7 years later: 1995

"Bout time you showed up Sanbara!"

Sho heard the familiar voice the moment he stepped out of the vehicle. There she was, Jun. Much had changed about the girl, it made sense considering she was seven years older. Her teenage shape had filled out into a lovely young woman. The only thing that hadn't changed about her was her hair. Honestly Sho could never figure out if she had dyed it or if that was her natural color. The only other Japanese person he knew who had that hair color was a young boy he had seen once. Some glasses kid named Ichy something, all he had heard about the kid were passing rumors about being some kind of budding prodigy. Least that's what he heard on the street.

"Traffic, you know how it is." Sho answered back.

Jun chuckled when she heard that. "That's why I got here early."

The place in question was the one that had changed their lives seven years ago: the summer camp. It was the off season so that meant no campers. Good news for that gave a perfect opportunity for a reunion. There was really no special plans in place, just a simple get together after spending so long apart. Their casual clothing reflected that. Jun always remained casual as far as Sho had known her; a tank top with shorts and the beret atop her head. Sho on the other hand kept a compromise between formal and non formal: a buttoned up shirt with cotton pants.

"It's good to see you Jun." Sho admitted as the two hugged.

"Likewise Sanbara," The hug between them momentarily broke when Jun kept an eye out for something. "So where's everyone else?"

Sho shrugged. "I don't know, I just came when I got the invite. Don't worry they'll be here."

"Yeah I wouldn't expect Kazuya and Sakura to miss this."

"Hey? How come you still call me by my last name?" Sho had noticed that. When they were kids it indicated a no love relationship between the two of them. Now that they were friends, its use appeared odd.

"Ah it's just too fun to mess with ya!" Jun lightly punched him in the arm. Indeed she did. After they returned to their normal lives, he and Jun were more on friendlier terms, even hanging out. A difference from their usual routine.

A honk turned them both to an oncoming car. The car slowed before coming to a complete stop. It was a normal looking brand, red coat and silver lining, much like the color scheme of the owner.

"Sorry we're late. You know how it is?" Kazuya said stepping out of the driver's seat. Not much had changed about him. Despite being older, his clothing appeared more of an adult variety of the red jacket he wore as a kid. One clear difference was the lack of goggles around his brown haired head.

"Yeah yeah! Sanbara gave the same excuse."

The passenger seat opened up revealing a tall woman with long blond hair. The pair of glasses told Jun exactly who it was.

"Sakura? When are you going to get some contacts?"

Adjusting her glasses, Sakura firmly stated. "I'm quite fond of them thank you."

"Hey easy I was only kidding." Jun calmed any potential fires.

"Don't worry about her, she's just really serious about the whole adulthood thing." Kazuya laughed.

Sakura shot him a serious glare. "Kazuya we're twenty one, we should act it. You more often honestly."

Kazuya smirked. "So says the girl dressed like she's on summer vacation." Sakura blushed knowing her attempt at maturity failed.

"So where's Chiisi?" Sho asked noticing the final member of their group was missing.

Tentativeness shone in the eyes of both Kazuya and Sakura. The mention of Chiisi made them feel noticeably nervous. "We offered him a ride but he said he'd rather get here himself." Sakura answered.

"Is everything alright?" Sho asked concerned for their youngest teammate.

Sakura didn't answer, instead Kazuya informed them. "He's been acting weird lately, that's all."

"Hey the kid was always a bit odd, I'm sure he's fine." Jun reassured.

Nobody took offense to the comment on Chiisi's lack of normality. Much of it was true but that is what made Chiisi who he was. Besides, after the knowledge he had gained on their adventure, it would be odd if he didn't come out with a few scars.

"It's been so long since we've come here." Kazuya broke the veil of depression that slowly cast with a reminiscent speech. "This was where everything started."

The other three looked on nostalgically towards the cliff that overlooked the Japanese sky. It had felt like such a lifetime ago that they were whisked off into another world, a world full of strange creatures called digimon. It was there they had met their own digimon companions and together they saved both worlds from evil. It was the stuff of fantasy, and for a moment they thought it was after they got home. Their digital adventure may have taken days, weeks, possibly months, but when they returned home they discovered no time had passed since they left. Was it all simply a dream? That thought was quickly abandoned. They had all shared it and even if such a thing was possible it felt so real. No dream creatures would ever form such a bond as they had with their digimon.

"What do you think they're doing?" Asked Sho. His eyes were full of pleasant memories, memories of a gluttonous canine who slobbered him with affection.

"Knowing your pooch she's probably put every restaurant out of business." Jun joked.

Sho found it rather funny. "Yeah, that sounds like her." He laughed, "What about Penguinmon? You think he's scared?"

"Penguinmon? He better not if he knows what's good for him." Jun's voice may have had a threatening tone, but deep down, Sho could tell she wanted to see the cowardly bundle of blue feathers once more.

"If I know Gazimon," Kazuya said, "he probably found the biggest cigar he could and smoked till all sense left his body." That wasn't too far fetched for the hedonist rabbit. If it could pleasure him, Gazimon would certainly take it in full bulk.

"And I bet he and Fairydramon settled down with little furry and scaly babies running around." Sakura smiled since she first arrived. The relationship between her and Kazuya's digimon had been a growing one with many bumps, but in the end the rabbit an dragon were probably well on their way to becoming a couple. "If they're even alive that is." And there was the serious Sakura again.

Judging by the different time rates both worlds had run at, it was very plausible that their digimon had already passed on. Or at least were reborn again. That bit of information was still new to them. They were'nt sure if digimon were continuously reborn; if that was the case, then wouldn't they have memories of the past? Possibly they were reborn in infinitum but after a certain set of times, they loose their memories akin reincarnation. Whatever the way digimon continued their lives, one thing was for certain: they all missed their digimon.

"Hey? Remember the-" Kazuya's memory was suddenly interrupted by the hum of a motorcycle.

Right beside the car it came to a halt, black and shiny. It's driver was dressed in a matching color leather outfit. The driver disembarked removing the helmet showing a messy mop of blond hair. Smoothing out his helmet hair, the man looked upward.

"Chiisi?" Sakura and Kazuya exclaimed.

Sho and Jun were taken aback. "That's Chiisi?" They both unified their words.

The boy was no longer a boy, but an eighteen year old man. At least in American terms, in Japan the age of adulthood was considered twenty. Still he had grown much since the last time they had seen him; complete with a manly goatee.

"Hey." He plainly said in his usual deadpan manner. Chiisi walked up to them hands in his pockets, "Sorry I'm late." He apologized.

"Hey pal that's alright!" Kazuya reassured, "We're just glad the whole team is back together."

Now that the Digidestined were reunited, they could further talk about their adventures and consider what become of DemiDevimon. No surprise that the sadistic bundle of bat was off in some dark corner; just how he liked it.

"Is everything alright?" Sakura inquired to her cousin. It reminded them that earlier she and Kazuya had expressed concern for him. Something about strange behavior.

Chiisi didn't speak at first. He kept waking right until he was with the group, not in the center or even apart of the formed circle; outside was where he remained yet close enough to socialize.

"Did any of you watch the news about Hikarigoka last night?" Chiisi asked abruptly.

The other's thought for a moment before it hit them. "You mean that about the terrorist bombing?" Jun asked. Everybody looked to her in surprise. "What?" She asked annoyed, "I keep up with current events!"

"We didn't say anything." Kazuya coyly muttered, provoking an angry stare from the woman.

Chiisi didn't deter from his purpose for bringing this information, nor did his expression alter. "That was no terrorist bombing. It was a digimon."

That very word brought everyone to attention. "Digimon!?" they each cried at once, both alarmed and excited. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." Chiisi nodded. "And I'm willing to guess something more drove us to watch that news report."

"What makes you so sure it was a digimon?" Sakura asked.

Chiisi looked up to the sky recalling the damaged buildings and the police lines. "I was there in the aftermath, I could sense digital residue in the air. Two powerful digimon were fighting one another and then they vanished." Chiisi spoke with such certainty in his voice. Despite not being there to see it, nobody doubted their friend's words. After all, he was half-digimon, even if the digimon half came from a rather unpleasant source.

"Is this why he's been acting so weird lately?" Sakura thought to herself. Could he sense something coming that they didn't?

"That's not all." Chiisi continued. "In the building I felt something, eight life forces brimming with energy, Digital World trait energy." The traits, just like when they used the digicores.

"Are you serious?" Kazuya asked.

Chiisi nodded. "Yes, but I only sensed eight, not twelve." A barely completed set but still just as important, "It was interlaced with human life force, more specifically children."

Chosen children, it could only mean one thing: Digidestined. What other explanation could there be? A feeling of dread spread over. If this was the case, then that meant some new evil had taken root presumably. But where did that leave them?

"So what happens now?" Sho asked, knowing full well of what could come.

Kazuya in that instant felt his inner leader coming out again; something he hadn't felt since he was a teenager. "Don't know, but it looks like the torch has been passed." Acceptance and a small fraction of disappointment was evident. The digital adventure stood as one of his fondest memories. The news of a digimon appearance gave a possibility of returning. In his heart, Kazuya knew that wouldn't happen. If Chiisi's words were accurate, then his time as well as the others had passed. Adults could never go to Neverland would be a proper metaphor.

"It's a darn shame," Hands in his pocket, Chiisi flashed a mischievous smirk, "DemiDevimon would have loved the idea of a new fight."

And there it returned, the good feelings they had shared long ago. Time had passed but one thing would be forever true: Together they were a team, and a team they would remain. And thus the chapter of the original five Digidestined came to a close. Time would only tell when they would step into the pages of Digital World history again.

The next chapter would be a that of a new generation.

To be continued in Digimon Adventure...

The End.

A/N: It's done, it's finally done. I started this story in 2005 and finished it in 2013. That's about nine years right? I just can't believe this is done at last. It may have taken a while but I feel a sense of completion now. Now as I promised, I will give my final thoughts upon this story and anaylize it.

Let's start with the characters and their digimon:

Kazuya and Gazimon: Kazuya was meant to be the classical goggleboy. Brave, a leader, a little headstrong, and generally the driving force of the team. I initially wanted to show him not that interested in sports when compared to Tai and Davis. I'm not sure if that came up much, or really his family life and dealing with his parent's death and living with his sister. But still really I felt he was overshadowed by his role more than anything. Like Tai and Davis before him, he was connected to Courage which I felt would fit a goggleboy in the Adventure continuity, I added Hope to go along with Sakura's Light.

Gazimon was an interesting choice in regards to lead digimon. I chose Gazimon for two reasons: one being I couldn't think up a good dinosaur/dragon digimon, and two I wanted to avoid that. Plus it felt good to deconstruct what was initially shown of Gazimon in the show. Gazimon were depicted as bad guys so I wondered "what if one was a good guy?". We got our answer. However I wanted to also give him more personality than being "the digimon of the goggleboy", so I added his perverted side. At the start I didn't portray it that well but felt it grew into a good balance with Fairydramon. As for the cigars, originally it was meant to be a one time gag, but then I figured I might as well make him a cigar chomper. It fits him no? Also I felt the Genkimon line was creative in my opinion.

Sho and Labramon: These two were my favorite to write for. Sho brought back memories of Joe. Generally he was meant to be the nervous, careful, wimpy guy who eventually grows into a stronger person by the end. His whole half-Egyptian background wasn't mentioned much but it was meant to add some form of uniqueness to the otherwise entirely Japanese cast. Also he is the first Digidestined to technically die. Not sure if that is an honor but hey it happened. Labramon was a fan favorite, and of mine. For years we have seen no boys with female digimon. That always bothered me, we had Yolei and Hawkmon, so clearly a digimon's gender didn't have to match their partner. Then I figured, "why not give her a crush on her partner?". It was cute and sad as you knew what the outcome would be. The only way for it to work is if Sho was a digimon or Labramon a human.

This is why I chose Friendship and Love for Sho and Labramon. I have several friends who happen to be girls. And most of them (not all) have boyfriends. I admit, sometimes I get jealous and uncomfortable and wonder "would it matter if I dropped off the face of the earth?". Sho and Labramon can demonstrate friendship and love can work for friends. Labramon learned that and matured. On a random note, Labramon was originally going to have a more angelic evolution line (D'arcmon-Angewomon-Ophanimon), and I wonder if I should have kept that? Also Labramon being a glutton was genius I think. Labradors are known to be gluttons after all.

Jun and Penguinmon: Didn't really expand on this pair much. I was simply going for the "tough girl with a wimpy digimon". It worked I think. Jun basically came from somewhat of a broken home. Her mother was more or less a prostitute who became pregnant with Jun after a one night stand. She bullied Sho relentlessly at their school after being mocked at an attempt for friendship. She became a bully just to no longer feel weak. Penguinmon was sort of a mirror image for her, a reminder of what she was. She rejected him but at the same time they needed one another. Jun to open up and for Penguinmon to become braver.

As for the traits of Sincerity and Reliability, in the Japanese version they were known as Purity and Faith respectively. I guess in a way both Jun and Penguinmon were sincere and pure about who they were, least Jun took some while to open up, while Penguinmon despite his cowardice always stood by Jun's side no matter what. When Jun became more sincere/pure in who she was, she became a more reliable friend. Once again, the two needed one another. Also just to let anyone know, Penguinmon was not the Parrotmon who Tai and Kari saw fighting with Greymon.

Chiisi and DemiDevimon: He was meant to be the anti T.K., and DemiDevimon the anti Patamon. Like with Gazimon, I wondered if DemiDevimon could be a hero? In Zero 02, it was shown that some of the French Digidestined had Vilemon for partners, and in the Japanese version Vilemon were known as Evilmon. You can see why I believed that it wouldn't be far fetched for a digimon of the Devimon family to be a chosen digimon can't you? Chiisi personality wise I am divided on. I never got any real complaints about him. Him being the spawn of Dagomon was a brainstorm. Originally like Kari, I was going to leave his connection to the darkness ambiguous. But then I remembered Dagomon and figured it could work. Since Dagomon and the Dark Ocean were based of the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, it felt appropriate. Humans mating with ungodly beings is pretty normal in his works. Want good examples? Read "Shadow Over Innsmouth" and "The Dunwhich Horror". Let's also not forgot in the Japanese version, the digital Deep Ones wanted Kari to mate with Dagomon.

In the end Knowledge and Darkness went hand in hand, and proved the latter doesn't have to be evil.

Sakura and Fairydramon: I felt Sakura was borderline Mary Sue. Just in case she was I decided to joke around with that fact. Most of all Sakura was meant to be a kind girl who cared about her friends and family. She was more of a sister to Chiisi than a cousin. As for her light powers and connection, eh well I never got Kari's powers. What is light supposed to be? As for Fairydramon, she went through several drafts. Some with names less creative. I eventually settled on the fairy dragon motif. She was supposed to be a "cute but deadly" digimon. Renamon was used in inspiration for her personality, but deep down Fairydramon was kind and her evolutions were later light influenced. Both had a strong connection to Kazuya and Gazimon. Frankly if I could only choose two to evolve to mega, it would be these two, but in the end I'm glad I went mega for everyone. That annoyed me in the earlier season that everyone didn't reach the final stage of evolution.

You all can imagine Gazimon and Fairydramon married with children can't you? As for Kazuya and Sakura? I never really said they were a couple but I wanted to hint at a possibility.

The story itself: This story was a work in progress. As time went on the writing style and plot improved but I never really planned the story out. In fact originally the final villain was going to be the seven demon lords merged into one or something. The preceding villain would have been Murmuxmon instead of the Fallen Angels. Basically his goal would have been to open a gateway to Earth and invade it. Duskmon would have been an eight demon lord so to speak, created to break the seal upon them. After Murmuxmon's defeat, he would redirect the path to earth to the Demon Lord's prison and free them. But as I wrote, I figured the Demon Lords have been done to death so I decided to be creative and created the Fallen Angels, corrupted forms of the Three Great Angels from Digimon Frontier: Seraphimon into Demon, Ophanimon into Lilihtmon, and Cherubimon Vaccine into the Virus version.

I can see the earlier chapters were simpler in writing and not that great in terms of grammar. Also characterization was experimental and bounced a lot of places. Not very consistent or paced well. If I had planned it out better it would have been more concise and clear. But it worked in the end. The Digital World of the past reflected that and I felt there was a lot of potential with it that I simply could not decide on. The digimon resistance, various characters. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing myself, just trying to be honest and show some humility.

Also the whole mixing of English and Japanese terms. I wonder if it would have been better to stock with one? I mean digivolving isn't that bad of a term. But I do think "Digimental Up" is much better than "Digi Armor Energize!".

Now onto the arcs.

Boogeymon arc: A warm up act for me and the characters. To create parallels between this and the sequel series, I felt that a demonic enemy would work; albeit an incompetent one. Boogeymon was probably a low level mook who got lucky and simply got offed just as easily. The team got started, everyone evolved into the Champion level and a decent start to the story, if just a bit fractured.

SkullMeramon arc: A big step up in my opinion. I wanted to come up with an insane villain but having some parallel's with Etemon: ie having a vehicle and whole network to back him up. He was the first major challenge the Digidestined faced and it only strengthened their bond. Plus at the end we got the first Ultimate evolution. It felt very reminiscent of the whole search for the crests in season 1. That was my intention.

Dagomon arc: This was somewhat divided. I got one comment that it was boring in some parts, so I went to get it done as soon as possible. The theme of this arc was that light and darkness are a part of one another and each could be used for good or evil. Piddomon was a prime example of how light can be bad, and Dagomon darkness. This was a major growing arc for Chiisi and Sakura. Although I have doubts if the whole "Digimon taking human form and living amongst us in the past" was a good thing. It really didn't go anywhere with Sakura. The only one whose digimon blood became of importance was Chiisi's. Then there was the whole adult Chiisi fighting a half furry Magnadramon Sakura. Don't know where I came up with that one. But we got all of the Ultimates in play and set the stage for Dagomon eventually trying to kidnap Kari, and make Chiisi a little demonic half-brother/sister. Also this is where Gazimon's cigar addiction began lol.

Fallen Angels arc: The classical "two megas defeat a powerful enemy" storyline. Demon is the Demon from Zero 02, and this was where his origins took place. Not much to say on it save for it led to the rebirth of the fic's final enemy.

Grandracmon arc: The final battle. I felt this was where my writing really shined, what with everyone reaching the Mega level and facing their destiny as heroes. A good endeavor and a good ending to this fanfic.

Final thoughts and future: the Adventure series is more iconic within the fandom. Originally I was going to have this story as a sequel to Zero 02, but eventually decided on a prequel since the anime neglected to elaborate on the first group prior to Tai's. Zero 02 actually went through many rewrites behind the scene leading to what he got. Dagomon and Demon were originally going to play a larger role. To be honest, I could envision a trilogy; two to be precise. Beginnings-Adventure-Zero 02 for one, and two sequels that continue from Zero 02 and Beginnings.

The first idea is based on an audio drama. In this story, Davis's sister June, Yolei's two sisters, and Joe's brother Shuu all become Digidestined to fight a new evil. This was only mentioned in the audio drama and never elaborated on, so I think this has a potential to be a good story. The Beginnings cast would be in it, older, wiser, and interact with the season 1 and 2 crew. It would be like Zero 02 but not a complete clone. It also makes me think about their digimon. Would they even be alive by this time? I imagine perhaps having some of Huanglongmon's essence in them might up keep them young, but who knows? They might be old geezers and have their youth restored. That's why I left them out of the epilogue, personally I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this matter and what they think the chosen digimon's lives were like after their partners left.

The next story would be maybe a hundred years after the Zero 02 epilogue. A great catastrophe occurred which destroyed the bonds between humans and digimon. The world is still aware of the Digital World's existence, but human and digimon partnerships are banned. That is until one man forges a bond with a digimon. This would finish off the whole Digimon Adventure saga.

Now I'm not sure when or if I am going to write these. Now that I have finished Beginnings after several years of writing, I might try writing something else. I haven't left the Digimon fandom, I just think I might need to write something else before I go back to writing a sequel to Beginnings. But we shall see. I just hope the fandom hasn't died if it takes me years to start on these story ideas. Anyway I thank everyone for their support over the years and hope you will be around for whatever the future holds.

Thank you and goodbye for now.