Disclaimer: I do not own Chicken Little or any other related characters. They are all property of Disney. This is just a fan story!

Chapter 1. A Father's view

All was calm and peaceful that morning. I had just made my way over to the bank to deposit some money. Mayor Lurkey was especially happy on this day because a golden statue of him was recently built in front of his office building.

My son was waiting patiently for me under the town's old oak tree enjoying the glorious weather. He looked pretty relaxed, almost asleep. Despite his size, he was quite a healthy kid, which was a great relief to me.

Ever since his mother passed away, he's been very quiet. He must feel lonely; I knew almost nothing about kids except for the fact that you gotta take care of them. I never really showed too much affection for him ever since she died. Or at all in his life.

As I was busy talking to the rabbit at the information desk, I heard loud gongs coming from outside. Everyone froze and the only voice that was heard was my son's. It seemed he was yelling something. I stared at the oak tree, he wasn't there. Instead he was at the top of the bell tower, pulling on the bell's rope with all his might.

"Everybody run! Duck for cover! Emergency! Run for your lives! Mayday! Code red!" was what he seemed to be shouting. The town suddenly went frantic and ran around screaming. I, of course, had no idea what was going on.

A firefighter in a fire truck had just pulled up to the school. He yelled up to my son, "Chicken Little, what is it? What's going on!"

My son responded, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

With the town nearly in ruins, the towns folk realized how crazy and ridiculous he was acting. "Are you crazy?" someone shouted.

My son rushed down to where everyone stood and guided them over to the oak tree he was relaxing at. "It happened over here! At the old oak tree! There's a piece of the sky somewhere around here and it looked like that!" he exclaimed while pointing to a stop sign.

"It looks like a stop sign?" a dog asked.

"Yes! Except it was blue and it had a cloud on it and it hit me on the head!" my son told, but suddenly something small plopped down from the oak tree and hit my son on the head.

I picked it up and tried to sound like I knew exactly what was happening, "Son, is this what hit you?" I asked.

My son took one look at me and instantly denied it, "No dad, it was definitely a piece of the sky,"

I ignored him and quickly stated the misunderstanding to the town. Everyone gave me an angry look and stomped off. Except for the press, who gathered around my son with microphones and video cameras.

Due to being enclosed by so many people, and the constant questions being asked, my son started stumbling over his words. The crowd was puzzled by his gibberish and recorded the moment on camera.

Ever since that day, my son Chicken Little, was known as the crazy little chicken who thought that the sky was falling. They had even created a movie and collectible merchandise because of it.

My son and I were both deeply humiliated.