They could see each other at the opposing ends of the hall. Kazuya and Sakura didn't know what to say to each other. Both could sense emotions stepping towards them. The same applied to their digimon, albeit slightly staggered. Gazimon looked normal save for the slightly mischievous look in his eye and his still-lit cigar. For Fairydramon, her droopy eyes and tad of a sway said something was up. Kazuya himself was starting to wonder what was up with the dragon.

"Is she?" Kazuya thought for a moment. "Nah!" He cast that thought aside. That possibility came again as Fairydramon suddenly let out a flame burp. Perhaps she wasn't entirely on the drink as she noticed and covered her mouth.

"Hey babe, what's up!" Gazimon greeted, 's face flushed red, but perhaps it wasn't just from anger. She turned her head away, slightly.

"Oh, come on. Don't be that way. I know how you really feel." Gazimon slyly added.

"Eshcuse me?" Fairydramon asked, still unable to shake off the evident slur.

Gazimon's smirk grew large, scarring across his lips, as he took a drag on his stogie. "I know you think I'm a hunk of digital flesh and want to make out with me." Gazimon exhaled a puff. "So why don't we just skip the formalities and just get on with it?"

Gazimon puckered up ready to receive a kiss. However, it wasn't a kiss that greeted his face. He suddenly flew clear across the room. His cigar fell to the floor, scattering a few ashes. His furry gray face held a bright red claw mark underneath it.

"Ash if I ever want to to do that!" Fairydramon declared, pointing a claw to the air. Kazuya immediately went to pick up his partner. Gazimon looked fine for the most part.

"That went well, I think." Said Gazimon, as he was helped to his feet. "When I said 'admit your feelings' I didn't mean all at once." Kazuya chided, tapping his finger against his digimon's forehead.

Gazimon looked up with a proud smirk and replied. "I'm just an emotional guy!" His joke only garnered a face fault from his partner. Gazimon chuckled a bit before Kazuya abruptly let him go, causing him to hit his head upon the floor.

Laughing a bit, Kazuya waved. "Sorry about that, girls." Kazuya nervously apologized. Even at the distance they were standing, Sakura heard the bit about "having a talk".

"What exactly did you mean by 'talk'?" Sakura spoke in a slight scold. This only made Kazuya feel even more nervous.

"Uh...that is to say...I" Kazuya couldn't get the words out of his mouth. Right about now, he could have used a distraction. The loud, distant explosion served as an acceptable one.

"What was that!" Sakura asked with urgency. The answer of course was danger. It didn't need to be spoken, as whenever there was an explosion, that usually meant an evil digimon was attacking.

"Duty calls, I suppose." Kazuya announced, holding up his digivice. "You think the boozer and the cigar hound are up to it?"

It was Sakura's turn to turn red. "Just what do you mean by that! Fairydramon is only tipsy, hardly enough to be qualified as a drunk!" Fairydramon then let out a small hiccup. Sakura sweat-dropped at that. "Let's just go."

The four of them ran towards the direction of the foyer. Before he left however, Gazimon grabbed his cigar. He felt incomplete without it. Emotions would have to be put on hold for the time being, at least emotions of love. Danger served not just a distraction from embarrassing situations, but also for personal matters of the heart.


He could hear them whispering. It was just like Driver City all over again. Labramon making a pig of herself, the people commenting, and himself embarrassed. Yep, they were all there. But he supposed a teenage boy rolling his bloated digimon around would be hard not to notice.

"Hey Sanbara?" The only difference was that she was there...Jun. She along with Penguinmon, helped him cart his portly digimon off. Labramon who normally objected to Jun's presence, didn't seem to care in her dopey condition. The only sound she made was an occasional burp or hiccup. Other then that, she seemed perfectly oblivious to her surroundings.

"Yeah?" Sho responded.

"You alright?" Jun asked. That wasn't very hard to answer, and Sho was a very honest person. "

Do I really look bad?" He asked.

Jun gave a short laugh. "It's painted all over your face."

He couldn't help but smile. That was odd, himself smiling around Jun. In the past, Jun would always fill him with dread. His smiles fading into a crashing crescendo of frowns. Following that was mostly physical pain. It seemed the adults could do nothing for suspensions and detention didn't deter the girl. Jun didn't even seem to care for school, it seemed to be at the lowest of her lists. Something had changed, now he actually felt comfortable around the girl and to be honest, she wasn't that bad of a looker.

Wait a minute! Did he just imply she was cute! Sho blushed immediately at his thoughts. Okay, this was now getting officially weird. Now a part of him clung to a question, so he went ahead. Raging hormones were the ones to thank.

"Uh Jun?"

"Yeah?" They continued to roll. "Why exactly did you-" Suddenly, the rolling stopped. It wasn't either of the two humans, but Penguinmon instead.

"What's the holdup?" Jun impatiently asked. The little bird was shaking in his feathers. Penguinmon being nervous wasn't so unusual, but something about the way he froze implied something terrible. "Something bad is coming." He managed to speak in a clear sentence, despite his nervousness.

Labramon managed to stir. "URP!" Belching, she turned her head slightly, noting an oncoming figure. Indeed, in the sky, something rose high, then descended like a comet. In a crash, dirt upturned as a large towering figure impacted upon the ground.

"What the heck is that!" Sho exclaimed. "Ditto! Only I'd had said 'hell'!" Jun likewise exclaimed.

Penguinmon clung to her leg, his only form of defense in his frightened mind. Labramon just lay there. "HIC!" The crowds scattered, turned away from the bloated hound and fleeing from the terror that had just landed. Goat horns and soulless eyes stared down at them.

Digimon: Mephistomon

Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Type: Fallen Angel

Attacks: Black Sabbath, Dark Cloud

That was what the Digimon analyzers read. They had just arrived and already they were in trouble. Mephistomon had his orders. The digidestined were before him, two of them at least. His brain did the math.


Don Guil was strangely clam about this evening's intrusion. In fact, a part of him had expected this. He didn't know if Demon finally cracked down on him, or maybe the Demon lord ordered this without reason.

"So, what brings you to my home?" He casually asked. Gatomon couldn't believe her boss's words. Then again, he was always so calm and composed no matter what the situation. That was one of the many reason she loved him. The others were a mixture of personality quirks, drives, and of course loving. Oh yes, the loving was a plus.

The two intruders looked over at the Don. They had already stated their purpose, but apparently they would need to say it twice. "I would think it is fairly obvious why we are here." NeoDevimon stated.

"We know you're hiding the Digidestined." Succubimon added. "Bring them out, now!"

Don Guil shrugged. "I wouldn't say 'hiding them' my friends. No need to get violent." To the two lesser demons it looked as if the creature was trying to calm them down. It was both insulting and demeaning to the pair. They had their orders and wouldn't be talked down by a lesser-leveled digimon. The siblings had been ordered to eliminate any that got in their way. Now was a time to demonstrate that authority.

"Hold it right there!" The pair turned at the cliché sounding command. An unfamiliar scent drew past them, or rather, a feeling. It was an overwhelming aura of light and purity. It wasn't just pure light, but some sensation of goodness. As for the scent itself, they concluded that it could only be one thing.


Kazuya and Sakura observed the new digimon. They were evil, at least from the way that Gazimon and Fairydramon were standing. Sakura as well could sense the overwhelming darkness flowing from them. "They feel just like the digimon back at Comp City." Sakura noted. "What?" Kazuya responded.

Despite the cigar smoke, Gazimon could smell something. "Yeah, he has the same scent as that Phelesmon jerk." Fairydramon didn't say anything, yet her tipsy eye seemed to pick something out of the pair. Particularly, she noticed that Gazimon was ogling the scantily clad mon, something inside her started to unravel, like an old rope.

Digimon: NeoDevimon

Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Type: Fallen Angel

Attacks: Guilty Claw, Deep Sorrow, Stun Claw

Digimon: Succubimon

Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Type: Fallen Angel

Attacks: Dark Seduction, Temptress Nail, Entice Viper

Well, they were right about the dark part. The fact that Don Guils' front door was broken down pretty much said everything. "In the name of Demon-sama, we, the Demon corps, shall eliminate your existence!" NeoDevimon declared, brandishing his claws. Yep, that said everything.

Yawning, Don Guil merely said. "You might as well take the fight outside. I'm going to have to get a new door, anyway."


"Deadly Gaze!" Beams of red plasma streamed forth across the dead field. Duskmon's eyes were ablaze as he emitted his attack. Demon hardly retaliated, the beams were too fast to dodge. They streamed against his skin, burning it like fire. It actually hurt, surprisingly enough. It did make sense to a certain degree, Duskmon's strength increased in the darkness and that particular element was present in the air, particularly around the master's presence.

"The Master." Demon thought. That name wouldn't apply. He had only used it in his farce as a loyal servant. There was nothing he could have done then. His power compared to his fellow Fallen Angels was great, or that was his assumptions. Cherubimon and Lilithmon had their own merits, if they ganged up on him, there was no telling what the outcome would be. Instead of risking it, he had waited and planned. Now, he had the power, and the time was right to act. He felt another burn as Duskmon brandished his blades and charged, the aftereffects of his "lunar plasma" attack.

"Why?" Duskmon demanded. Demon took the strikes. He waited until the digimon stepped back a certain distance. There wasn't even a scratch upon his chest. Duskmon seemed to notice it too, but apparently wasn't disturbed by it. "I'll ask you again, Demon." Duskmon spat. "Why did you betray the master?"

The smallest hint of a grin edged on Demon's face. "The master granted you power, why do you spit in his charity?"

Demon at last broke into a laugh. "Why!" An overwhelming feeling blew forth. It set Duskmon on edge. It couldn't be...but it was.

"This darkness." Duskmon stated.

"Yes, this is the very power of Dagomon's ocean!" The air began to heat up. The darkness was increasing Demon's strength. Demon felt himself ready to burst. Embers began to flicker in his hand and with a cry he unleashed the heat.

"Evil Inferno!" The flames erupted from his hand, engulfing and surrounding Duskmon on all sides.


"Evolve!" The cries were unified into one. Outside the manor, the two members of the Demon Corps emerged outside. In a flash of light, two figures also emerged. One was Genkimon, in his mouth he still clamped down on his cigar. Tiamon was next, her movements still wobbly from the lasting effects of the alcohol.

"Tia-Tiamat Fire!" Tiamon stuttered in her pronunciation as she breathed a fireball at her opponent with little to no difficulty. Genkimon threw several punches at NeoDevimon who merely dodged, as did his sister. Kazuya and Sakura knew this wouldn't be in their favor. From the analyzers, these two were Ultimates, so it wouldn't make much sense to fight with a weaker leveled digimon. Kazuya boldly held up his digivice, Sakura on the other hand...

"What's the matter?" Kazuya asked.

Glancing over uncertainly at Tiamon, Sakura answered, "I'm not sure, she just drank." But in the end she made up her mind.

"Genkimon! Super evolve!"

"Tiamon! Super evolve!"

Bright orange and magenta (or maybe rose) colored lights illuminated the night. If any digimon happened to walk by, they would probably find it gorgeous. Inside them, were the shifting forms of two Champion digimon.



They each stood the same as before...body-wise, anyway. NeoGenkimon's cigar was still held in his hand and RegalTiamon still wobbled a bit.

NeoDevimon scoffed. If his face were able to be seen, he would most assuredly be smirking. "Evolving higher won't solve anything."

Succubimon struck an indignant pose. "You'll never defeat us."

NeoGenkimon drew on his cigar, blowing out the smoke in a thick stream. "Yeah, yeah. Your "brothers" had the same train of thought." Taking one more drag, NeoGenkimon blew out a cloud. Mostly, he was just trying to show off. "But what happened to them? Oh yeah, they're dead!" That comment alone seemed to rile NeoDevimon. "Our brothers were warriors who fought to the bitter end! I shall avenge them with your blood and data!"

"Yeah, yeah." NeoGenkimon responded in his usual fashion, a fashion that Kazuya was quick to remark upon. "Don't get cocky!" This time, NeoGenkimon would take those words to heart. He remembered what happened last time, and he wouldn't make the same mistake twice.


Demon laughed boastfully as the flames surrounded Duskmon. Although useful as a spy, Duskmon was one of the many obstacles in his path of domination. He always sensed it would come to this, and he was right. Now it was done. The powers of darkness had boosted his strength. It could be felt even from the still burning flames.

"Slide evolution!"

That voice! It couldn't be! The flames parted away as a shape wrapped in data emerged. The humanoid figure formed into a more bestial look. The emergence of feathery wings signified the end of the evolution.


This was the first time Demon had seen this form. Slide evolution was something he had only heard of. Once a digimon evolved, they were forever stuck in that form. Slide evolution provided an easy way around that. Duskmon was one of those few. For some reason, he had refrained from using that ability, let alone demonstrating it. Cherubimon had been most disappointed as his scientific mind was greatly interested in that particular ability.

"You're a fool, Demon!" Velgemon screeched, a stark contrast to the calm voice of Duskmon. "Harnessing Dagomon's ocean will be your undoing!"

Warning him? Demon would have found this amusing, except nobody chided him. His wrath now grew to a zenith and he struck.


Sho reached for his digivice in fear, but he could never seem to grab it. Penguinmon likewise was shaking in his feathers. Jun on the other hand wasn't so frightened. After all, it was nothing but a giant goat. What was so scary about a giant goat? Okay, maybe it was scary, since the goat had wings, sharp-looking horns, and an ominous-looking pentagram. "Come on, you two. Grow some balls!" Holding up her digivice, she practically slammed it on her digimon. Penguinmon didn't really have a choice in the matter.

"Penguinmon evolve! Saberdramon!"

Instantly, his feathers turned a dark, fiery black. Mephistomon silently noted the irony of a penguin now being able to fly. It was a vast change, but he didn't hold any fear, for it was only a champion. In this odd twist of transformation-defying physics, Mephistomon noticed a ball at his hooves. Then he realized it wasn't a ball, but a bloated Labramon, very bloated indeed. Seeing the bird was ready to attack, Mephistomon had an idea. With a swift kick, he sent the Labramon flying.

"Black Saberrrrrrrrrr!" Saberdramon squawked, the added squawk was for the impact Labramon made upon his chest. Despite the fact they were still a great difference in size, her added bulk and the velocity of the kick caused a visible dent. In other words, it hurt.

"Ow!" Saberdramon whined. The Labramon ball bounced a few times before stopping near Sho. Her glazed eyes glanced at Sho. "Was going on?" She asked, tiredly. At that moment, Jun felt she was surrounded by useless idiots. "Champion level really became pointless after Ultimate." So therefore, it was time to upgrade. A green light surrounded the swirly eyed Saberdramon. Soon, he found himself compelled to announce, "Saberdramon! Super evolve!" The green light seemed to fade into Saberdramon's skin as the evolution completed. "Parrotmon!"

Mephistomon found this more confusing. First, it had gone from a flightless bird to a flying one, only to turn into a bipedal green avian. Seeing as he had been born a short while ago, there were some things he still didn't quite understand about digimon or evolution in general. This made him ponder.

"What is he doing?" Sho curiously asked.

"Leaving himself open!" Jun announced. "Parrotmon! Now's your chance!" Parrotmon wouldn't let his partner down.

With an affirmative nod, he said, "Right Jun!" And then he attacked. Mephistomon snapped out of the distracting thoughts as he locked claws with Parrotmon.


"Dark Vortex!" Velgemon's eyes emitted triangular beams. Demon merely stood there as they burned against his chest. A low chuckle bellowed up. This was actually amusing to him. Velgemon could see he was getting nowhere. He had to finish this quickly. Swooping low, he began to circle, drawing with the tip of his wing. "Why isn't he moving?" Thought Velgemon. It would make more sense for him to try and dodge this sure-fire kill shot.

Even though he had formed it by half, Demon still held that confident grin. How could he be so calm? Velgemon continually asked that question as he completed the circle. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" He shrieked as he flapped his wings rythmatically. "Dark Obliteration!" Dust blew as a gust came out of nowhere. From the circle drawn, a dome of dark energy started to close over the demon lord. Then, with a horrifying face forming on it, the dome shut. Inside, there came a swirling surge of energy, as the attack commenced. Finally, it stopped. In a flash of light, the energy subsided, leaving nothing but a crater where Demon once stood. Velgemon felt relieved, the master plan would not be disrupted.

Suddenly, he felt a constriction in his chest. "Did you really think I would allow myself to be destroyed by such an attack?" The voice! Wrapped around his chest was a large, elongated claw. Behind, he heard a gloat...Demon's gloat.

"There's a clear difference between me and the rest of you." By the last comment, Velgemon knew he was referring to Lilithmon and Cherubimon. "Lilithmon, Cherubimon, they were both enslaved by the master against their will." The grip grew tighter. "I, on the other hand, willingly opened myself to his powers of darkness." From Demon's claws, a thick miasma-esque aura flowed. Its color was pitch black that could only come from the darkest of hearts. Velgemon could feel it overtaking him. In and out the image of Velgemon started to fade and was replaced with the small outline of a humanoid body. It wasn't Duskmon, there was no armor, only a white robe.

"That may be true, Demon!" From Velgemon's own body, a similar darkness had begun to emerge. The demon lord tried to maintain a grip, but as the darkness grew, he found his grip starting to unbind. "BUT I KNOW MY LOYALTY!" With a loud screech, the dark aura overflowed, completely eclipsing Demon's. The demon lord shielded his eyes as the darkness tried to swallow him. Then, it was gone. Demon opened his eyes to find Velgemon was missing as well.

"Coward." He scoffed. More than likely he was hiding in wait. Not that it would do him any good. Demon could tell he already had more than enough power. By now his Demon Corps were doing battle with the humans. It wasn't all a loss. Duskmon couldn't do anything. Nor could Lilithmon or Cherubimon. Even the master, or former master, couldn't contest with him. Demon was the most powerful being in the Digital World. He could do whatever he wanted.


"Are you sure?" Azulongmon asked.

Maya nodded. "Of course." In her hand, she held something. It was a small light filled with zeroes and ones. It was data, but not just any data. A tender look shone on Maya's face. "The coming darkness is great, and if anything should happen to me, I want the Digital World to have some form of guardianship."

The data child meant nothing against the god. Frankly, Azulongmon was the only one she could really talk to. Yet, he and the other Harmonious Ones, could only intervene in the Digital World's affairs if circumstances forced it. Mostly, those duties came to Maya. Something inside her told her that time was short. So that's why she took this precaution. Well, that was half the reason. The other half was attributed to loneliness. She was the last of her kind, partially, that is. Maybe it was selfish, but was there anything wrong with that?

"May I ask one thing?" She asked, as she floated the data to the dragon.

"You may." Azulongmon agreed. Sighing, Maya asked her question.

"If it would be possible, would you use the name Gennai on one?" Gennai was a name she just thought of herself. It held no meaning, just something she wanted to pass onto her legacy.

"You have my word, data child."

That was enough for Maya. With one task done, she left to complete another. It was time she intervened once more.

To be continued…..

A/N: Yep! Maya is the mother of Gennai and those other hooded guys we saw in the flashback. You know the ones who Piedmon and the Mekanorimon slaughtered? Well at least that was what I was going for. First of I want to say I have decided to forget about popularity and just write for myself. I admit I like reviews but ultimately I am going to try not to care about them so much. Honestly you like my fic so that should be enough. Heck I've gotten several comments from people on this site and outside this site asking me not to stop writing. So I won't. Just to warn you I seem to blink in and out of depression, but ultimately I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Overall I also want to hank my fans and the one who have convinced me to keep writing this. Also I just realized the format of some of my chapters, well more like about 20, have a weird format. Therefore I have started to edit them bit by bit.