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That was what Bakura missed about his former life. The freedom to run barefoot in the sand and scream his frustration, his joys, his name, to the stars.

Not that he couldn't do those things now but in this current life there were other factors to consider.

The neighbors would call the asylum, and of course, it would be his omote they hauled away.

But even without Ryou at his side, he would continue to exist, putting suspicion on Ryou who they would poke and prod and drug up and experiment on in the name of their "science" to see why he existed.

Then he would have to send them to the Shadow Realm, alerting their government who would put the country on lockdown while they hunted for him; and of course it was an island so escape would not be easy.

They would have to go to Seto Kaiba for transportation, involving him in their little fugitive game.

But even then they might be found because by then the government will have done a thorough background check on Ryou and will know all of his acquaintances and have them under survailance.

And if they were cornered Bakura would fight and it would be a war. The Shadow powers would be unleashed, duel monsters would be called. The press would have informed the entire world by then.

They would probably take Pegasus in for "questioning" since he "invented" them.

The Egyptian history of Duel Monsters would be dragged into the light.

Yami would inevitably become involved – and where Yami treads, Yugi and his friendship posse follow.

Eventually they would all have to ban together, things would get out of hand, (Bakura imagined that Yami would be the sensible, peaceable negotiator right up until someone took a shot at little Yugi) and the entire world would be thrust into a new dark ages melding with the shadow realm.

And then someday, fifty years from now, Yami would be sitting on his throne (because, of course, someone who can control the evil scary shadows has to take charge and calm the populace – and Bakura was not the 'calm the populace' type) and he would look at Bakura and he would say: "You know Bakura, this is all your fault. You just had to go running down the middle of the street at night screaming." And what could Bakura say then? He would have to agree. And agreeing with Yami on his own guilt was not something he wanted to do.

It was that thought that kept Bakura chained to the couch on a Friday night, flipping channels with the remote control and cursing this stupid modern age.

No one was free anymore. It wasn't just him. No one had freedom in this new world. It was depressing.

Bakura sighed, slumping into the cushions.

"Hey Bakura." Bakura looked back lazily to see Ryou standing in the doorway holding his coat.

"Malik just called. He's inviting us and Yugi and everybody over to play truth or dare and eat junk food. Wanna come?"

Bakura's eyes lit up. Truth or dare with the pharaoh? A maniacal grin spread across his face. He wouldn't miss that for the world.

And Bakura leapt over the back of the couch in his rush to leave. "What kind of junk food?" he asked as they rushed out the front door.

"I don't know. Everything, I guess."

"Hurry up Ryou!" Bakura called from down the street a ways. "I wanna spike all the drinks before the pharaoh gets there!"


Post whatevers: Bakura thinks too much. I like writing for Bakura's thoughts because if he were to say the last thought out loud it would make him sound completely insane. You'd never know there was a whole train of semi-logical thought behind it. If you enjoyed it, please review.