NeoDevimon flapped nervously whilst in midair. Behind, the gleam that was Monde City shone. The gleam best befitted it despite its history of a crime-filled rule. Along with his nervous wing beats, he felt uncertain towards his lord's intentions, whatever those may be. Demon had remained silent since he had been informed of Succubimon and Mephistomon's death. NeoDevimon had been quite shocked as the demon lord decided to show up personally to deal with the threat of the digidestined. That rather unnerved him, it made him feel as if the failure of his mission had lost him a great deal of faith from his master. He had been born to kill and he couldn't even accomplish that. Yet he knew he still had a chance to prove himself. After all, he hadn't been deleted.

Suddenly he felt his data twinge. "Demon-sama?" NeoDevimon queried. The demon lord gave no answer. His own mind had something else pre-occupying it. He spoke however, words that only he himself understood. NeoDevimon had a hard time understanding the arcane words. They sounded ancient, yet the underlining tone of darkness dripped like poison.

Whatever he was planning, he was oddly patient about it. Strange, as patience felt unbecoming of him...but he waited.

Conquering a world took time.


Don Guil had two thoughts plaguing his mind. Number one, how would he go about remodeling? He certainly had the money, but which service to go through, local? Or overseas? The carpentry services of Server or Folder were very exceptional. After all, he could simply go for a different design, seeing as the old one slowly became lacking in the detail. In other words, he had grown tired of the previous design. However, he was distracting himself from the more important matter. Currently, he realized how his plan's success rate had increased. Two Ultimate's defeated in one night. Sure, one had gotten away, but they were certainly of the Fallen Angel's throng. That made it even more special. Soon, his family would be back on top. Of course, said family only consisted of himself and well, there was the subject of Gatomon. He would have to carry on his line sometime, and Gatomon could serve that purpose….

"Did you call us here for a reason, lizard boy!" Jun spat. The Ogremon bodyguard would have pounced at that point, but he had been deleted. Instead, Don Guil chuckled at the human girl's straightforwardness.

"I'd best get on with it then, shall I?"

Jun wasn't feeling very amused...none of them were. Each one had just gotten through a hellish fight. Barely and probably by their own skin they managed to make it out on top. There was also the subject of NeoDevimon. The demon had been the only surviving member. Yet he was but one Ultimate, and they had five.

"Eh, let that winged bat," Gazimon noticed a glare from DemiDevimon, regarding the bat comment. "I mean creep, go. We can handle him."

Kazuya sighed. "It's not NeoDevimon I'm worried about. It's his bosses."

The Fallen Angels, the ones who were behind the troubles in the Digital World, and those who were trying to resurrect the dark being trapped behind the wall of fire. Three highly powerful digimon...frankly, they were not sure if they would be able to handle them.

"Well to be honest, I have dealt with the Fallen Angels before." Don Guil announced and reminded. "Out of all of them, Demon is the one who handles conquest duties. It's doubtful Lilithmon and Cherubimon would directly enter the fray, unless necessary."

One powerful digimon, that held a marginally better chance of victory for them.

"Then again..." Don Guil shuddered. "He is rather the violent type. The things I've seen him do in a bad mood." That brought on another shudder.

Needless to say, the margin decreased.

So far the morale of the party had decreased significantly. Ever since they had stepped foot onto Directory, they had been thrown through hell and back, what with their introduction here and forced servitude.

"Guess we'll just have to face it when it comes." Kazuya announced. Everyone else looked up at their leader's words. "I mean, it's not like we can just run and hide."

Penguinmon raised his flipper up. "Why don't we give it a try? I'm all for running and hiding." He gave a slight whimper as Jun gave him a tiny smack.

"Seriously, this coward thing is getting old." Jun remarked. Penguinmon rubbed his sore spot, muttering a "sorry". With that distraction momentarily halted, Kazuya continued. "The point is, we've faced everything, even if we thought it was hopeless. We can't just give up without fighting."

Kazuya realized that speech possibly could have been corny. Sometimes being a leader required such grandiose wordings, almost as if someone was trying to make themselves appear wise and all-knowing. Kazuya felt he was guilty of that crime. After all, being unanimously voted, as he was, he felt a presence was required.

"You know I'm with you, Kazuya." Gazimon stood by his partner's side, always ready to fight. Kazuya grinned, especially when Sakura was the one to offer her support. One by one, he saw them all give grins of acceptance. They would face what was ahead and they would do it together.

"Okay, I think you all should get some rest for the night." Don Guil suggested. "My home is your home for the time being." Good advice, as they were all tired from their little night out. Each of them dispersed into the mansion, to rest in their own way. Sensing no danger, some of the digimon parted ways with their humans, while others stuck close by. It would seem another split in stories would now begin.


Labramon scarfed all she could. Don Guil had left much of his house open, including the kitchen. Labramon herself could probably keep it running twenty-four, seven. After all, she was hungry, all that evolving had burnt off the food and excess weight she had gained. Sho sat by tiredly as his digimon continued to make a pig of herself. Not that she cared; eating seemed to be Labramon's favorite pastime.

"More please!" Labramon called, the chefs quickly took her plates away to refill them. "Aren't you tired?" Sho asked with a yawn. Labramon could see that her partner certainly was. Guilt panged within her. Her she was, feeding her face, while her partner nodded off. "Don't worry Sho-chan, after this than we can go to sleep." She replied joyfully, although she would rather have a feast akin to the one she had earlier that night.

"Um, Sho-chan?" Sho fought off another nod.


Labramon gave a tiny, genuine smile. "I really had a good time tonight. Thank you." Turning her head away, Labramon could easily be seen blushing.

Sho didn't know what to make of it. "You're welcome." He answered, then he yawned. Labramon giggled at that. Her partner could always make her laugh and Sho found himself blushing as well. "What's so funny?" He asked with some slight amusement. Labramon's giggle was infectious.

"You're so silly." Labramon answered, then she proceeded to stuff her face as the chefs brought back her meals. It was a rather large order, by far. Labramon started to wolf it down jut as fast.

"You know, maybe you shouldn't eat so fast." Sho warned, not that his digimon ate any differently before. "You could get the-"

"HIC!" Labramon was surprised at the sound.

Sho hung his eyes in an expectant fashion. "Hiccups." He finished.

Labramon tried to speak, but another hiccup came, followed by another. Sho let out a sigh as Labramon sheepishly grinned. Bedtime would have to be put on hold until the hiccup problem was fixed. Sho sarcastically considered himself lucky.

"Sorry *hic*" Labramon apologized.


Penguinmon flopped right on the bed. "Ha ha! This is really bouncy!" He cheered, glad to be at peace for once. "I'm glad we're not fighting!" The bird winced as he anticipated a slap from Jun for that cowardly remark...none came, however. Jun didn't hit him this time, she also could use a relaxing break from all the fighting they had been doing.

"I gotta agree with you there." Jun stretched her body out on the bed. She probably could use a bath, they all could, and surprisingly they had taken less time for bathing. Made sense, seeing as they were practically in the wilderness, and in the wilderness, you didn't just find a toilet in the wild. Well, that wasn't exactly true. Sometimes there could have been a porta-potty. So far, they hadn't had such luck with that one. In fact, did they even go to the bathroom? And why hadn't they been malnourished from their skipping meals? Oh, those were unimportant in the long run. What mattered most was the present, and those activities wouldn't be important to watch.

"Say Jun?" Penguinmon asked.


Penguinmon sat up for this question. Nervous as he may be about asking it, he just couldn't' hold back his curiosity. "Jun, why did you want to see Sho?"

Once more, Penguinmon prepared himself for an expected slap. He just expected it for no reason actually. It seemed like beating someone really clicked with Jun. Once more, he pleasantly found himself surprised. "Why are you asking such a dumb question?" She bluntly retorted.

Penguinmon winced slightly at the word "dumb". He didn't think it dumb, just honest. "Well, you seemed like you really wanted to see him. I kind of noticed it."

Jun herself thought about the question. Why would she rather spend time with Sho? Admittedly, she no longer found him a weak little nothing. Then again, did she ever truly? Maybe a little, but mostly he had served as a stress relief for herself, if anything. But she thought back to their first meeting in elementary school. She recalled how he looked back then, the first person to ever really show her kindness in her dreary life. Back then, she had though he looked cute in that little suit. And he wanted to sit next to her of all people. Then, it went down the hole as she began to pick on him, all because some popular snobs made fun of her. It stayed the same through junior high. They had never really interacted save for school, and then summer camp came out of nowhere, and they were forced together, twenty-four, seven. It only strengthened their relationship into friendship and maybe...

Swiftly, Jun took a pillow and threw it at Penguinmon. "Thanks for giving me that image, bird." Jun sarcastically retorted. Honestly, the thought of her and Sanbara together! Penguinmon let out a sigh as he removed the pillow. "It was just a thought."

Indeed a thought...a thought Jun couldn't shake off.


Kazuya wasn't sure of what to say to Sakura and the feeling was mutual for her, too. They would stare at each other for a moment, then quickly cast their glances away from each other.

"So, weird night, huh?" Kazuya decided to break the silence.

Sakura opened her mouth, a small form of a gasp emerged. "Y-yeah." She answered. "Real smooth." She thought to herself. Kazuya scolded himself the same way. It was funny how both of them were thinking the same thing. The events of the night hung off them like a bad odor. Mostly from the actions of their digimon that made them consider the deeper set of emotions that lay hidden. Could there be more to their friendship? True they had known each other for a long time, but they had merely considered themselves friends at most.

"Sakura, I wanted to thank you."


Kazuya adjusted his goggles for a second. "If you hadn't spurred on RegalTiamon, NeoGenkimon would have been killed."

Sakura placed a hand upon her chest. "You would have done the same." That much rang true.

"Besides, at least your digimon wasn't tipsy." Both of them laughed at that.

"Yeah, I never pictured your digimon like that." Kazuya replied. Then the laughter died. For the first time since they had walked in alone, they turned around to face each other. A confused flurry of feelings tormented their brains. Should they consider the other good looking? They had been fine with remaining just friends, but the implications were all there. With flushed faces, they turned around, unable to contain their color. This would take time.

Hopefully their digimon were having an easier time. Gazimon and Fairydramon had splintered off from them. What else would those two talk about?


Gazimon quickly realized he had neglected to take a lighter for his cigar. Fairydramon however remedied that. Her own flame lit up the tobacco roll. Despite her own misgiving for Gazimon's habit, she felt like she had to oblige him. "Thanks babe." Gazimon shared his gratitude. Drawing in the smoke, he exhaled with a pleased expression.

"How you can stand those things is beyond me." Fairydramon noted.

Gazimon drew in again, blowing out a ring in a way of showing off. "What can I say?"

Fairydramon knew what to finish with. "I know what I like."

Gazimon laughed, she really did know him. It showed (to him at least) that they truly were compatible. "You do know me, after all." Gazimon inched closer to her. Fairydramon wrinkled her snout at the smell of the smoke, but she didn't inch away. "I suppose, we have been traveling together, after all."

Gazimon let out another chuckle. "True, true." The moonlight painted a romantic scenery over the night sky, at least in Gazimon's opinion. A perfect setting for the right mood, now to just go for the clincher. "So, were you worried about me?"

Fairydramon felt a twinge of annoyance at the question. That, and how shaky her vision remained, even after she had sobered up significantly. Part of her wanted to avoid the question, or at least just deliver a slap or a retort. Or even a burning refusal as she had done in the past. For some reason, she couldn't lie about her feelings.

"Why wouldn't I worry? We're friends after all." Fairydramon couldn't deny that. Gazimon beamed happily.


Fairydramon nodded. Turning her head away, she blushed. "I will admit, you've actually gained my respect. You are a good fighter." Fairydramon knew she was only grooming his ego.

"Takes one to know one." Gazimon said, with a puff of smoke rising into the air. Fairydramon turned around, forgetting she had a blush on her face. Gazimon saw it, earning him a smile "You're fantastic...graceful...lovely and-"

"I get it!" Fairydramon snapped, although not angrily. She just couldn't take the over-dramatic display of affection. The comments did surprise her to a certain degree

"What? You didn't think I meant any of that?" Gazimon asked with surprise.

Fairydramon thought back to all the times Gazimon had won a fight. It seemed with every evolution, his ego grew only larger. Not even a loss would deter it. Although, evolution had inflated her ego as well. Her fight with NanoMamon served as a prime example. It wasn't one of her favorite memories, to be honest.

"It's more than that." Further admitted the dragoness. "You've really come a long way from that little hentai rabbit….to a certain degree." Fairydramon looked away again. "You're courageous and have an undying sense of loyalty to your partner." That much she meant. Gazimon more or less, served as the leader for the digimon half of their team. If anything, she served as the moral guidance or the smart one. Either one would work, but Gazimon always stood out on the front, particularly how he always seemed to receive the evolutions first.

"So, what else do you like about me, huh?" Gazimon prodded further.

Fairydramon felt her flush spread to her entire body. Any redder and she would emit steam. She even did a bit, as smoke puffed from her nostrils. "It's getting late." She said, trying to avoid Gazimon's question.

Gazimon wouldn't quit, however. "Come on!" Embracing Fairydramon in a hug, it provoked a bugging of the eyes from her. Reaching for her tail, he started to stroke it, or finger it, at least. "With all that you've said about me, I think you're starting to like me."

Those choice of words sparked something in Fairydramon, a spark she responded with by smacking Gazimon with her tail. The rabbit flew towards the railing, hitting it. Luckily, his cigar still hung in his mouth.

Fairydramon let out a low chuckle and left. "Good night." She muttered before she left. Gazimon exhaled a breath of smoke. Normally, he held bruises and marks from her "love" taps. An improvement, it would seem, and in a further twist, his cigar hadn't been destroyed.

"What a woman!" He exclaimed, not going with the "mon" cliché.


Demon could feel the darkness around him. Darkness grew as a part of every living thing. All digimon carried its stain, or rather, its blessing. Power and darkness went hand in hand. No such thing could be obtained with light. Unknown words he uttered, ancient and foreboding in tone. The jewel on his forehead glowed in accordance with his new power. If he had stayed with the master, he would have received no such thing, for a servant could never surpass the one they served. Cherubimon and Lilithmon were too enthralled by the master, or rather "his" thrall. Those two may have been mindless slaves, but he however strived for more. More would be what he would obtain.

"Yes." He said, as the power began to flow inward and outward. He had become the current in a river, and darkness was the water. From his feet, twin lines of light spread, circling the city, a dark, black-colored light. Within that new circle, a series of shapes started to form, criss-crossing and intersecting. From the sidelines and altitude, NeoDevimon knew the shape his master had formed...a pentagram. The pentagram glowed with its dark light. A summoning spell had been activated...Demon had called something from the Dark World, and they arrived. Tall shapes arose...spires...their color black in pitch. Several of them formed within and out of the city, as the pentagram increased in size, encompassing the nearby valley.

"The dark towers will serve me well." Demon proclaimed. Parting gifts from the World of Darkness. "NeoDevimon!"

The remaining member of the Demon Corps descended down to face his master. "Yes, Demon-sama?"

Demon outstretched his elongated limb to Monde City. "It is time to make our move. The Digidestined will fall tonight!" He proclaimed.

Then Demon heard it...the waves. They came suddenly without warning, ringing in his ears, and the back of his mind. For a brief moment, his vision changed as he could see it. Crashing waves against the shore...decayed buildings...but mostly he saw them...the watery servants spreading out from the waters, and from those dark depths, he emerged, the master of all those who resided in that realm.

"Dagomon?" Demon said in disbelief.

"Beware the darkness, Demon." The facsimile said before the scenery shifted back to reality. The demon lord blinked, looking around in a frantic panic.

"Demon-sama?" NeoDevimon inquired. Shaking his head, Demon didn't answer. Him...afraid of the darkness? No. It wouldn't hold any sway over him. His time to rise had drawn near, and he would take it. The Digidestined would fall and he would rise. Yet, as he and NeoDevimon flew towards the city, a lingering voice echoed in his head.

"Beware the darkness, Demon….Beware."

A/N: Apologies for the long wait, but here it is. No action yet (I disappear for a long time and I leave you with this) but the next chapter will have Demon on the attack. Nothing more to say except I did enjoy writing this. Fairydramon and Gazimon seem to be getting closer. Jun and Sho, well to be honest I am not sure on those two being a pairing, I kind of left it up in the air. Although I am sure you can guess the shippings lol. Overall I feel pleased with this story as of the moment. I have had a lot to think about and apparently people are reading this.