Dark Moonstone

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Chapter 2

They ate their breakfast quietly and Nakuru offered to tour Tomoyo around the manor. Eriol, however, wants to spend time with Tomoyo so Nakuru gave way for her master.

Tomoyo was not so glad about the turn of events and decided to go up to her room. The door closed before Eriol can even set a finger inside her room. His elegant nose was bleeding from the accident. Tomoyo felt that she have hit somebody with the door and opened it again to see Eriol clutching his bleeding nose.

"Oh my, why is your nose bleeding?" Tomoyo let him in and sat him at her bed, "You're so careless!"

"Excuse me but you're the one who caused this." He said looking up to stop the bleeding. "A lady shouldn't be slamming her door."

"Well, I'm not your average lady." Tomoyo said, hands on her hips. "Just shut your mouth while I get some ice."

"No it's okay." He said and waved his hands. A pack of ice appeared on Tomoyo's hands.

"Show-off mage." Tomoyo muttered.

"Pardon?" Eriol asked.

"You must've been hearing things." Tomoyo said and pressed the pack of ice to his nose. "I think you can hold this, can't you?"

"Ah. Of course, of course I can." Eriol took the pack.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Not really."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." Eriol replied.

"Really, really sure?"

"Really, really sure times a hundred."

"I don't believe you." Tomoyo said and pressed Eriol's nose making him wince. "See?"

"Alright, it hurts." Eriol admitted. "I just don't want to worry you."

"Yeah, right, whatever, I know you can heal it by your magic." Tomoyo said. "Why are you here anyway?"

"Uh…I just want to spend some precious time with my precious." Eriol said.

"I think I heard that line before…" Tomoyo pondered and placed a finger on her chin, "Yeah. You sound like that Smeagol from the movie 'The Lord of the Rings'."

"Hey are you saying that I look like an ugly creature to you?" Eriol asked amusedly.

"NO! Of course, not, I mean you don't look like that creature just the dialogue he always says." Tomoyo explained.

"So…do you want to spend time with me? I'll tour around the house if you like." Eriol offered.

"Okay." Tomoyo agreed.

"I thought you won't agree that easily." Eriol said thoughtfully.

"It's because I hit you earlier." Tomoyo said, "I'm really sorry."

"It's okay to me." Eriol said.

"Where shall you bring me?" Tomoyo inquired.

"Why don't we go to the mall?" Eriol suggested, "For you to relax and enjoy your stay here. But then again, you might live here with me after we are married."

"The mall? Okay with me…I'll buy some school stuff." Tomoyo said. "Besides, I think it is a nice idea to know you better."

"I'm glad to know that. So get ready now." Eriol said, Tomoyo shooked her head. "Why?"

"I'm okay with this. I'll just get my purse." Tomoyo said and looked down at her outfit. She wore a purple tube tank with butterfly design on the center and denim skirt with gold belt. She also wears her matching purple flats and purple earrings. "Why, is this not good enough?"

"It's nice but you may attract a lot of attention with that outfit. I wanted to be the only person who can see you like that."

"It's not like I'm gonna flirt with boys there. I got you, you know." Tomoyo smiled, "Yeah, You're right. I need to wear heels or something higher than this with you towering above me."

"It's not like that." Eriol reasoned.

"But I heard it wrong." Tomoyo smiled. "Don't worry you know you can hold me."

Eriol just grinned. Then Tomoyo went to get her matching purse at her closet and placed her important belongings on it. She likes matching things.

"Why is it you don't think much anymore?" Eriol asked as they went inside his Night Blue Metallic BMW 760Li Yachtline.

"I have nothing to think about and I know for sure that you'll read my mind so if ever I think I think inside my mind's mind. It's weird but it's worth it." Tomoyo said and noticed something, "Do you like cars? I've noticed that you have lots."

"I do." Eriol replied and started the engine.

Tomoyo gave a small laugh. They drove to the mall smoothly. While they are on the way, Tomoyo began a conversation.

"Is blue your favorite color?" Tomoyo asked approaching Eriol with a smile.

"Not really, it is black." Eriol replied focusing on the road.

"…So how old are you now?" Tomoyo asked too curiously. "I think you should tell me about yourself 'coz I bet that you know almost all about me."

"I'm eighteen." He replied.

"And," Tomoyo want him to continue. She unconsciously played with her necklace, which really is the moonstone.

"I'm your fiancé and I love you."

"Huh?" Tomoyo said dumbfounded

"I'm not going to repeat what I have said."

"Mou! I know what you said. I'm just shocked." Tomoyo said all too casually in attempt to fight her blush. Damn my blushing cheeks! Tomoyo thought.

"It is okay if you blush sometimes." Eriol stated obviously reading her mind.

Oh! I forgot to think inside my mind's mind. Hey Eriol, don't read my mind. Tomoyo thought and spoke to him inside her mind.

Why not? You look very charming when you blush. It is very…cute. Eriol chuckled.

I didn't think that you have such words in your vocabulary. Tomoyo giggled.

Eriol looked at her strangely. "Then don't underestimate me." Eriol replied.

"Yeah, right, whatever. I won't underestimate you anymore." Tomoyo said. I'll just mock you…

"Don't you dare, Tomoyo…" Eriol said.

"Oh right, As if I'll obey your commands." Tomoyo stuck out her tongue on him. "Is the mall near here?"

"Yeah, I'll just turn to that street," Eriol said and pointed, "Then there's the mall." He turns to the street and parked the car.

"Oh my, this is a good place shop." Tomoyo muttered but Eriol heard her.

"It sure is." Eriol said and holds her hand to pull her to him. "Let's go."

They shopped until Tomoyo's feet cannot take it anymore and they decided to eat lunch on the food court.

"This is great." Tomoyo said with a smile, completely comfortable with Eriol now. She doesn't care if Eriol holds her hands possessively. "Eriol-san,"

"Hmmm…" Eriol asked wordlessly as he looked at Tomoyo.

"Why did you accept to be my betrothed?" Tomoyo asked seriously, "I'm just curious."

"It's because of the dream I had that I should marry the 10th descendant of princess Ume." Eriol replied.

"What if there's no 10th descendant, who will you marry?" Tomoyo asked again.

"I'll marry no one." Eriol said truthfully.


"Because there will be no one that I'll love. If you're not here then I'll remain single." Eriol said.

"That's impossible. Of course your clan will have somebody for you to marry." Tomoyo said. "Fate always have things in store for us."

Eriol shooked his head, "There'll be none. I have arranged our marriage myself." Eriol elucidated, "And you're the one in my dream. Besides, Fate has nothing to do with these. It's Destiny, my dear little tenshi."

"Hey! I said stop calling me that!" Tomoyo pouted.

"I also said that I'll stop if you stop complaining." Eriol grinned, "And you really looked like an angel. My only angel."

"Yeah and you're my little devil." Tomoyo said sarcastically.

"I see that you have a cute name for me." Eriol said, "What's our next stop?" Eriol asked when he saw Tomoyo's finished with her food. "I thought you'll never finish with your food."

"That's because I'm chatting with you!"

"Okay." Eriol sighed, "Well, where are we going next?"

"Why, are you tired of carrying my things?" Tomoyo asked, concerned. "I could help you."

"No, no, I'm doing fine and I'm strong, right?" Eriol said.

"You sure?" Tomoyo asked.

"Really, times a hundred and I you don't believe me, I can still carry you with all these things." Eriol said, smiling, "You want me to show you?"

"NO!" Tomoyo shrieked when Eriol picked her up on a lover's carry. "Put me down! We're on public you know!"

"I know my little tenshi." Eriol grinned, seeing that they're attracting more attention, "And I know that people are starting to look. So I'll put you down but if ever you don't believe me, I'll do that again."

"Yeah, I'll believe you every time from now on." Tomoyo said. "Hey, wittle wevil, do you know about the Card Mistress?"

"Ah, of course I know her, my little tenshi." Eriol replied, "She's the heir of my powers but she's in your clan. That's one of the reason our clans' getting closer. It will be tied as soon as our wedding takes place."

"Do you know that the Card Mistress is my cousin? And she is engaged to a certain Li Xiaolang?" Tomoyo asked again, with a frown, as she felt Eriol's holding her hand despite the load he's carrying.

"Yes, she is Kinomoto Sakura, daughter of the half-incarnation of Clow Reed, Kinomoto Fujitaka. But it seems that the memories are with me." Eriol replied with a smile.

"She's on vacation somewhere, I've heard." Tomoyo said.

"She's here in England. They've just arrived before you from Hong Kong." Eriol stated, "Where are we going again?"

"At your house." Tomoyo said.

"Our home." Eriol corrected.

"Yeah, right, we're going home now. I'm tired." Tomoyo sighed.

"You seem enthusiastic, my dear little tenshi." Eriol laughed.

"I think it's because I'm warming on you." Tomoyo smiled just as Eriol did.

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