Chapter 5. A mother's overlook

OOC: Big thanks to The Geeky Brunette for giving me this idea!


My poor, poor son…my sweet little boy. His life is at its hardest now. Not even my husband believes him. Nobody has given him a chance…

If I were down with him again, I would definitely just hold him close and tell him that it was alright. He's going through too much pain for a boy his age.

Buck, my husband, was staring at a family picture of all of us. But Chicken Little was only about four years old back then. They needed me there, I felt as though I had let them down…

I had to do something to help my son. As he sat on the roof top, he stared at one particularly bright star. He begged it for just a chance, just a chance to prove himself. To earn his father's love.

I had to help him, my one and only son needed me most. I did what no other angel could do without enough loving strength, I made a miracle happen.

The next day, Chicken Little had signed up for his school's baseball team. Everyone doubted his efforts at first but they'd all see what one little wish could do.

After two strikes, I granted his wish and set out the miracle. On the third swing he smacked the ball so hard he fell to the ground. The miracle had just begun…

He ran, at first the wrong way. But with a sudden yelp from his father, he immediately turned around. As he rounded the bases, the entire outfield was gaining on him.

He then sprinted and slid towards home. The fielder with the ball stuck to it's horn was launched for the plate at the same time.

Both of them collided and there was only a huge pile of dirt on top of my son. The base was completely covered. The fielder tagged him with the ball and it looked as though he was out.

But that was when the miracle took place. The umpire dusted off the dirt and uncovered the base. Chicken Little's foot was on it but just barely.

And with that, he had won the pennant, gained his father's pride in him, and become the town hero. It was great and all but the look on his face after his father called him 'Ace' really made me happy.

And as he looked up at the very same star he had wished on, he thanked it. Smiling and feeling so comfortable, loved. My sweet little boy was happy again.

For that star, was me…