"You did what!" Jun exclaimed the moment Kazuya explained himself.

Rubbing his head, Kazuya meekly replied with a sweat drop.

"He made a very good argument."

Looking back to Don Guil, Jun then changed her view towards Gazimon. The rabbit digimon was chewing on his cigar as if it was candy. The only time he took it out was to exhale smoke.

"AHHHH!" Gazimon sighed. The rabbit never seemed happier. Below him was a large pile he had gathered from the don. Needless to say, he was set for life as far as smoking went.

"Its obvious what drew him in." Fairydramon remarked with a bit of disgust.

"Oh Kazuya." Sakura sighed. Earlier, their leader had shown such vigorous passion upon denying the don their services, now...well, they were stuck.

The others sensed the defeat. If their leader had fallen, they went like dominoes. Sho seemed worried, per usual, Labramon licked his hand for reassurance. Chiisi and DemiDevimon seemed to take it in stride. Whatever happened, happened in their case. Penguinmon of course looked nervous as hell, and Jun displayed her displeasure in her usual Jun fashion.

Grabbing Kazuya by the collar of his jacket, she held him close. "Listen Goggleboy! I ain't going to be some lizard's servant!"

Kazuya didn't know what to say to the irate girl. Don Guil apparently did.

"Everyone, hold on please!" The young mon called for peace. "There's no need for fighting, we're all friends here."

"That's a bit of a stretch." DemiDevimon muttered, provoking a slap from Chiisi.

Don Guil chuckled at the bat's forwardness. "I suppose it is."

Don Guil agreed. "Yet, in this town I am the only one you can trust." For most of the group that seemed like a stretch. Especially the way their leader had been drafted, so to speak.

"I know some of you must feel like that is a stretch, but it is the truth." Apparently, Don Guil had them pegged. "The Fallen Angels have much control in this town, yet I am the only one who is vastly untouched." Don Guil explained. "I have no wishes to take over the Digital World, such things are too grandiose for my taste." The lizard admitted. "All I want is to set things back in their proper balance."

"That, and have your family control Directory." Kazuya blurted. Even in his drive-beaten state, he still held some bite.

Don Guil at first was surprised by the statement. That surprise quickly turned into another chuckle. "Okay, I admit that bit is true, but in my defense I am not as brutal as my mother or ancestors were." Don Guil smiled. "It's not like I'm going to coat your feet in cement and drop you in the ocean."

Perhaps that wasn't the best choice of words, for the don noticed his guests looked very concerned about themselves. Sweatdropping, Don Guil replied, "Relax, it was a joke." Nobody found it funny. This needed to be remedied. "Here, just to show a token of my friendship, take these." Reaching into his coat pocket, Don Guil tossed several badges to the group. They were little hazard signs. "Those badges show you are under my protection and they grant free access to Monde's various establishments, particularly restaurants."

That mention brought on a happy wag from Labramon, a hungry happy wag that is. "Can we go, Sho-chan? Please!" Labramon pleaded, pawing at her partner's legs...well, more like crawling on top of him.

"Okay, fine!" Sho blurted out, attempting to calm his digimon down. "A night out doesn't sound so bad." Jun stretched herself. "To be honest, I kind of wanted to check out this town." Apparently, her mood had changed.

"And of course, you have free reign of my home, bar, library...anything." Don Guil added. The mention of library seemed to spark something in Chiisi. DemiDevimon didn't seem to care.

"Well, I'm staying here." Gazimon announced. The rabbit took another puff on his cigar. "I don't see any other reason to go." Fairydramon scoffed at the rabbit. Still she found his display disgusting. Even more so once she noticed the female he was stepping towards.

"Say, are there any other ladies besides yourself in this manor, pretty kitty?" Gazimon asked Gatomon.

The feline digimon waved some of the leaking smoke away. "Just some maids."

Gazimon seemed pleased by that. Fairydramon stared at the scene before her. Why was she upset? She just didn't understand. Why should she care if Gazimon went after other girls? However, she announced this frustration with a loud sigh. This brought on the attention of everyone. Embarrassed at her exclamation, Fairydramon turned to storm off. Since she had free reign of the house, there was nothing wrong with it.

"Fairydramon, what's wrong?" Gazimon asked with urgency. Running down the stairs, he grabbed Fairdramon's arm.

"Let go of me!" She demanded hotly, pulling it away.

The smoke that curled up from her nostrils almost matched the one that curled up from the rabbit's cigar. "Nothing is wrong! So you can just go off and be with your women!" With nothing more to say, Fairydramon stormed off. Both Sakura and Gazimon would have followed after, but they felt it unwise with the dragoness in such a state. At this point they all went their separate ways. Some stayed within while others went out. All in all, Don Guil felt very pleased with himself.


Demon could feel their presence, Lilithmon and Cherubimon, they were both onlooking from the castle balcony. It hadn't taken him long to reach it, he didn't even need to teleport. "Demon!" He heard the mental spike in his brain. It was something they all could share and do. "What is the meaning of this!"

Demon descended down, landing just on a rock face. Closing his eyes he began to concentrate, nay willed. Upon his brow, his jewel shone brightly. Quickly he opened them and thrust his elongated claw forward. All around the castle a dome of dark energy formed. It enclosed the castle, barring all from leaving. Inside, he could see their expression, even at the distance he was at. More accurately, he could see Lilithmon's look of dismayed confusion.


A mental and soon audible chuckle was the succubi's answer. Both understood, even if no words were spoken after the question.

"So, you finally show your true colors."

Grimly, his delighted expression fell. He had obtained a new seat of power and now somebody had shown up to disrupt that. It wasn't a surprise who had shown up to distract him. In fact, he had expected it. "Duskmon."

On cue, the dark warrior emerged from the ground, a look of deathly seriousness fixed upon him.


Labramon's heart skipped a few beats as she and Sho walked inside. Seeing as there was nothing for them inside the manor, they decided to go out and explore the town, as much as Labramon quickly disliked the idea. One dislike was the seedyness, particularly the woman. The further in they went, the more open it became. To Sho, it seemed like something out of a fifties gangster film. Okay, maybe not gangster, but it reminded him of a crime-oriented drama. Various digimon girls of questionable reputations flanked the streets. Again, with his romantic luck or rather, lack thereof, they came on to him with various questions and phrases.

"How ya doing, sailor?"

"Looking for a good time?"

"Want to see my data?"

Those were some of the questions asked, but before he could answer, or if he could break his flustered state, Labramon escorted her partner away, mostly out of jealousy. Not that Sho was looking for any form of female companionship. As far as Labramon was concerned, she was the only female companion for Sho.

"No hussies." As she put it. Those were secondary concerns for the canine. What drove her was the smell. A plan had been set forth, and that plan was food. The smell that she smelt the very moment they stepped foot in this town. It only got stronger as they stood in front of the restaurant.

"All You Can Eat." The name of the place wasn't important to Labramon, only those words. At first, she didn't know what it meant, confusedly arfing at the phrase. Luckily, Sho was able to explain it to her. Instantly, he regretted it. A river of saliva flowed down her muzzle. Labramon practically bolted inside.

"Labramon wait!" Sho called after her.

The smell was at its strongest as Labramon pranced inside.

"OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!" She chanted, hopping up and down.

"Welcome." A voice greeted. Looking up, they saw a Floramon walking towards them.

Sho nearly stopped, it was almost like he was reliving the whole Persiamon experience. Yet this Floramon had a male voice. Odd, but apparently not all digimon were gender specific. "Oh hi, we have these." Sho flashed the hazard badge that Don Guil presented them with.

The Floramon seemed to back away a bit, but regained his composure."Right this way, sir and madam." The Floramon ushered the two inside. Both of them stopped, Sho out of shock and Labramon in pure delight. Before them was food. Food from every corner of the globe, it seemed. Burgers, hot dogs, pasta, bread, soup, vegetables, fruit, cheese, sandwiches, pizza, the list went on and that was only half, they hadn't even touched the dessert section.

Labramon sniffed. "It's wonderful." A tear actually fell from Labramon's eye. Sho didn't know what to say, particularly when Labramon charged with a loud cry of "Yahoo!" The dog became an eating machine, working her way through the various sections.

Sweatdropping, Sho turned to the Floramon and asked, "This is free, right?"

Crying tears of his own, the Floramon replied. "Unfortunately, with the badge, yes." At least he didn't have to pay. Sho couldn't help but feel sorry for the Floramon, especially as Labramon had just cleaned out the Italian section.


Chiisi's eye shone at the depository of knowledge that lay before him. Maybe he felt so excited due to Knowledge being one of his traits. The other he still had ill feelings about. Various titles, some he had a feeling were of Earth origin. How they ended up here of all places he didn't know.

DemiDevimon let out a bored yawn. "Any reason we're here?" He asked. "I know you're bored, but where else are you going to go?" Chiisi understood his partner right away. The bat thought for a moment before shrugging it off. His partner did have a point, but he didn't like this situation one bit. How these paper filled hardbacks could be considered fun was beyond him. Yet Chiisi and Sakura joined in the browsing.

"Wow, hard to believe all of this ended up here." Sakura commented. The earlier guesses of earth origins were correct, for the cousins found various titles that they had seen in their local library.

"You think Don Guil has read all of these?" Chiisi asked.

"Only a few." A voice answered. Sakura let out a surprised gasp as she suddenly noticed a small creature, obviously a digimon, but one of a different design, standing right next to her. Its skin was white with webbed feet. With the gray colored bill its appearance was similar to that of a duck. Around its waist it held a pink belt.

Digimon: Bokomon

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Mutant

Attacks: Wild Escape Dash, Book of Knowledge

"Peculiar attack names." Chiisi muttered out loud.

DemiDevimon inched closer to the analyzer screen." Peculiar? Plain weak if you ask me." The bat commented. "I mean come on! Escaping? Book of Knowledge? Who fights like that?" A tapping foot responded to the action. Bokomon held a visible vein twitch at the remark. "Some of us actually are better suited for scholar duties." He said.

Sakura shot Chiisi a glance. The boy knew it as the reprimanding look she often reserved for Kazuya. "I'm sorry." He bowed in apology. Remembering he wasn't the only one at fault, he took a moment to give DemiDevimon a little slap. Reluctantly, the little bat bowed as well.

"It's quite all right." The Bokomon reassured. "You have much better manners than that Prairiemon assistant I used to have."

This brought on a familiar tone with the others. "Prairiemon?" Sakura inquired.

"Yes, now she was a complainer, couldn't count on her for anything." Bokomon fumed at the memories. "Then, she goes off and gets a new job on File Island without so mush as a weeks notice."

Everybody knew whom the Bokomon was talking about. "Well anyway, I am the keeper of the Guil family's library," The Bokomon introduced. "Its been that way for several generations."

"Several generations?" Sakura exclaimed, yet kept her tone low so as to not indicate rudeness.

Bokomon nodded, not offended in the least. "Although despite the fact the current Don was nothing but a spoiled brat growing up, he is more honorable than past ones." That detail had been mentioned several times in the past. Perhaps it was true, as the Don's "threats" had been subtle, not outright as most digimon with less than reputable reputations had done.

"Say, if you've been around that long you must know alot in these books." Sakura noted.

"Why, of course!" Bokomon responded. "When I'm not categorizing, I read." Chiisi could relate. Often he would spend time in the library at recess never bothering to play with the other children. Back then, he had not known the exact reason, only that he was different from the other children in some way. The way they avoided him told him so. Sure his Aunt and Uncle had tried to get him to interact with kids his age, but those all ended in failure. Now he knew, deep down his blood rejected them.

"Do you know about the World of Darkness?" Chiisi suddenly asked.

The question brought on looks from both DemiDevimon and Sakura. They knew how ill Chiisi felt about such a subject. Why would he bring it up? They wondered. Bokomon hardly looked shocked. Instead, he pulled out a book from his pink belt. Hammer space obviously, for it was too large to fit in such a small space. Flipping through the pages, Bokomon placed his finger on a particular entry.

"Ah yes, the World of Darkness." Bokomon read some lines before he continued. "A dark foreboding place, it is commonly believed to be the afterlife where evil digimon reside." DemiDevimon had that information etched in his brain. All dark digimon did. "Some say it has existed since before the Digital World." That was a new bit of information. "Once the Digital World was formed, the dark beings that resided there initially took on forms as they absorbed data."

Chiisi shuddered. If they weren't always digimon, then what were they? Gods? Demons? Great Old Ones? None of those theories was making him feel any better. "On occasion, a gate to the world opens up, but there's really nothing more on that." Bokomon closed the book. "I have more files on the subject. Would you care for me to bring them?"

Chisii shook his head. He had heard enough. Anything else would only make him feel worse. "Chiisi?" Sakura asked, sensing her cousin's emotions. "I need to be alone." Chiisi immediately cut. The boy walked away, deep into the recesses of the library. "Is he alright?" Bokomon merely nodded, but she knew the truth. Best deciding to leave Chiisi alone, she decided to check up on Fairydramon. Two people she cared about seemed upset and that didn't sit well with her.


Night life was boring. Jun quickly found that out as she walked the city streets. Penguinmon kept close to her out of fear for his surroundings. Several female digimon of the busty variety came up to him offering "favors", whatever those were. Jun kept him close as she apparently knew, mentioning her mother's line of work.

"What a real drag this place is, I was hoping there would be some excitement." Jun sighed. For a city that was run by a crime lord, she had hoped for some excitement. But that wasn't to be found. So she busied herself with another task, finding Sho. He and Labramon had left before them and frankly Jun was curious. Why she was curious, even she didn't know. In fact, she could have gone back to the manor, but instead she was looking for a boy she had long despised. Thinking hard, she thought that maybe she hadn't hated Sho, he had been her stress relief. However, she had quickly found that changing with time.

"Jun, where are we going?" Penguinmon asked. His feathers shook as he glanced around the various strange digimon. This only made him waddle closer to Jun. Frankly, he had doubts about his Rookie form's strength, hence why he always remained near Jun when he wasn't in his larger forms. A faint beeping rang out as he noticed Jun was fiddling away on her digivice.

"Ah ha! There he is!" Upon Jun's screen, an orange dot shown. Looking up from it, it didn't surprise her where it was coming from. With Labramon's appetite it was obvious. "All you can eat, huh?" Jun remarked. Penguinmon blinked at the statement. Silently, he admitted eating did fit well with Labramon. The both of them entered the restaurant. They expected many voices as "all you can eat" drew in crowds. The moment they stepped inside, they heard a faint sob. Looking over, they saw a Floramon.

"Uh hello?" Asked Jun.

The Floramon didn't respond, it merely continued sobbing. "I'm ruined!" Jut then, a sharp sound hit their ears.

"!" It was so loud the whole room shook.

"That sounded scary!" Penguinmon announced, grabbing a hold of Jun's leg. Jun didn't bother to push him off. Curous, she ignored the wilting flower and leapt inside. What she and her digimon saw made her freeze. "Whoa!" She exclaimed. "Ditto!" Penguinmon chimed in.

In the middle of the room laid a great big sandy gold ball. But they knew it wasn't a ball, but a belly...an engorged belly. It was so large and round that it looked like a good rendition of a beached whale. Sticking out from under it was a curled pink tail, a tail that was wagging profusely.

"Oh, hey Jun." A familiar voice spoke up. Looking at a nearby table and following the digivice signal, she could see it was Sho.

"Sanbara? Is that?"Jun began to ask.

"Mmmm hmmm." Sho sighed as he knelt further back into his chair. He looked rather embarrassed. Jun and Penguinmon noticed the surrounding area was decimated. Every food container was emptied, not a single speck of food remained. Walking around the large mass, which quivered from another belch, they met the very contented face of Labramon. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as a drunken smile was plastered on her face.

"HIC!" Labramon hiccupped. "Scuse me." Labramon covered her mouth with one paw and patted what she could with her other.

"Damn!" Jun exclaimed. "I knew the mutt could eat alot, but this much!" Sho wasn't that surprised. He half expected it. His digimon became a gluttonous blur as she devoured everything in sight. All the other customers had run away in fright at the mass overeating. Sho didn't blame them. If Labramon wasn't connected to him he would have run away long ago.

"Well, come on." Jun suddenly said.

"Huh?" Sho looked over to see Penguinmon struggling to nudge Labramon, who was too inebriated with food to care. Jun stood at the side of Labramon's belly. "I'm going to need some help if we're going to roll this fat ass out of here."

Sho took the idea in surprise. Roll her out? The idea sounded entirely cartoony and silly. But what other choice did they have? Rising from his seat, he joined Jun and Penguinmon side by side. On three they managed to nudge Labramon into a roll. The canine didn't care, merely giggling at the sudden movement. The Floramon manager was still sobbing as they left. Sho gave an apology as he exited. Thank goodness these passes barred him from payment. He guessed not even his family's vast fortune would be able to cover it. That could have been a gross exaggeration on his part. In her dulled mind, Labramon decided this was the best night of her life. Only being with Sho would make it better.


Sakura couldn't believe the direction she was following. When she asked the manor staff if they had seen a Fairydramon, they had pointed her in an odd direction. Fairydramon had always been the reasonable one. Save for that incident in Toy Town (which was brought on by a sugar induced madness) she seemed like a bastion of seriousness. "Warrior" would be another well fitting term for her. Out of all their digimon, Fairydramon appeared to be more of a warrior. Her cutesy appearance belied a strong fact, she was strong emotionally as well, save for the times she lost her temper.

This was the last place she would expect her digimon to be. Sitting in a bar, drinking. Honest to goodness that's what she was doing. This bar served as a private drinking hole to all of the manor's staff. Guests were allowed as well, apparently. "Fairydramon!" Sakura exclaimed.

The digimon shook her shoulder, forcefully. Turning her attention from her wine glass, she looked up at her partner with slightly glazed eyes. "Oh hell-hello Sakura." Said Fairydramon, before returning to her drink. In front of them stood an Agumon bartender who merely refilled the dragon's drink whenever he was asked.

"Fairydramon!" Sakura called again. This made her freeze halfway before the next gulp of the intoxicating grape could slide down her throat. "What are you doing here?" She asked more softly. Again her digimon returned to her half-filled glass. Seeing she wasn't gaining any attention, she grabbed hold of her scaly shoulders. This at last provoked the hybrid dragon to halt her drinking.

"What are you doing here?" Sakura asked again. Fairydramon swayed slightly as she looked up at her partner. "Getting away from him." She declared defiantly. "Him?"

Fairydramon turned away. "You know, the stupid rabbit." She finished the wine in one gulp. The bartender readied to refill, but Fairydramon waved a claw to wait.

"You mean Gazimon?" Sakura asked. Of course she meant Gazimon. What other rabbit did Fairydramon hold disdain for?

"Look I know you get upset when he does "that" to you." Sakura couldn't find a better word besides "that". "But I don't think it qualifies as a reason to get drunk."

Fairydramon swirled around, almost falling off in the process. "Technically, I'm drunk, not tipsy." Fairydramon realized her folly in speech. "I mean! Tipsy, not drunk." Her body shook again, as she gave an audible belch or hiccup.

Sakura hardly looked convinced at the statement. Fairydramon could see her partner wanted a solid reason. Quite honestly she knew this was out of character for her, but Gazimon was the sole reason for it. "Seeing him flirt with that cat just stirred something in me." Fairydramon admitted. "I know I shouldn't care, but it jut made me so….I don't know, some emotion I suppose."

It wasn't hard to see what was going on, at least for Sakura. "I think that emotion is jealousy."

"Jealousy?" Fairydramon anwered. "Why would I be jealous?"

A slight smile played upon the human girl's face. "Well, maybe despite all the flirting he's done, Gazimon is starting to grow on you." Sakura didn't phrase it as a question. After a moment of consideration, Fairydramon started to wonder if perhaps it was true. Sure enough, she hated him once they met. Yet as they went along they seemed to be forced to be together. Like glue they stuck, Toy Town was such an example. Then she hadn't minded being with him, mostly due to the fact she was sugar high. Yet following that there was the sewers. When he fell into the water, she had panicked and feared for his life. That is until she discovered it was a ploy to kiss her. She had been so angry then, but silently she was glad he was okay.

Could it be that she was feeling something towards him? "I need some fresh air." Said Fairydramon, a tiny slur lacing her speech. Sakura caught her digimon just as she slid off the seat. Indeed, she was merely tipsy and not full out drunk. So the two left and the bartender returned to his duties. He had heard everything but whatever transpired in the bar stayed with the bartender.


"Sometimes I don't get what's wrong with that girl." Gazimon said, exhaling more cigar smoke. It hung in the air in a haze. With Gazimon's gray fur, the smoke perfectly matched. Kazuya waved some of the passing smoke away. Gazimon was apparently set on the oral fixation matter. Much to his and more than likely everybody else's chagrin.

"I mean, I just don't understand what her problem is." Gazimon took another drag and exhaled. The rabbit referenced how disgruntled Fairydramon had been earlier. It was the very moment he flirted with Gatomon. Kazuya may have not been an expert on love, but he understood seeing as he spent and observed every bit of his digimon's tendencies. It hadn't hit him before, as Fairydramon reacted with annoyance at the display of pervertedness, that had become expected. Kazuya had an inkling as to why the sudden shift in reaction. Indeed, her annoyance seemed different from past ones.

"You know this is probably a shot in the dark, but maybe...just maybe..." Kazuya thought about what he was about to say. "Fairydramon is starting to like you?"

Gazimon froze as his mind processed the new information, or rather, theory. "YES!" Gazimon exclaimed, jumping up in the air. He repeated the word loudly for anyone to hear.

Laughing proudly, he took another drag on his cigar before continuing. "Finally! I just knew my charms would reach her." Placing his hands behind his head, he mused, as visions danced in his head. "I can picture it now. Big house in the country, kids running around, it's going to be great."

Kazuya let out a long drawn sigh.

"What's wrong with you now?" Gazimon asked, annoyed at the sour moods.

"Don't you get it? She was jealous."

Gazimon blinked in surprise. "She got angry the moment you flirted with the cat." That only made Gazimon happier, as it confirmed her growing feelings to him. He was about to blow another heart shaped smoke ring when another question hit him.

"Why didn't she just say something?"

Kazuya scratched his head. "Girls are tricky, I know from experience. If I were you, I would just spill it out to her."

"Isn't that what I have been doing?" Asked Gazimon.

Narrowing his eyes, Kazuya answered. "There's a clear difference to what you have been doing." Gazimon still didn't understand. "Whatever. I'm off to find my Fairydramon-chan and admit to her my heart's depth." The rabbit declared, dramatically. He just knew relaxing in the lounge would clear his head. After all, it was a finely furnished room for guests. Leaping from the chair, cigar still toting in his mouth, he turned to leave. Then another question hit him.

"Why haven't you told Sakura yet?"

Kazuya now blinked as his partner had blinked before. "What?"

"I mean, it's completely obvious you and her have something going on." Gazimon slyly remarked.

A flush brightened Kazuya's face. "WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!" He suddenly exclaimed, surprising himself at the volume of his voice. Gazimon tsked. "You shouldn't hold your feelings in, partner. Tell her how you feel." Slinking off, Gazimon vanished into the hallway.

Now alone, Kazuya didn't follow after his digimon. His own mind was in a turmoil filled mess. They were just friends, nothing more. That's what he kept telling himself. He and Sakura had been that way since early childhood. Anything else would be risky and possibly ruin their friendship. When she had a boyfriend, he hadn't minded. In fact, he felt happy for her, that is until he cheated on her. Then he had been so angry, angry to the point he beat the living crap out of the ex. It had earned him detention, but he felt good. Sakura was a lovely girl, so kind and pure. She deserved happiness in her life. In his mind he could picture her, watching her develop as she grew. That long blonde hair, those legs, and trim body. Her personality was what shone. Of course, she wouldn't admit herself as that. Mary Sue was often what Jun called her and Sakura wanted to avoid that distinction as much as possible.

"Wait, why am I thinking like this?" Kazuya thought to himself. These descriptions of perfection were really only his view. Yet why? He asked himself. Could Gazimon be right? Those thoughts he hastily cast aside. Maybe he did need to talk to her.


Don Guil looked up at the looming picture of his mother, the former Don Guil, ruthless, feared and above all, very influential. Nobody dared cross her. If you did, you were liable to wind up at the bottom of a river. Yet that wasn't the entirety of her character. An affectionate claw ran down over the Gigimon in her lap, himself. His mother had often brought him along on her little "meetings". She wanted him to be prepared for his future role. Plenty of death he had seen in his childhood. One would expect it to be traumatic but he didn't think so. There were the private moments where his mother showed a different side.

She loved him, he knew that. Besides the gifts that she showered her child with, she bestowed motherly advice, as well. Then of course, there were other moments, such as comforting him during a night terror. "Am I making you proud?" He asked. No response came from the painting...the dead couldn't talk.

"Are you doubting yourself again, Donny?" A voice purred. Gatomon wrapped her arms around her boss, lovingly rubbing up against him. Don Guil accepted the display. After all, she was his girl, the Guil line had to be continued and she would be the womon to ensure that.

"I feel these kids are what I need, but I just don't know if it's going to work." Don Guil initially believed his plan to be foolproof.

1. Recruit the Digidestined.

2. Have them overthrow the Fallen Angels

3. Reinstate his family as the rulers of Directory

4. Peace and happiness, oh yeah

There were always lingering doubts in the back of his mind. He had tried to form a more noble reputation to distinguish himself from his ancestors. Was that enough? He had seen enough violence in his mother's time that he held some distaste towards it. Once more he felt the touch of his assistant, nay lover. She was always there, reassuring him. Deep in his heart, he knew her words were true.

Before he could reciprocate her affections, a loud explosion rocked their feet. Outside the door, there was instant commotion as the sounds of the bodyguards doing their job followed. Following that was silence. Most people of high society and low reputations, would have simply fled via an escape route. Don Guil was vastly different from other crime bosses. Immediately he rushed out, Gatomon falling behind, fearful of what may happen to him. The moment they exited, dust clouded their visions. The front door was blown open. Underneath the debris, they could make out the remains of crushed sunglasses along with the floating data vestiges.

Stepping inside, two unknown digimon looked up at the Don. "Where are they?" NeoDevimon was quick to the point. Behind him, Succubimon silently observed the décor with disgust. Don Guil assessed his situation. His plan had hit an unexpected turn. Demon's men, he was certain. "I'm going to need some new security." That was his only response, the only thing he could think of.

To Be Continued….

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