Just a little extra scene as a thank you to those of you who reviewed. Hope you like it. As for the rest... I guess you'll have to use your imagination...

It was early afternoon by the time she arrived back at the Jeffersonian. The journey back from New York state had been pretty slow due to the traffic. They hadn't left particularly early either, but no-one else needed to know that.

Temperance walked into the lab wearing a pair of linen trousers and filmy silk top. Her sunglasses were pushed up into her hair and she was carrying a bag over her shoulder and her laptop was under her arm.

Zach spotted her, "Dr Brennan. Welcome back. Congratulations on solving the case."

Temperance smiled at him, "Thanks Zach. I was very impressed with the speed of your analysis of the fractures on the victims skull."

Zach glowed with pleasure at her praise, as Temperance walked on towards her office.

Hodgins was next to appear, "Welcome back." He said inclining his head, "How's Booth bearing up?"

Temperance grinned, "Oh, he's doing just fine." Hodgins' eyes narrowed slightly at the uncharacteristically smug expression on her face, but she walked on oblivious.

In her office, she dumped the bag on her chair and docked her laptop. She removed the files from the bag and put them away. Finally she lifted out the moose, her lips curving into a smile as she looked at it. She sat it down in pride of place on her desk, next to her computer.

"Aw... cute toy! Where'd you get him from sweetie?" Angela's voice called from the doorway.

Temperance motioned to her friend to close the door, Angela raised an eyebrow but did as she was told and then walked over to Temperance, "Well?"

Temperance tried to act casual, "Seeley won him for me at the fair."

"Seeley won him for you huh?" Angela said sitting on the edge of the desk with her arms folded, "What happened to Booth?"

Temperance gave up the fight to hold back a huge smile, "Let's just say we're on first name terms now," she shook her head laughingly as Angela demanded all the gory details.