Kazuya and Sakura tried to grasp the legend that Maya had just spoken of. Hope and Light, those were traits of the Digital World, more specifically, their own secondary traits. They had all gotten them, two for each. However, they had yet to use them. Their first had led them to the Ultimate stage. As powerful as it is, it still paled in comparison to the strength that Demon possessed.

"So what does it mean?" Kazuya asked about the legend. Grand as it sounded, it still held some cryptic tone to it, archaic and hard to understand.

Sakura could understand it to a point. "Well Hope and Light, that's you and me." At least they got that part down, the rest not so much.

"Darkness shall eclipse the sky. Spires pointing to the heavens high. Only Darkness can stem the tide. But even then in the shadows they bide. Hope and Light shall shine."Chiisi suddenly recited the poem that Maya spoke. The other's remained silent as Chiisi continued to speak. Something in the air just seemed to befit him. "The first part relates to Demon, he's using the powers of darkness to make himself stronger, in a sense eclipsing the skies. The spires are self explanatory."

Someone felt like commenting and Jun was the one if by the side. "Anyone finding it weird a kid like him is acting all philosophical?" She asked aside to Sho.

"Honestly yes," Sho adjusted his glasses, "but someone has to make sense of it, and he is Knowledge."

That was as much of an acceptable answer they could possibly get, so they rolled with it.

"Hope and Light are you two," He said directing to Kazuya and Sakura, "and Darkness is me." Chiisi finished. "Is that it Maya?"

The girl blinked at the bearer of Knowledge's words." Yes." She just said, trying to hide her surprise. Chiisi was indeed bright, very bright, but that could attribute to his mixed blood. "You three are the key to stopping Demon."

"But what are they supposed to do?" Fairydramon asked, "We're the only ones who can fight," She didn't mean to sound like their partners were useless, but in all honesty, with the way things were, they couldn't really do much. "Without the digivices we can't evolve." Fairydramon's eyes wandered as she noticed a scruffy, gray shape slunk around sniffing at the ground. Gazimon's eye's lit up as he spied his cigar pile and with a grin, he mouthed it. "Hey Fairydramon, a light?" It then dropped from his mouth as he felt a sharp tap on his head.

"This is serious! Focus on something other than your oral fixation!" Fairydramon bellowed, annoyed with the rabbit's constant smoking. Labramon as well for she put a paw to her nose the moment Gazimon brought up the tobacco stick.

Wanting to impress his girl, Gazimon sadly set the cigar down, and tried to think of a question to make it important. "So uh, Kazuya," he stammered, turned to his partner, just to look as if he understood the situation, "you got a plan?"

It came so suddenly to him, so Kazuya had to think of something good. "Oh yeah." He trailed off, he needed a plan; they were expecting it of him. "Well I think we should." A rumble of the earth made him pause. Just off to the side, a piece of the ceiling crashed onto the floor. Thankfully no one was hurt, but they had to act fast. Another tremor made Gazimon jump, jump right into his cigar pile.

"My babies!" He cried, only to notice smoke angrily trailing from Fairydramon's nostrils. Quickly Gazimon wrapped himself around Kazuya's leg. "You okay partner!" He displayed dramatically.

Kazuya raised his eye, "Yeaaahhhh." Kazuya drooled, the looks of everyone before him, determination, trust, lastly that came from Chiisi. "The boy himself had a plan as well, and they needed Kazuya, their leader to rally them all together. "I think we need to head above.

"What!" Sho and Penguinmon exclaimed in unison.

"I know he's big, I know he's strong, but we're sitting ducks here." Kazuya made them realize, especially Penguinmon and Sho. They couldn't stay here. "Look I don't understand that legend much, but I know that if we go up there we can do something about it." That was as their plan if anything, they had no other way.

"I think the boy is right." Don Guil agreed.

"Donny you can't!" Gatomon protested, "You'll be killed!" She cried with the utmost concern for her employer. Although from the sound of her voice, it was more than that.

Don Guil comforted her with a claw upon the felines furry shoulder, "This is my city, I won't let it fall." Don Guil was adamant in what he said.

There wasn't much to say, they didn't need another rumble to tell them what to do.

"Maya can you take us outside?" Asked Sakura.

Random teleportation seemed to be the normal form of teleportation for them. So Maya could remedy that. "Please be wary, this is the toughest trial you have encountered thus far." That much rang true, yet a tougher trial lied ahead. "Even if they defeat Demon, would they be ready to face him?" She couldn't think like that, they would stop him before he was revived. The dark one would not return to the Digital World. Of course if he did, would they have the strength to stop him. The only way her master was able to defeat him was the expend all of his strength. Her eyes caught the one who could somehow sense her distress. It wasn't Sakura, well Sakura did feel something, but the other was Labramon.

"What are you to me? To all of us?" Labramon's mind asked about herself and the other digimon.

Maya stared back at the canine, "After this is over."

A silent agreement between the two of them was made. And in a pink flash of light, the random teleportation commenced.


Demon continued his assault upon the dome as he attempted to shatter it. So far it didn't seem to be working. The demon lord unleashed all of his might against the barrier of light, but so far it had only caused a small crack. Nevertheless, it didn't deter the evil one. Demon kept going and going, until he heard something give. A loud crack gave out, and sure enough it showed upon the barrier. The small hairline that had formed had now spread and stretched beyond its normal size. Demon laughed with triumph. This was it! Taking his large fists, he grabbed hold of the cracked opening that formed. Without so much effort, he pulled away upon the barrier until more cracks started to form. They spread toward the whole of it, until it soon collapsed away much like glass. Now the manor remained defenseless. Demon clenched his fists, ready to smash the manor to pieces.


Upon his name being mentioned, Demon turned his head at the sound of his voice. He face contorted in a grin as he saw the red Rookier before him. "Ah Don Guil, so nice to see you." He greeted in mock cordiality.

Don Guil stood there, Gatomon at his side. The young mob boss simply straightened his robe. He still had composure to keep, and he couldn't show fear, even towards Demon. Not that he was afraid. He was used to handling tight situations such as this. Sometimes he held "meetings" with individuals similar, but not exactly close to Demon's ferocity.

"I wish I could say the same your lordship." Don Guil mocked with his own little grin.

Demon could sense the seething disrespect towards him, not that it mattered, the little Rookie would die anyway.

"If I may ask," Demon kept his own composure. Although part of him wanted to tear Don Guil limb from limb, he felt it appropriate to lead into that, "why do you feel the need to defy me? Had you just kept in line, you could have prolonged your insignificant life."

Gatomon gasped and kept close to her lover. He had just been given a death threat, and seeing as they were both a Champion and a Rookie respectively, they would be no match for him in a fight. But still, Don Guil didn't seem to be afraid. Straightening his robe, he dusted himself off, and flashed a cocky little grin at the demon.

"Now that is where I have to correct you my dear Demon." Don Guil began, "Firstly, I hardly view myself as insignificant. In fact, I rather find myself a necessary cog in the wheel of fate. Secondly I was never loyal to you. I want to stress that to a point. Now I admit I may have gotten a bit flowery in my praises to you…..thinking back it was rather embarrassing of me. Thirdly," Don Guil looked above, right into the evil eyes of the monster, "This is my city, and I am sure as hell going to defend it."

Gatomon flashed proud and happy grin. Her boss still was the same as ever. Demon himself fetl pleased, pleased enough to laugh that is.

"My, such a brave front you have put up! A nobleman to the last." Demon's jovial mood vanished. "But I'm afraid this is very your little cog breaks!"

Despite the threat, Don Guil hardly seemed fazed. "I wouldn't say that Demon. For you see I have help in high places."

Demon raised an eye as he saw this so called "help", stepped into view. Demon suddenly found himself pleased again. "My, my, so many pests drawing right towards me."

Jun and Labramon looked on with determination towards the demon lord, where as their respective partners couldn't shake off their nervousness.

"Motimiya's plan had better work." Jun muttered.

"Don't worry it will!" Labramon snapped, annoyed at the girls constant griping, "Right Sho chan?"

Sho couldn't deny he had no faith that this plan would work, he was scared out of his wits. Penguinmon was the same way. Yet, despite the little bird's shivering, he still stood by his partner.

"I'll protect you Jun!" Sho couldn't here Penguinmon's thoughts, but he knew that was what he was thinking.

Faking a smile he responded to his digimon, "Sure partner." This provoked a yip of joy from Labramon.

To Demon, this was more amusing than ever. They would all die by his fire, or crushed into oblivion. He wasn't picky. Yet he noticed something, there were only two humans, and two chosen digimon.


"Yes my lord?" The voice of his cloned minion answered back.

"Find the remaining pests." Demon ordered.

"It will be done."

With that taken care of, Demon could concentrate on more important things.


Chiisi had never felt so uncertain in his life. He knew the plan, but he didn't know if he could do it. Well to be honest, Kazuya hadn't really thought of the plan in its entirety. There were still some kinks to work out. Mostly they just had a hunch and they decided to go with it. Here they were, the dark tower loomed above them, like some kind of forbidden obelisk. The more the boy stared at its black coloring, the more it filled him with dread. The darkness radiated around it, and flowed towards him. It called to him, beckoned to him, it wanted him.

"You okay kid?" DemiDevimon asked.

The question brought Chiisi back to reality. The boy knew his digimon could sense the same feeling that emanated from the spires.

"Chiisi?" Sakura asked the same question. Being of the opposite element of her cousin, she knew how he felt. She too could feel the darkness and it filled her with dread as well. For her, the dread was simply because she was of light. For Chiisi, she could only imagine it fit with what had happened to him. He was afraid of himself. Of whom he was, and what he could become. It nearly made her reach out to him, just out of comfort.

"Okay, now we just need to figure this out." Kazuya exclaimed. He scratched his chin as he considered the possibilities. They were outside, and well down below it had seemed all so clear, then when they went to the surface, the plan would simply come together. That wasn't how it came together so easily.

Fairydramon stood by her partner, ready to fight if need be. Not that it would matter, seeing as they were currently handicapped in the evolution department. Gazimon looked pretty much bummed, by the evolution situation, but due to the fact he was currently cigarless. He had grown so used to them, those little addictive sticks. Fairydramon almost looked guilty as she saw how forlorn he looked. There was a chance the manor was completely destroyed, along with the underground tunnel, and the cigars with it. Fairydramon shook her head. She shouldn't be thinking of those things, she didn't smoke. But why did she seem so unhappy Gazimon was unhappy? It didn't make much sense save for….okay, she really stopped herself there.

The last one was Maya, the mysterious maiden who had aided them every step of the way, or at least provided an enigmatic spot of assistance now and then. "Chiisi knows what his heart tells him." She spoke, her tone becoming a regal spot of wisdom.

"But what is he supposed to do?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah I'm confused on that one." Kazuya added.

Fairydramon simply stood by with no question of her own, whilst Gazimon sighed and muttered "cigar".

Indeed, Chiisi knew what his heart was telling him. Kazuya, Sakura, and himself, the three of them were the key to stopping Demon's plans. Chiisi looked back at them, his friends and family, and he grinned. "Don't worry, we'll win." He spoke with reassurance. DemiDevimon shared in that reassurance. Likewise he looked back to his fellow digimon, both serious and sullen. That meant Fairydramon and Gazimon respectively. Chiisi hesitantly placed a hand upon the cold stone. It sickened him to the touch. The darkness pulsed more than ever now. That sick feeling vanished the moment he felt a comforted claw clench down on his shoulder.

"You aren't alone kid." DemiDevimon's eyes spoke those words.

Chiisi smiled back at the little bat. They were partners, both children of darkness. Whatever happened, they would face it together.

"You will not ruin Demon sama's plans!" Everyone stopped as they heard the voice.

They all turned to see the descending shape of NeoDevimon coming towards them. This was the only thing that snapped Gazimon out of his tobaccoless slump. Of course he and Fairydramon both knew that they wouldn't be able to do a thing.

"Stay with the children." Maya instructed. The robed girl looked above, her arm blocking the pair from moving towards the incoming demon.

The rabbit and the dragon respectively knew they could just go past her, but the movement she presented gave off enough authority that just told them "stay put!". So they did. Kazuya and Sakura were at a loss at what to do. Chiisi on the other hand kept his ground and kept his hand on the tower, or spire, or whatever word applied to it correctly.

"Come on kid concentrate!" DemiDevimon cheered his partner on. As much as he wanted to at least try to fight that ripoff to the Devimon name, he knew where his loyalties lied. Not towards his battle lust, but his partner.

Chiisi didn't know what to do; all he did was concentrate focus hard. NeoDevimon was perplexed as he noticed the small boy with his hand on the spire. All he saw was an open chance to attack.

"This is far too easy!" He exclaimed as he felt the battle lust rising within.

While Gazimon and Fairydramon stood ready to defend their partners, Maya was the one to step forward. "You will not pass abomination." Maya stated firmly, but lightly. Abomination was right. Digimon were not meant to be created in such a manner. NeoDevimon could see the girl's bravery. For a moment he was confused. She wasn't one of the Digidestined. Despite her human appearance, something seemed, not right about the form before him. That didn't matter to him. Whoever or whatever got in his way, he would kill them. His claws outstretched, he dove down. The girl would be the first. Yet as he dove in, he saw a small glow in her palm. A pink light formed, first a ball. The ball quickly grew as Maya tossed it toward the deranged, fallen angel. The ball struck NeoDevimon right in the chest. Now from the size, it didn't appear to do much in the long run, at least that was the expectation NeoDevimon got. That is until he felt a crackling pain that spread throughout his body. The pain was so intense that his wings began to falter, and he crashed to the ground.

"W-w-what did you d-d-do?" He managed to ask as he pain continued to surge within him. Pink electricity crackled with each attempt to move.

Maya said nothing. She only stared at the dark creature. She stood by, ready to strike again, but even she didn't know how long she could keep this up. Her attacks only worked because this digimon was forged from darkness, her opposite. Likewise, darkness could affect her in a similar fashion.

Chiisi continued to concentrate upon the dark tower. His mind focused as he felt the darkness blanket around him.

"Please help me." He beckoned to it.

No response came. He was the prince of the element, the heir, as much as he hated that sound.

"Please, my friends need help. We have to win!" He called again, still very afraid of the unknown substance that clouded his site. His anger began to rise within. Why was it ignoring him? He wanted help, they all needed to win this fight.

"I am your prince! Obey me!" He ordered to it forcefully. He didn't know that else to say other than that.

The darkness apparently answered, as it felt its prince's will. Chiisi could feel it growing, but it felt…different. The darkness was surging, just like wave.

"We obey our prince!"

Then without warning, the darkness spread. Chiisi could feel it covering him on all sides.

"Chiisi!" He heard the cries of everyone around him, their expressions changing into ones of shock.

The darkness covered everyone as they sank further in. Chiisi was the only one conscious.


"Evil Inferno!" Demon's flames jutted from his palm.

Sho had the right idea to run. "Whose idea was this again!" He shouted as he ran from the oncoming inferno.

Jun gritted her teeth, "I'm going to kill Miyamoto!"

So far this plan seemed more stupid than initially thought of. They had no means of fighting Demon, yet here they were, dodging like madmen and madwoman. The digimon even were in the same boat as well. At these times, Jun and Sho could really see and feel that their partners had been switched. Penguinmon was running around like a fowl with its head cut off, where as Labramon was busy dodging to the best of her ability. It made sense seeing as the canine had greater agility and a body more built for combat. Yet even if they seemed better suited for another, Jun knew Penguinmon was meant for her, as was Labramon to Sho.

Two Rookies against a Mega was suicide. Yet that didn't seem to faze Don Guil in the least. The Rookie opened his maw, "Pyro Sphere!" A large fireball launched from his mouth, smacking right into Demon's chest. Of course, the attack did nothing.

'Eh I'm not surprised." Don Guil shrugged. He knew he could really do nothing against this kind of foe; he just wanted to show some of his stuff. Gatomon was in a similar predicament. Her hypnotism attack would be useless. Her only other attack required her to get close to her opponent, and that would be once more, useless in the long run.

Demon knew they were all feeling useless. They could do nothing against him. It made him chuckle. So humorous they were. But the game was done, he had grown bored of them, and it was time to end it. He raised his fist up, ready to launch another "Evil Inferno". But then he suddenly stopped. Something had stirred, something was amiss. A balance had been shifted. The darkness, it no longer had a prominence in the great struggle between it and light.

But where was it coming from?

He could feel it there. Off in the distance, near the spire. It dawned on him, these were just distractions. Wherever the other pests were, they had caused this to happen. Unfortunately, that would be the least of his worries.

"What the heck is that?" Sho fearfully called.

Labramon stopped in her tracks, and Penguinmon's shivers grew larger.

"It's the bad smell." Labramon whimpered. The bad smell, that was something that she hadn't said in a good while.

Penguinmon could feel his feet freezing to the ground. "Something scary is coming." He whimpered likewise.

Everyone stopped as they could see it. A black wave rushed over instantly, covering everything in its wake. They had barely any time to react as they were drowned in it.


Chiisi sat there, floating in the endless abyss. Where was he? Where was he going? No answer came. He was all alone.


No he wasn't. DemiDevimon floated there in the dark with him. The boy turned to his partner, his eyes both uncertain, and blank.

"I'm scared." Chiisi spoke.

"Scared?" DemiDevimon answered back, confused for he enjoyed the darkness.

"The darkness, it scares me."Chiisi admitted, "I don't want to be a part of it."

Chiisi still had yet to accept himself. It made sense seeing all that had happened to him.

"I understand kid, but I think this happened for a reason." Strangely he felt calm in this dark realm. Chiisi was the bearer of Knowledge, so it would appear that it would somehow shine off on him, well darken was probably a better word.


"The legend that Maya mentioned. I mean think about it."

Chiisi felt himself growing lighter; the darkness itself seemed to form a comfort around him. This was just like the legend told to them.

Now all that was left was for Hope and Light to shine. But how could they in this darkness?


"Well this is new." Said Kazuya.

Gazimon sighed as he hung in midair. "First my cigars, and now this. Can the day get any worse?"

Fairydramon let out a grumble. "You and your cursed cigars. Can't you think of something else besides them?" Fairydramon regretted her words as she noticed Gazimon taking notice of her, "Nevermind." She muttered.

Sakura herself sighed. This day hadn't gone well. "I hope Chiisi and DemiDevimon are okay." Just like her kind spirit, she thought of others first before herself.

"I'm sure their fine. I don't think this place will get them down, I know I'm not." Just as his own trait, Kazuya was full of courage.

Yet they each had other traits, traits that had yet to shine.

"Well this is hopeless." Sakura realized it. "Were trapped here, Demon is all powerful, I don't see a way out of this." It was all of a sudden that these feelings came, but to Sakura, it felt as such."

Kazuya couldn't believe it. "Where do you get off talking like that! We'll get out of this I know it!" The boy shouted determinedly. "Look I know it's tough now, but we have to keep going!"

For a second, Gazimon perked up from his previous state. "That's the Kazuya I know!" He shouted. "Bah and look at me! All moping about myself. Heck! Once I get out of here, I am going to smoke till I can't see straight!" Gazimon cheered.

Kazuya grinned and gave a sweatdrop. "Well other than the smoking comment, I agree with ya whole heartedly buddy!" The two boys gave each other a high five, grasping hands together in a display of comradeship.

That much brought a grin to Sakura's face, just as it did to Fairydramon. That was something else that Kazuya held. He was an optimist, always holding out for hope. Sakura knew they had to get out of this, Fairydramon silently agreed. It wasn't for the act of beating Demon, for her, it was concern for those whose lives hung on the balance, that and the fate of the entire Digital World. This darkness had spread too far; it needed the warmth of light to counterbalance it.

They could feel that feeling inside them spark for a mere moment. They wouldn't give in, they couldn't.


Chiisi felt it. There was a light, twin lights shining within this darkness he had created.

"Kazuya! Sakura!" It was them, it had to be!

The darkness, just like in the legend, it had spread and Hope and Light was starting to shine. It needed more. They had to break through. But they needed more of the opposite to bring about the greater light.

"Guys, don't give up!"

Chiisi willed the darkness more. It grew and grew, targeting a specific source.


Kazuya and Sakura could feel it growing. The darkness had surrounded them on all sides, choking them. For a moment they shuddered. But they kept their hope alive, and their light warm. Gazimon and Fairydramon put their hand upon their respective partners.

Thump, There was a heartbeat.

"What was that?" Kazuya thought.

"Was that?" Sakura thought likewise.

Thump thump

Gazimon and Fairydramon felt it as well. They were heartbeats, four of them, human and digimon could feel each other. The digivices began to shine for the first time since the dark towers rose, and upon them, shone the symbols of Hope and Light. A yellow and pink light emitted within the darkness and soon all was bathed in its warmth.


Instantly, the darkness peeled away, revealing all that had had been just as before. Demon found himself back outside, as did the other's.

No one asked on what had just happened. The question had grown rather redundant. The only source that directed their attention was the two glowing figures in the air. One was bathed in yellow, while the other was pink. Something else they noticed, or rather the digimon felt. The scent of darkness had left the air.

The two lights shone brighter.

"What are they!" Demon shielded his eyes as he felt the burning light.

Unbeknownst to them, each light held two shapes, both a human and a digimon. Though now, the two shapes grew closer together, forming into one.

"Gazimon! Jogress Warp evolve!"

"Fairydramon! Jogress Warp evolve!"

Gazimon and Fairydramon shouted high and mighty as their evolution taking place. Data piled upon data, reshaping into better suited forms. But it wasn't just data that added on. Something else or rather somebody else went along with them, their partners.

"KnightGenkimon!" The yellow light died away, revealing an armor clad figure. Unlike the silver metal of the previous forms of Genkimon, this Genkimon was clad in the same silver armor, yet no trace of gray fur showed, save for the mouth that poked out of the mask, which had now become a helmet, only more smooth without the fang like pointers. The ears even has their own armor, becoming apart of the helmet. A muscular shape still remained, the armor perfectly fitting to the build. The helmet still held the blue jewel as did the gauntlet gloves and boots. Additionally a black belt was held with a sapphire jewel belt buckle. The blue eyes had become more of the aforementioned color of the jewels. Behind his back, a set of what appeared to be energy flowed, three streaks of blue forming a set of two.

"Celestialdramon!" The pink light revealed a humanoid shape. The digimon still had a draconic shape. In fact, it was more or less humanoid in appearance, completely loosing the bestial qualities. Save for the tail and draconic face. Her antennae had grown shorter, no longer like bangs. Still, six wings remained. Her tiara had become a headdress, spread out with lavender colored hair. A purple dress flowed around her, wrapping around her claws and talons jut as her last form. Also it covered an impressive cleavage. The last feature of this form was the long rod she held in her claws. It was black like the night sky. A series of rainbow jewels encrusted all the way up. The top was an orb, as starry as the sky above.

Everyone stood below in shocked awe at the two new digimon. The prophecy had been fulfilled.

A/N: Well this is finally done. A big battle is coming up so expect a lot of action. Still I feel this could have been better. Oh well, I am going to be finished with this, and then I can put it away. After Demon there is one more story arc. Well anyway, onto the Mega forms of Gazimon and Fairydramon. I simply wanted to combine Warp evolution and the Biomerging seen in Season 3. I rather liked the way Tamers portrayed the Mega evolutions. Of course Biomerging is not a term in the Adventure universe, so I imply came up with Warp Jogress. Crappy I know but I couldn't think of anything else.