Dark Moonstone

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"Why does it need to be me, Sensei?" A raven haired girl with amethyst eyes asked her teacher grumpily.

"Do I need to explain it to you all over again?" the man who was asked sighed and replied calmly, "Okay, let's talk about your mission now…a very important mission. The first and most important thing you should do is to protect this moonstone."

"Are you sure that is a moonstone? I mean moonstones are supposedly to be white but that is purple." The girl eyed the 'moonstone'.

"It is a moonstone, a special moonstone." The sensei replied to the younger girl. "I will turn this into a necklace so that you can protect it hassle-free." The sensei said and a purple light surrounded the stone. When the light was gone there was the stone but it is chained as a pendant for a beautiful necklace.

"Wow…it's gorgeous." The girl's amethyst eyes widened with awe. She turned to her Sensei with a questioning look, "Is it really for me? I know that I'm supposed to protect that but our clan supposed to protect that. Why did you really pick me?" the sensei placed the necklace on her hands.

"You're the direct descendant of the clan's princess, Ume. Tomoyo, you are our only hope. You need to protect this stone no matter what. If you're asking why your ancestors didn't accept it before…It was because it was written in the prophecy that you, the 10th female in the line of the princess Ume should keep it. You are bound to this. You shall go to England and meet there your fiancé." He explained.

"Fiancé? What do you mean? How come I didn't know this?" Tomoyo asked.

"He will help you protect the stone. In a year you'll marry him. Many clans like the stone for their own selfish intentions. It has the power to destroy the world. You are the chosen one to own it. Your fiancé's clan is one of the four only clans we trust so we arrange you a wedding for them. They don't need the stone's power because they are the clan of the most powerful sorcerers. I heard that your fiancé's the reincarnation of the most powerful mage in the universe. (A/n: I wonder who that boy is. TT?)" The Sensei said.

"Who is that mage, Marino-sensei?" Tomoyo asked.

"Clow Reed." He said. "He is the most trusted friend of Princess Ume."

"So my fiancé is powerful…"

"Very. He wants to see you soon so I booked you a flight in England. You'll stay with him." Marino-sensei said.

"Why is that?" Tomoyo inquired once again.

"Many questions asked only by one is not very healthy, little tenshi. You'll leave now. I had the jet prepared." Sensei said. "Let's go get your things now."

They don't really need to carry all Tomoyo's baggage because Marino-sensei transported them inside the jet.

"Where's mom?" Tomoyo asked as soon as they were on the private jets under. "Isn't she going to bade me goodbye?"

"I'm sorry but she has business to do." Marino-sensei smiled at the raven haired girl, "Don't worry we'll visit you there soon. Please don't give your fiancé a headache."

"No need to worry Sensei. I won't give him a headache 'coz I'll give him headaches." Tomoyo grinned. "Bye sensei. I'll miss you all."

"Okay, be a good girl there."

Tomoyo nodded and boarded the jet. As soon as she sat she drifted off to sleep wondering who her fiancé is.

Chapter 1

Tomoyo slightly opened her eyes, amethyst orbs adapting to the surrounding. She realized that she's not in the jet anymore. She's in a room now. All things colored purple just the way her room was back in Tomoeda.

'I wonder if sensei told them of this.' She thought after she remembered why she's really here. 'I better meet that guy now. I don't have to worry anything because we'll be marrying for the sake of my clan. I have to do this to save them.' She slid off the bed and saw all her things arranged right in place. She feels as if she's really back at home in Tomoeda. 'This is not so bad after all then. But why not marry other clan leader? Hmmm…that got me thinking.' Her thoughts where interrupted when she heard a knock on the door.

"Please come in." She said.

A woman probably in her twenties walked in. The woman wears a bright smile on her face. She stepped in closer to Tomoyo and said, "Good Morning, Tomoyo-sama!" then gave her a hug, "It is okay if I call you that, right?" Tomoyo shook her head.

"How did— ugh…never mind. You shouldn't call me Tomoyo-sama." Tomoyo said carefully, "Do you mind if I introduced myself formally to you?"

"No need 'coz I already know you."

"But I insist."


"Well, I am Daidouji Tomoyo; I'm seventeen years of age. I came from Tomoeda, a small town in Japan. I came here to accomplish my mission. I live with my mother and sensei back there." Tomoyo introduced herself politely. "You can call me Tomoyo with any honorifics but –sama is strictly not allowed. They also call me plum blossom. It is nice to meet you."

"I'm Akizuki Nakuru also known as Ruby Moon. I'm the moon guardian of E—your fiancé. I'm sorry but I'm not the one to introduce him to you." Nakuru said cheerfully. "No need to be formal. Hope we could be friends, Tomoyo-chan."

"I'm sure we'll be." Tomoyo smiled.

"You are so gorgeous. I need to take you to master before he get impatient. I'm also here to help you dress." Nakuru said and do her job.

"It's okay really. I don't need help in changing my clothes." Tomoyo said as Nakuru 'help' her unbutton her shirt. "I'm old enough to change myself."

"It's my duty. Master will get mad if you're not yet ready."

"I have a question, Akizuki-san." Tomoyo said.

"Please call me Nakuru." Nakuru corrected.

"Nakuru-san, what is your master is like?" Tomoyo inquired.

"He's intelligent and handsome."

"Not his looks. I don't care about that. What I mean is his attitude." Tomoyo said.

"Oh." She whispered, "He's calm and quiet. He's also such a gentleman."

"Is he kind?" Tomoyo asked.

"Yes, very. He's a kind-hearted person. Do you want to know more? I guess master won't mind me telling." Nakuru said. Tomoyo nodded attentively wanting to hear more.

"Of course I'll not mind you, Ruby Moon, telling about myself." a male voice said from the door. Tomoyo turned her head to see a blue haired man with spectacles covering his deep azure eyes. "But I would be glad to introduce myself in front of such a charming lady myself."

"Okay, master. I'll just leave you two here." Nakuru said with a smile. "By the way, how long have you been in there?"

"Not too long ago." He replied and Nakuru exited the room shortly. He turned his attention to a blushing Tomoyo.

"Good morning, mademoiselle." He greeted.

"Good morning." Tomoyo greeted as polite she can be. "I'm certain that I haven't met you yet. May I introduce myself?" She smiled as he nodded amusedly. "I'm Daidouji Tomoyo, I'm sent here to pursue my mission. I'm from Tomoeda back in Japan. I'm a descendant of the plum princess Ume. I'm also the bearer of the dark moonstone. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Well, you're such a charming lady." He smiled and gazed at her with his dark azure pools, "I'm Hiiragizawa Eriol, reincarnation of the great Clow Reed. It is a pleasure to meet you." He took hold of her right hand and kissed it gently making color on Tomoyo's pale face. "I'm sure you know I am your fiancé. It is a great opportunity for me."

"Uh…I don't know about that." Tomoyo raised her eyebrow noticing Eriol hasn't let go of her hand, "Let's go back to business now. Do you know how we can stop other clans' evil plans against the dark moonstone? Or you have strategies on how to destroy them? We really need to think quickly."

"Hey slow down. We just need to wait for them to attack. I have built an invisible barrier so they can't harm you." He has a glint of mischief in his eyes, "But I didn't say I'll not do anything to you. I'm your fiancé and you're my fiancée."

"We have no time for that. We need to work." Tomoyo said firmly.

"Exactly, this is what we need to work with—our relationship." Eriol said emphasizing his last statement.

"But that's a waste of time! I came here to protect the stone and to—"

"Marry me. That's what your mission." Eriol explained. "Let's go now and we'll go eat some breakfast."

"But—" Tomoyo protested.

"No buts." Eriol said and dragged her outside her room.

Tomoyo sighed. 'This would be a long day, I'm positive of it.' She thought and sighed again.

"You're most definitely right, little tenshi."

"Stop reading my mind!" Tomoyo protested. "And stop calling me 'little tenshi'!"

"I'll do if you stop protesting." Eriol said.

Tomoyo just pouted.

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