazimon.

"Oh great. Another one." Sho said.

"Hang on. These guys aren't going to hurt us." said Kazuya.

"He's right. I would never hurt you. Sho-chan." The digimon said, as she rubbed her head against Sho's Leg.

"By the way. I'm Labramon and were going to be great partners." she said, batting her eyes.

"What's going on here?" Sho asked.

"Well…" Kazuya began.

4 minutes later…..

"And that's it." Kazuya said, finishing his story.

"This can't be happening." Sho said, as he fell to his knees.

"Look, it's going to be alright." Kazuya said.

"How can you be so nonchalant about this?" asked Sho.

"Were in some strange world and there's a talking rabbit and dog"

"Well, it could be worse" Kazuya said.

"How could this possibly be any worse?" Sho asked

Unfortunately, he was about to get his answer.

"Nova Blast!" A loud voice rang out through the canyon.

The two boys and the digimon turned to see a giant fireball coming towards them.

"Look out!" Gazimon and Labramon said, as they pushed their partners out of the way.

The four of them looked up to see their attacker. It was a large, orange dinosaur digimon. The top of its head was brown plated with three horns jutting out from its head. It's eyes shone bright red as it growled.

"What is that thing?" Kazuya asked.

"That's Greymon." Gazimon said.

"But something's wrong. They don't usually act like this."

"Your right he smells strange" Labramon said, sniffing.

Greymon then looked at the two boys with hunger in his eyes.

"I don't like the way he's looking at us." Sho said.

Just as he took a step Gazimon stood up, and braced himself for an attack.

"You three get out of here. I'll handle him." Gazimon said.

"But he'll kill you." Kazuya said.

"Don't worry about me. I can take him." Gazimon said arrogantly.

"Get them out of here Labramon!"

"You bet, Come on let's go." Labramon said, as she lead the two boys away.

Greymon looked on at the two boys and the digimon as fired another Nova Blast.

"Look out!" Sho shouted, as they jumped out of the way.

"Back off!" Gazimon shouted.

"Electric Stun Blast!" he shouted, sending out a stream of electricity.

The attack hit Greymon but it, only seemed to anger him.

"Heh, so I finally got your attention." Gazimon said smirking.

"Bring it on, you big lizard!"

Greymon then smacked Gazimon with his tail, sending the small digimon crashing into the canyon wall.

"Is that it?" Gazimon said, a little dazed.

Greymon then advanced on Gazimon.

"Leave him alone!" Kazuya shouted, as he started to run towards the reptile digimon.

"Are you crazy?" Sho said, grabbing onto Kazuya's shoulder.

"But I have to help him."

Kazuya then broke free of Sho's grasp and picked up a nearby rock. He then ran towards the reptile digimon.

"Hey over here!" he shouted, as he threw the rock.

Greymon then turned towards the boy.

"Kazuya, what are you doing? I told you to get out of here!" Gazimon said.

"And leave you behind?"

Greymon roared at Kazuya.

"Maybe this wasn't such a great idea" Kazuya thought.

"Nova Blast" Greymon shouted, as he sent one at the frightened boy.

"Kazuya!" Gazimon shouted. Just then the digivice on Kazuya's waist began to glow and so did Gazimon.

"Gazimon Evolve, Genkimon!" he shouted, as his data rearranged and altered his form.

Kazuya then looked up at Gazimons new form. Gazimon now appeared humanoid and was tall as an adult human. His body appeared lean and somewhat muscular. The muscles could be seen beneath his grey fur. His ears had become longer and floppy and now they hung down against his back. His tail had become longer as well, the black bands at the end of his tail were missing and the tips of his tail were more defined and wild looking. The black band had become a belt that held up his pair of white pants. Similer black bands could be found on his arms. He wore a silver chest plate across his broad chest which also extended into silver shoulder pads that perfectly fit his shoulders. On his hands he wore silver gauntlets which exposed his now humanoid fingers. On his feet he wore a pair of matching silver boots. To finish his ensemble he wore a silver colored face mask. The mask only covered the front of his face, exposing his eyes nose and mouth. His eyes were no longer yellow but blue.

"Gazimon is that you?" Kazuya asked, looking up at him in awe.

"Yep it's me." He said. His voice sounded older and bold.

"Stand back. I'll take care of this creep."

Sho was watching this with amazement.

"What happened to him?" Sho asked.

"He evolved into Genkimon." Labramon said.

"Let's finish this." Genkimon said, as he stood ready.

Greymon simply growled and lunged at him. Genkimon simply dodged the attack, causing Greymon to get a mouthful of gravel.

"Is that it?" Genkimon questioned.

"Come on, I was right in front of you."

Greymon growled and launched another Nova Blast.

Genkimon simply yawned and said "I'll make this quick."

"Genki Rush!" he shouted, as he was surrounded in a blue aura.

He then flew strait into Greymon's attack, dissipating it.

Greymon had shocked look on his face, as Genkimon ran straight into his neck.

The large digimon then fell back with a strangled groan. He then deleted leaving only a small, black, pulsing ball. It then simply broke apart into nothingness.

"All right!" Kazuya shouted.

"They did it! They did it!" Labramon yipped happily, as she jumped up and down.

"I can't wait to evolve for you, Sho-chan!" she said, nuzzling Sho.

Genkimon then flew down and his form glowed, as it shrank into Gazimon.

"That was awesome!" Kazuya shouted as he grabbed Gazimon.

"I was, wasn't I?" Gazimon said proudly.

Sho simply looked at Gazimon and Kazuya as they exclaimed towards each other.

"This is going to be a very interesting summer." He said.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, a dark figure was watching them.

"So one has already evolved?" he said.

"Hmm…. no matter."

"Snimon. Go take care of the other three humans." He said.

"They should still be wandering in the canyon"

The digimon then flew off after receiving its orders.

"Once I take care of those kids, the others should be very pleased." He said with a chuckle.

To be continued….