I Need You


Rating: M

Pairing: J/S all the way.

Summary: Sarah has left the Labyrinth. But has it left her? Major incidents lead her to believe someone is still watching her.

A/N: I have a thing for Hurt/comfort fics so lemme alone! This is a shameless attempt at romance in view of my recent acquisition of a new girlfriend, and a new costume project: Jareth.

To that end, this fanfic is dedicated to the lovely and almost frighteningly vivacious Christine. A girl sweet enough to see past my many imperfections to the devilishly sexy lunatic villain within!

A/N2: I have a bit of a problem when writing, I tend to try to channel myself into the main characters, this makes them a bit OOC, but still within limits. In this fic, I must warn you about the blue plaid pyjama pants, which Jareth will be wearing later on in the story.



"-I need you. All of you." Sarah Williams said quietly.

"Well! Then why didn't you say so?" Hoggle exclaimed .

Sarah turned from her vanity to see all her friends from the Labyrinth scattered about her bedroom.

"Sir Didymus! Hoggle!" she cried happily. "Ludo!"

Very suddenly her room was filled with various Goblins and creatures, which she had encountered in the Labyrinth. She flung herself off of her vanity bench and hugged each of her friends tightly.

"I say! Anyone for a game of Scrabble!" Sir Didymus asked pompously.

The music in her room appeared out of nowhere. Jovial rock n' roll music that would have boomed throughout the house, were it not for a well placed concealment charm. Streamers and party favours were strewn about the room as the guests all danced and cheered.

Outside the window, a solitary owl kept watch. It stared at Sarah with an odd intensity, then turned from the window and flew off into the night sky, it's wings silhouetted against the moon.

Take care, Sarah.

The words appeared suddenly in Sarah's mind, along with an intense feeling of grief. Her jubilant smile nearly melted off her face as she stared out the window, a small black shadow appearing on the face of the moon. Oblivious to the crowd around her, she reached out a hand towards the window.



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