The Girl Who Loved a Monster By Metal Overlord 2.0

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"Help me, please help me." The voice called out of the darkness. Aside from that single pleading voice, the voice that had been haunting Raven's dreams for weeks, no other sound reached her ears. Night after night the dream remained exactly the same: a voice, broken and pleading, calling to Raven from the darkness begging for her to help her. The darkness around her resonated with the voice's mournful pleas making it seem to come from all around her.

"Who are you? Why are you calling me?" Raven asked. But the darkness gave her no answer. This was really starting to annoy Raven. "How can I possibly help you If I don't even know who you are? Why should I even help you at all?" she demanded. Again silence. She knew it was pointless. In all the dreams she had never gotten, and probably never would get, an answer. It was probably just her mind playing tricks on her.

"Well, whoever you are, stop wasting my time, I have better things to do than stand here wasting my time listening to some disembodied voice." She said with an air of indifference and annoyance to the darkness. Just as she turned to leave the voice spoke to her again. This time she thought she could detect an edge of despair. "Please. I-I don't want to be alone anymore. I don't want to be here in the dark. Please help me, you're the only one who knows how." It said solemnly in barely more than a whisper.

That stopped her cold. While Raven may have seemed cold and indifferent at times she wasn't heartless. And truth be told the voice's words struck a chord in her own heart, unpleasant memories of times when she had felt similar feelings of despair and misery stirred causing a faint twinge of sympathy for whoever it was who was asking for her help. Could she really turn her back on whoever was calling her? Especially if they were suffering as much as they sounded like they were. Before she could answer she felt herself waking up.

Raven woke with a start, clinging to her sheets tightly. After getting her breathing under control she lay back down. Glancing at her clock she saw that it was only 3:12 am. The others were probably still asleep. Unlike them Raven had not been getting enough sleep ever since these stupid dreams had started and it was really starting to wear her down. "If I don't get some sleep I'm going to lose it completely. God, I hope Beast Boy isn't going to pull another one of his stupid pranks today, I'm just not in the mood". She said to no one in particular. Some time later Raven began to doze off. Once more the darkness surrounded her and with it the voice.

"Help me. Please, help me" the voice said just as it had always whenever she fell asleep. Driven partly by her conscience as well as the urge to just answer the voice so it would quit bugging her Raven sighed and spoke into the shadows. "I don't know if you can hear me but I want to help." Raven said to the voice wondering if she would even get a response. Part of her still believed this was a figment of her imagination. "The problem is, I don't know where you are or even if I can trust you." She said.

With that her thought's turned briefly to Malchior and couldn't help but wonder if this was his doing. The last thing she needed was to be strung along and then stabbed in the back again the way that two-faced dragon had. Raven didn't know if she could ever get over that horrible ordeal. She had trusted Malchior with her heart and soul drawn to his promises of no longer being alone. And he had betrayed her. Had used her and cast her aside like a piece of trash. Or maybe this was her father, Trigon's work, some ploy to lull her into releasing him before she was supposedly prophesied to. And in doing so dooming the entire world to suffer by his hand for all of eternity. Neither one of the scenarios were particularly appealing to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the voice as it spoke again but what it said next genuinely surprised her. "I understand that you don't trust me. If you knew who, no what, I am or the things I had done you'd probably leave me here to rot. I don't know if anyone could ever trust me being what I have become. I have done horrible things that I am forced to relive every second that I dwell here in this place. Every day I have to fight with everything I have to keep my growing madness at bay. I'm asking, no I'm begging you. Will you help me?" It said and then fell silent. The darkness around her seemed to thicken pressing in from all sides as though the shadows themselves were awaiting her answer.

Raven stood there in the dark letting the words that the voice had said sink in. There was no way to fake the sorrow she had heard in that voice. It was neither a veiled command nor an empty promise, merely the pained pleas of some wretched being who needed her aid. Taking a deep breath she replied quietly. "Yes, I will help you." For a moment there was silence. Then Raven began to hear a noise she couldn't identify at first but then realized that the voice was crying. For a terrible moment she thought that she had responded too late and that the owner of the voice had finally snapped. But then the voice spoke again this time she could feel a sense of hope in it, a sense of joy.

"Thank you, thank you. You have no idea how…well, happy, you've made me. It's funny really, I didn't think I'd ever feel joy again." As it said this Raven couldn't help but smile just a little at the joy she could sense in the voice. He sounds just like a little kid who found out he can go outside and play she thought to herself. Then a thought came to her making her blink in realization. "Um, how exactly am I supposed to find you? You really haven't told me where exactly you are." She said.

When the voice spoke again Raven swore that she could hear an air of sheepishness in it. "Oh, I apologize for that. It's been so long since I have spoken to anyone that I got a little off track. If you travel to Japan you will find me two hundred kilometers southwest of Kyoto. Look for a tomb with a symbol of a serpent swallowing its tail on the doorway. That's the symbol that was used by my…former master." When it said the words 'former master' Raven thought she could sense a touch of bitterness. " I must warn you. The tomb will be guarded. When I was sealed away in this tomb my captors took steps to ensure that I never see the light of day. I know what I ask is great and I also understand that you have your own life to live. I won't force you to help me if you don't wish. I do wish to be free, but not if it meant someone else losing their life in the attempt".

Although Raven wouldn't admit it she was somewhat touched that this person was worried about her safety. It felt kind of nice. Suddenly Raven heard another voice and recognized the energetic banter as Starfire. "Friend Raven, friend Raven please wake up it is time for breakfast. Friend Raven?" She said with a little concern. "It would seem you are being summoned by one of your friends. Very well I won't take anymore of your time. Until we meet in person farewell." The voice said growing fainter. "Wait! Could you at least tell me your name? Hello?" Raven shouted. Just before she woke up Raven heard a single word whispered from the waning shadows. "Zeruge".

With a great degree of difficulty Raven managed to untangle herself from the knot of covers she had wrapped herself up in as she had been asleep. Throwing her blue cloak over her she opened the door to the sight of her teammate Starfire. The red-haired alien floated there breaking into a large smile at the sight of her friend. "Morning Starfire is Cyborg up? I need to talk to him about something." She said sleepily. Starfire nodded. Aside from her green eyes, Starfire looked no different from any other person on Earth. Well except when she was in a fight. The sight of her flying around, lifting objects dozens of times her own weight, and blasting opponents with her starbolts was a pretty big clue that she wasn't human. In truth she was a princess of the planet Tamaran who had come to live with the Titans in order to learn the ways of Earth folk. Well, that and have a less-than-subtle-crush on Robin who was the official leader of the team. Starfire's cheerful attitude and optimistic personality made her a very enjoyable member of the team, although her cooking skills were a thing to be greatly feared.

"He is in the living room playing on the station of games with Beast-Boy. I believe he will be done shortly." She said pointing down the hall. "Thanks, I think I'll make myself some tea while I wait. I'm a little burned out from last night." Raven replied suppressing a yawn. She walked along the hallway until she came into the living room. As usual Cyborg and Beast-Boy were on the couch their attention focused on their videogame. For the life of her Raven could never figure out what those two saw in those games. She personally enjoyed quieter ways to amuse herself such as books and the occasional movie. She sat down in a corner after making herself a cup of her favorite herbal tea and waited for Cyborg to finish his game with Beast-Boy.

While she waited Raven reflected on the name the dream voice had said it's name was. What kind of name was Zeruge? It wasn't exactly the kind of name you'd expect a parent in their right mind to name their child. On the other hand neither was Cyborg, Robin, or Beast-Boy. It sounded like a demon name. With that thought a horrible suspicion flooded her. What if it was a demon? A grim image formed of her opening a doorway and finding it occupied by some horrific beast. She imagined it leering at her mockingly repeating its previous pleas for help as it tore her apart. With her spectacularly crappy judgment of people she wouldn't be surprised.

But even as Raven wrestled with this idea her instincts began to doubt that was the case. If this 'Zeruge' really was evil, then why warn her about the danger knowing that it would be powerless to stop her if she walked away? Raven supposed it could have just been an act of stupidity on Zeruge's part or maybe an act of deception but she wasn't sure. There had been honesty in that voice that couldn't be faked. Whoever Zeruge was it wasn't evil. At least not anymore she thought recalling what it had said. If you knew who, no what I was you'd probably leave me here to rot it had said. "So, it's basically a choice between risking life and limb to come to the aid of some mysterious disembodied voice halfway across the world. Or I could just stay home with the guys and enjoy a thrilling routine of meditation, brooding, drinking tea and more brooding."Raven pondered quietly to herself raising her cup of tea to her lips.

One deafening call of 'BOO-YAHH!' later a royally aggravated Raven was swearing in her native Azerathian tongue trying to wring hot tea out of her now-soaked leotard. Meanwhile Cyborg continuedgloating over his latest victory over Beast-Boy, who, having been trounced yet again, was now slumped on the couch groaning in defeat. "You know, Japan's looking reeaall nice right about now." Raven grumbled managing to keep her sudden urge to turn Cyborg into a hood ornament under control. As much as Raven wanted to wring Cyborg's neck for making her waste a perfectly good cup of tea, not to mention her leotard AND her cloak, neither of which was easy to wash, Raven managed to calm herself before she blew something up. If she wanted to use Cyborg's ship to get to Japan she had to be nice to him, and the last time she checked throttling people wasn't a great way to get on their good side. Seeing her chance Raven went over to Cyborg as he grabbed a soda out of the fridge. "Morning Cyborg, hey, I know this is going to sound kind of weird but can I borrow the ship for a while?" Raven asked.

Cyborg turned around and gave Raven the same look that a parent might give a child asking for the keys to their car. "Huh? What for?" He asked her a little suspiciously. By far the largest member of the Titans Cyborg was a tall African-American teen athlete who had been modified with a number of cybernetic limbs and weapons following a freak accident. His sheer strength combined with his wide arsenal of weaponry including missile launchers, lasers and a sonic cannon built into each arm made him an invaluable addition to the team, not to mention he was a crack mechanic having developed all of the Titan's weapons and vehicles. "It won't be too long. I just need it for a while I'll have it back before dark I promise." She said anxious to leave as soon as possible. Cyborg still looked uncertain. He valued his ship almost as much as he loved his car, which was saying something since the two were practically inseparable.

"Awww c'mon Cy. It's not like she's going to wreck it or anything. She is pretty good at flying the ship." Beast-Boy said butting into the conversation. The green-skinned changeling was in a sense the comic relief of the Titans. When he wasn't perfecting his latest prank or getting into mischief, which was often the young teen could be quite effective in a pinch. His ability to shape shift into any animal gave him a wide arsenal of tactics ranging from stealth in smaller forms like insects or birds, to frontal assaults with forms like Rhino, Grizzly, Elephant and his ace card, T-Rex.

With a sigh Cyborg tossed Raven the keys to the ship. "Okay, okay just don't scratch it okay? I just waxed it yesterday." He told her sitting back down and reaching for the controller. "Thanks" She said quickly. Raven decided to book it to the ship before Starfire showed up wanting to do 'the girl talk' as she put it. Climbing into the cockpit of the sleek orange spaceship that also doubled as a submarine she fired up the controls. Although she was a good pilot Raven decided to put the ship on auto-pilot after punching in the coordinates she had received from Zeruge's instructions. Before take-off she considered asking the others for help but decided against it. Whatever she encountered in Japan she could handle it on her own.

As the ship flew Raven fell asleep. To her surprise the voice was no longer calling her. Either it knew she was coming or it was no longer able to communicate. Raven hoped the latter wasn't the case. Despite her doubts and suspicions about Zeruge he didn't seem like a bad person. After a few hours the ship reached the outskirts of Japan (an impressive feat to say the least since the Titans HQ was in America!). Waking up from her nap Raven took the controls and began to zero in on the coordinates. Now that she was actually here Raven started looking around for anything that might be considered a tomb. As she cleared a peak of trees she saw something off in the distance. As she flew closer Raven couldn't help but gape at what she saw.

The 'tomb' was in reality an enormous Mausoleum. At least the size of a large house it was covered in small pieces of paper. As Zeruge had said the door to the tomb was marked by a mammoth inscription of a serpent swallowing its tail. The crumbling walls of the tomb were riddled with cracks and fissures. "Nice place. Real cheerful." Raven thought sarcastically. Setting down the ship nearby in a clearing Raven stepped out and stopped for a moment looking at the land around her. Normally the area should have been lush with trees and vegetation as well as being populated by wildlife. Instead only a barren, parched ring of dead grass surrounded the tomb. The ground seemed to be littered with some kind of black powder suffocating the plant life leaving only a few withered trees which were gnarled and deformed their twisted branches reaching skyward resembling the grasping withered hands of a witch.

Kneeling down Raven took a pinch of the black powder between her fingers and sniffing at it. Immediately she recoiled from the foul stench that the powder seemed to give off. "If I didn't know better I'd swear this was…brimstone? But what would brimstone be doing here?" It didn't add up but deep down an uneasy feeling was beginning to coil in her gut. Something had tainted this land, something powerful and very wicked, she could taste it in the air. But for an aura to remain in a place for so long meant that whatever had made it had been incredibly strong. Disturbed by this thought Raven tried to put her troubling thoughts behind her focusing on the tomb itself. Now that she was able to examine them the pieces of paper she had seen were in fact talismans. Thousands of them covered the tomb except for the doorway which was untouched.

The uneasiness in her only intensified at the presence of these talismans. These seals had been made at the expense of a person's life in order to contain whatever was inside the temple. For so many people to sacrifice their lives to power these talismans it must have been of the greatest importance to keep whatever was in there locked up. "What kind of creature could be so strong as to require such powerful magic?" Raven wondered not sure if she really wanted to find out. Briefly her thoughts returned to the image she had woven about unleashing some horrible monster. While it had seemed an unlikely fantasy at the time, the sight of such desperate steps of containment was slowly given her previous fear form and substance.

Still, Raven couldn't take the risk of abandoning Zeruge. She would never live with herself if she later found out that it had been telling her the truth only to be left behind because of her fears and doubts. With an effort she gathered her courage and approached the door. Seeing no handle or keyhole anywhere on the door Raven decided to try to lift it. Concentrating Raven began to chant the incantation she had used so many times throughout the course of her life. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos…" She chanted. Focusing her power Raven enveloped the huge door in dark energy and began to lift. To her surprise the door began to rise into a slot set above the entrance.

Suddenly a searing pain tore through Raven nearly breaking her concentration. Opening her eyes she saw arks of white lightning emerging from the talismans in an attempt to stop her from opening the tomb. As hard as she could, Raven tried to block out the pain and focus solely on the door. As it moved upwards more and more lightning erupted from the seals making it almost unbearable. With a final effort Raven put all of her strength into the door and it completely opened. Almost reluctantly the talismans ceased their attack. Raven stood in the doorway panting from the effort. "When Zeruge said the tomb was guarded he wasn't kidding. I haven't even entered the place and I'm already exhausted."

Now that the door was open Raven peered inside. The tomb's entire interior was shrouded in darkness. A smell of stale air drifted out along with the sickeningly sweet smell of decay. Taking a few steps inside Raven began to make out mounds of small, unidentifiable objects scattered throughout the tomb. As her eyes adjusted to the dark a chill ran up her spine as she saw that the mounds were composed of bones. Hundreds of them lay scattered across the floor all in various stages of decomposition. Lining the walls was a collection of ancient weapons ranging from axes, swords, hammers, and spears to things Raven couldn't even begin to guess were for and frankly didn't want to.

As she stared at the vast array of weapons a loud grinding noise pierced the silence. Whirling around Raven saw the door suddenly slam shut like a guillotine blade. For a moment she was blind fumbling around in the dark trying not to panic. Then a pair of torches blazed to life with green flames flooding the tomb in sickly green light. Reaching the far side of the tomb Raven saw something on the wall. It was partially concealed by the shadows cast by the torches but she thought she could make out a vague man-sized outline. Then a second pair of torches lit revealing the object in gruesome clarity. Now, Raven was about as tough as they come having seen things along the course of her life that would makemost people's hair turn white. But even she had tobite back a scream at the sight of the…thing chained to the wall.

Hanging from the wall was a large armored corpse bound in chains. Its face was covered by a mask made of silver that was featureless save for two deep cavernous eyeholes and a mark on the forehead identical to the image on the tomb's door. The body was encased in a suit of armor that was seemingly made from solid obsidian fashioned in the style of traditional samurai armor. Hundreds of chains wrapped around it leaving it hanging from the wall by its arms as if it had been crucified. Its hands hung limp as rags each covered with a large metal gauntlet ending in clawed fingers like the talons of a bird of prey. It had obviously been here for ages as a mass of cobwebs and dust wove through it's limbs like a thick shroud. Raven hadn't known what to expect to find at the tomb, but it certainly hadn't been this. For all intents and purposes it seemed like the tomb's sole purpose had been to guard this body.

As Raven examined the corpse she spied a piece of paper yellow torn and faded from age stuck to it's chest. Hesitantly Raven plucked it from it's resting place blowing off a cloud of ancient dust making her eyes water a little. At first glance it looked similar to the talismans outside but on closer inspection it appeared to be written in an ancient dialect. Deciphered the paper read:

Here sleeps the demon Zeruge, damned to this place for all time.

Only through the blood of a witch will he walk among the living once more

Neither good nor evil he waits in suffering for the dark angel to free him from his pain.

A warrior by heart he is bound to the will of his master, the demon Orochimaru.

Should he again serve at his master's side the world will be cast into shadow.

But with the aid of five great warriors and the love of the daughter of darkness he shall regain his lost honor and restore balance to the world.

For a long time Raven simply stood there in shock. She never would have believed that the motionless corpse in front of her was the same person who had spoken to her these past few weeks if it were not for the paper in her trembling hand. "Could this really be Zeruge? Wait, dark angel? It couldn't be referring to me, could it?" She wondered. Raven couldn't help but hope this wasn't the case. There were more than enough prophecies floating around involving her as it is, none of which were particularly pleasant. After reading the paper she wondered if this really was one of her father's tricks, but the strange symbol on the mask disproved that theory. Trigon was an egomaniac who seemed to have a compulsive urge to put his symbol, a fiery red 'S', on everything he either made, owned or destroyed, it was kind of his trademark logo. But the symbol on the figure's mask was of a completely different design. "Does this mean my father wasn't the only demon lord in existence?" Raven wondered aloud. Before she could speculate any further a whistling sound came to her ears. She ducked just in time to dodge a spear now imbedded in the wall where she had been standing a few seconds ago.

Raven turned to see that the various bones were pulling together into a dozen skeletal warriors. As soon as they formed they began to remove weapons from the walls and advanced their intention all too clear. "Oooh, scary, murderous skeleton warriors. Like that's really going to- Raven started to say before a skeleton leapt at her with astonishing speed swinging a katana overhead in a deadly arc. Rolling to the side Raven saw another skeleton lunge at her before the first skeleton's blade struck the floor with a clang this one thrusting a knife at her.

This time she blocked it with a shield of black magic retaliating with a fierce energy bolt reducing the undead soldier to dust. Before Raven could stop to draw a breath two more of the skeletons charged her one with a large axe while the other aimed a rusty spear at her heart. Spotting a skeleton armed with a huge hammer she grabbed it and flung the skeleton at the other two all three smashing together with a crunch. Despite the damage she was doing Raven knew she was in trouble. The skeletons were relentless in their attack one after the other lashing out with unbelievable speed and strength. Soon the remaining eight had backed her up against the wall where Zeruge's body hung.

"I hope that text didn't mean I had to die to wake Zeruge up. Because that's gonna be a serious possibility if I don't get out of here." She said trying to figure out which skeleton would attack next. She got her answer when the second from the right flung a dagger at her. Raven managed to block it not seeing the skeleton with the katana attack her until it was too late. Raven screamed in pain as the sword pierced through her shoulder and into Zeruge's chest pinning her against his body like a butterfly on display. Before she could say a spell the skeleton's bony hand clamped over her mouth preventing her from fighting back. Raven's breaths came in short shallow gasps as blood began to trickle down her cloak staining it red. She watched helplessly as the skeleton let go of the katana embedded in her and grabbing another one from a nearby soldier. Lifting it over it's head it brought it down for the killing blow. Raven closed her eyes waiting for the end.

Suddenly an armored claw lunged forward grabbing her would-be executioner by the skull. Turning her head Raven's eyes widened at the sight of the body stir. The head rose up and a low croaking voice emerged from deep within the mask. "Leave her alone". With that it slammed the skeleton against the wall next to it the brittle skull erupting into a powder of crushed bone. Dropping the skeleton it grasped the handle of the sword and gently slid it out of Raven's shoulder. Dropping to the ground Raven watched in amazement as the body tore its other arm out from the wall the chains snapping like twigs. It fell in a heap on the floor of the tomb. As it rose shakily to its feet the chains slid off with a thunderous racket. For a moment it stood there a haggard wheezing coming from the body. Then with a crack it broke the mask with its fist revealing its face.

The creature had dark gray skin and pointed ears. A mat of filthy black hair covered its scalp coated with dust. But what really drew Raven's attention were the eyes. Large and bright the eyes were completely yellow except for black pupils in the form of slits reminding her of cat eyes. For a second its eyes locked on to Raven's a mixture of surprise and curiosity on its face. Raven had never seen such fascinating eyes and for a moment she could only lie there in silence. Then a fresh stab of pain forced her to clutch her injured shoulder. Its gaze turned to her bloodstained shoulder and its curiosity changed to concern. Kneeling down it removed her hand from her shoulder examining the wound carefully. Placing its hand on her wound it closed its eyes and started to glow with black energy. Gradually the pain faded to a dull ache. When it removed its hand Raven saw to her astonishment that the wound had fully healed.

Turning to thank the demon Raven watched in shock as it began to lap up the blood that had gotten on its gauntlet. A long tongue slid out licking the metal clean of her blood with the manner of a feline cleaning itself. In a flash the meaning of the message was realized. In order to be freed Raven had to use her own blood to reanimate him. That was why he had called her, because of her demon blood! Stunned by the realization Raven simply lay on the ground as the demon finished its meal. "Zeruge?" she whispered in disbelief. His ears twitching at the name the demon turned to her blood still on its face. Despite his fearsome appearance Raven wasn't afraid of him for some reason. He nodded at her his eyes looking at her with a strange intensity. "Are you the one who released me?" He asked her quietly his voice a low purr. When she nodded Zeruge wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "Thank you, thank you, how can I ever repay you?" He said his voice overflowing with emotion.

Raven was too thunderstruck to respond. This was about the last thing she would have expected Zeruge to do in her weakened state. Eat her? Most likely. Maim her? Maybe. But HUG her? That she hadn't seen coming. Normally Raven's first impulse would have been to blast anyone who would dare to lay a hand on her to another dimension but the utter surreality of her situation, not to mention her weakness from massive blood loss, was screwing with her thought process more than a little. So all she could do was lay there while a creature that by all rights should have been snacking on her mangled corpse was holding her in his arms and treating her like she was his savior.

Perhaps sensing her discomfort he released his grip on her rising to his feet. "Umm, sorry about that. It's been ages since I've seen another living creature, I guess I should be lucky that the first person I see in a couple hundred years should be such a lovely young lady." He said with a grin. At this Raven couldn't help but blush a little. "But I believe I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to properly introduce myself I am Zeruge the demon swordsman, at your service. Might I inquire the name of my rescuer?" He asked arching an eyebrow. "Raven my name is Raven. I'm not really the one who freed you. I mean, I did kind of but it was sort of an accident." She mumbled wishing he wouldn't stare at her like that. Something wierd was going on in her head at the moment. Murky feelings she hadn't felt since the incident with Malchior were starting to bubble to the surface. If Raven didn't know any better she would have sworn she was starting to grow...fond of this guy?

"Ahh, Raven is it? I like that name, very alluring. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you Raven. Although I can't help but wish it was under better circumstances. As for freeing me, I believe this is proof of your part in my awakening." With that he removed the armor surrounding his chest revealing a highly muscled frame that Raven couldn't help but stare at. Noticing her rapt attention to his muscular figure Zeruge cracked a wry grin. "Although I'm flattered by your staring I was in fact referring to this." He said gesturing to a spot on his left bicep. Raven saw a deep wound over his heart that was fairly recent. "You see, when that skeleton stabbed you the blade managed to pierce my armor and buried itself in my heart. When your blood on the blade entered my body I was able to awaken from my state of hibernation." He explained.

At the mention of the skeletons Raven saw past Zeruge and saw them about to attack again. "GET DOWN!" She yelled as a skeleton wielding a club leapt at Zeruge.The demon warriorinsticntively dropped flat to the ground while Raven used what power she could muster to blast teh skeleton to bits with a blast of dark magic. Zeruge whistled in admiration eyeing her handiwork. "Wow, well that explains how you got in here at least. But you better let me handle the rest of these guys. Your wound may be healed but your still weak from loss of blood and I wouldn't want to have you get hurt." He told her putting himself between Raven and the seven remaining skeletons. Raven was about to reply with a comment about how she could take care of herself and she didn't need someone to babysit her when a dizzy spell overtook her making her head swim a little.

"Ugh, maybe I should sit this one out after all. Okay fine, but you better not get yourself killed after all of the crap I went through to wake you up or I swear I'll bring you back to life just so I can kick your ass all over again." She said trying to sound as menacing as possible. Zeruge flashed a toothy grin. "Yes ma'am. In that case I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show." He said with a dramatic bow.With a growl Zeruge archedhis back while a large pair of leathery bat like wings sprouted then swept outward grandly. Stopping for a moment Zeruge paused to scratch the tip of his left wing. "Its about time I got that blasted itch. Any longer an I'd really had a reason to go crazy." He muttered in annoyance. He lifted his claws into the air and in a blast of flames two of the nastiest looking blades Raven had ever seen appeared in his hands. The swords were large and razor edged having a flowing curved design making them appear to have been forged from black liquid steel. They were every bit as beautiful as they were deadly.

With a roar Zeruge charged directly into the ranks of skeletons scattering them like bowling pins. Raven watched in awe as he flitted about his blades flashing in the green torchlight like twinkling stars. The skeletons were skilled fighters but were vastly outclassed by the ancient warrior. One of the skeletons shot an arrow at him the tip burying itself in his neck. With a snarl of pain and rage Zeruge grabbed the skeleton and delivered a savage head-butt caving its skull in like a piece of glass. A skeleton wielding two katanas lunged at Raven in an attempt to kill at least one of the intruders. Zeruge saw this and teleported in a flicker reappearing in front of Raven. With an air of casual ferocity he snapped the skeletons arms off and ran it through with his blades three times before ripping it in half.

Finally only three skeletons remained. Zeruge began to channel his energy into his gauntlets, which suddenly erupted into flames. Putting all of his remaining energy into the attack Zeruge incinerated the skeletons with an enormous blast of fire. The force of the attack obliterated the front of the tomb creating a gaping hole into which the setting sun shone through. Zeruge stood there for a minute or two relishing the feeling of blessed freedom. After centuries of imprisonment the feeling of the sun on his skin and the wind in his hair was pure bliss. He had almost forgotten how beautiful the sky was at this time of day. Turning aroundand made his way back to Raven who was still stunned by Zeruge's power. "Can you walk Raven?" Zeruge asked yanking the arrow out of his neck.

The question snapped Raven out of her daze."Umm, I think so." She said still a little stunnedafter Zeruge's little demonstration of his powers. Hell even Starfire would have had a tough time blasting down that wall but Zeruge had blown it to bits without even breaking a sweat. Zeruge nodded seemingly relieved. "Good I was a little worried for a second. That was a nasty wound you were given and even with my healing powers I was unsure if you were..."Zeruge started to say before he let out a large yawn showing off his fangs. "Are you alright?" She asked him. Zeruge picked up the arrow that had hit him and examined the tip carefully. A dark liquid was covering the end that had an unpleasant odor. With a sigh he dropped it on the ground. "Oh dear. It would seem that arrow was laced with a particularly lethal poison." He said like it was only a minor problem.

"Poison!" Raven said with alarm in her voice. Thinking that Zeruge was about to keel over she dragged herself to her feet as quickly as she could stmbling in the process. Reaching out Zeruge managed to catch her. For a second the two locked eyes as he held her once more in her arms. Raven couldn't help but notice how soft and gentle his grip was. Their faces were only inches apart and she could smell his scent, a kind of strange musky smell she found oddly pleasant. His eyes were like deep pools of honey she could lose herself in for hours. Realizing she was admiring him Raven suddenly tried to wriggle out of his grasp out of both embarrassment and so that she could get to the T-ship and get the medical pack inside. "Easy Raven, your still a little woozy." He said soothingly trying to keep her under control.

"But, but you just said you were poisoned! Don't you think we shoulddo something before you, I don't know, DIE!" She said irritated at his apparrent stupidity. Realizing why she was acting so worried Zeruge waved his hand dissmissively. "Ohthat! There'snothing to be worried about Raven. Poison doesn't affect demons the way it does regular people. All it does is make us very (yawn) sleepy…." He trailed off as he suddenly fell asleep leaning on her. Grumbling about how messed up the day had been Raven managed to get Zeruge into the cockpit next to her without too much difficulty. Typing in the coordinates for Jump City she settled in next to Zeruge with a sigh. "What am I going to do with you Zeruge?" She wondered aloud looking at the sleeping demon.

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