A baby cried in the background. Someone with very crazy and mildly alarming hair went and picked the baby up.

"Cute little bugger… I think I'll call him Jareth."

"Like hell you will, one of you in the world is quite enough." Sarah said with a smile.

"Oh well, we'll just have to wait for a name to come to us, yes?"

Sarah smiled and watched as her son wrapped his tiny fingers around his father's own pale digit.


A good deal of time had passed since the Moraga incident; Sarah had opted to stay in the Underground with her new husband. The ordeal she had gone through had shaken her to her core and she never wanted to be parted from him again. She had everything she wanted now, even some things she wasn't aware she had wanted. Jareth had given her the freedom to visit the Aboveground whenever she wished with the only requirement that she let him know so that he might send Hoggle to keep an eye on her.

Jareth was back to his old self. Well, not quite. Sarah found he was a lot less arrogant and self-centred now that he had a child to provide for and look after. Also, his pants were a great deal less tight. (Much to Sarah's disappointment) It seemed he had developed quite a fondness for those blue plaid pyjama pants. Never in a million years did Sarah think she would be watching her husband, the Goblin King, parading about in a pair of blue plaid pyjama pants, Mickey Mouse t-shirt, carrying a baby on his hip.

"You're looking very… domestic, today, my love." she said.

"You should talk. You're the one wearing my boxers and shirt." he retorted.

Jareth walked to the window and he and his son looked out over the Labyrinth. Goblins scuttled this way and that, going about their business as usual as if Jareth hadn't been gone for more than six months.

"You think they're all safe, Sarah? At least for a while?"

Sarah came up behind him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I think you made them that way. You're the one who got rid of her."

"Are you happy, Sarah?" he asked.

"I'm very happy, Jareth. But could you put the baby away? Hoggle's around, he'll take care of him."

"Yes, of course, why?"

"Because… I need you."


Author's note:

To my readers who have followed this from day one. I am SO so sorry I didn't finish with up satisfactorily. Real life came and kicked my ass. I've been through the death of my best friend (my cat, Nikki), a rather nasty break-up, and a shit-ton of school that I have hated every moment of. Also a few more obsessions have sprung up. I'm now an official Wholigan and have found Jesus… Christ Superstar. JCS is my fandom of the moment. I urge you to check out the 2000 version. It's lovely.

Anyhow, I hope this assuages any complaints etc. Again, I apologize for the first two chapters. I can't for the life of me locate the disc anywhere. If I do, I will post it right away! So thank you all so much for your continued support, I luffs ya!

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