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"Anna, what the heck is this?"

This is stuff related to my H/D fic, Bond. Except for the Deleted Scenes, it is not plotty stuff. It is not necessarily funny stuff. A lot of it is not even interesting stuff, unless you're a detail-oriented kind of person, like I am. (Hence my use of the term "detail-oriented" instead of "sadly obsessive.")

Think of this as the fic equivalent of DVD extras. Nobody actually looks at the oodles of extra stuff on the Lord of the Rings DVD sets – the stuff about developing the different fighting styles, recording the music, and creating electronic horsies to drop from the sky. Nobody except for people who were already pretty much really, really into the LOTR movies. You know; "detail-oriented."

Why yes, I have watched all twelve hundred hours of extra bits on the LOTR DVD set. How did you guess?

Important Note For People Who Have Not Read Bond: You are welcome to read this, but it will make little or no sense to you. And it will spoil the story. So if you're thinking of reading Bond... please skip this. It won't be interesting to you, I assure you. You can always come back to it later.

Important Note For ff.n Enforcement Folks: I think this is OK to post here, in that it is not a one- or two-liner, MST, story with non-fictional characters, interactive, or in chat/script format. However one of the no-nos here is "Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc." This does have story content (deleted scenes and articles), but it also has extensive non-story content - author notes "and etc." So you may find it unacceptable for this site.

If it is, please let me know and I will remove the offending material and relocate it to my livejournal account, and leave only the material that complies with ff.n rules.


There are six pages of DVD extras here:

Technical stuff (this page). Class schedules, Story timeline (including Quidditch games, newspaper articles and deleted scenes), Quidditch scores, Bond-related links.

Newspaper articles. Three articles: the Prophet interview with Draco, the article alleging Harry was an abusive spouse, and the article exposing their renewed relationship.

Extra Scenes #1. Two scenes: one that answers Conny1908's question "What exactly was Harry dreaming of in chapter 4, that day that Draco woke him up from a wet dream?", and another scene between Draco and Stephen Cornfoot, during Harry and Draco's separation, dropped from chapter 16 for length.

Extra Scenes #2. One scene: the "five hideous days" when Lucius activated Draco's Mark.

Extra Scenes #3. One scene: How Draco and Harry survived being all alone over the Christmas holidays.

Final Additions. Two scenes: The fight in the Great Hall and the scene in Dumbledore's office, from Harry's POV, and the POVs of the Gryffindor Polyjuice Squad from the end of chapter 20.

Final Final Addition: The healing circle and immediate aftermath, from the point of view of Lucius Malfoy (end of chapter 11, beginning of chapter 12).


Technical Stuff

Class Schedules

Yes. I really am this obsessive. I was bored during one of my own classes one day and created three Hogwarts student schedules. Decided to use two of them for this story when I started writing it. They're slightly AU, in that I started the story before Half-Blood Prince came out, so all that had been mentioned was that certain teachers wouldn't allow students into their 6th and 7th year classes if they didn't do well on the OWLs. I had figured Neville probably wouldn't be in Potions, but thought some other non-brilliant students (Goyle, for example) probably would be. Which, um, no. I also figured Potions would be small enough that it would have students from all houses, but didn't realize that most of the other classes would also be mixed. Or that Potions would only have about 8 students. So in my story, most classes are still pretty full and are usually only composed of one or two houses.

So here are Draco and Harry's class schedules before the bond, with the classes they're forced to drop italicized, followed by their post-bond class schedule.


1: Potions (mixed)

2: Transfigurations (Slytherin/Ravenclaw)

3: DADA (Slytherin/Gryffindor)

4: Charms (Slytherin)

5: Lunch

6: Arithmancy (mixed)

7. Free

8: Ancient Runes (Slytherin)

9: History Of Magic (Slytherin)


1: Potions (mixed)

2: Muggle Studies

3: DADA (Slytherin/Gryffindor)

4: Transfigurations (Gryffindor)

5: Charms (Gryffindor)

6: Lunch

7. Free

8: Astronomy (Gryffindor)

9: Herbology (Gryffindor/Hufflepuff)

Post-bond class schedule

1: Potions (mixed)

2: Transfigurations (Slytherin/Ravenclaw)

3: DADA (Slytherin/Gryffindor)

4: Lunch

5: Charms (Gryffindor)

6: Arithmancy (mixed)

7. Free

8: Astronomy (Gryffindor), Ancient Runes (Slytherin) on alternate days

9: Herbology (Gryffindor/Hufflepuff)

After unbonding, Draco switches back to Slytherin Charms class in 4th period, lunch 5th period, and only goes to Ancient Runes during 8th period. Harry stays in all the same classes but now only goes to Astronomy during 8th period.

I know. It's very sad. Because they're no longer in the same classes and they miss – wait. Did you mean it was very sad that I went to the trouble of making and rearranging class schedules for fictional characters?

Um, yeah. Detail-oriented.


Story Timeline

Chapter 1

Names in bold indicate which character's point of view the scene is written in. Entries in italics indicate a Quidditch game, newpaper article, deleted scene, or other sort of "extra material" that is not found on the main story.

Day 1, Tuesday, September 29, Harry Wake up in the hospital, bonded.

Go to sleep in the hospital.

Day 2, Wednesday, September 30, Draco, Wake up.

Potions class, have to sit together.

Lunch in the courtyard.

Move into married quarters.

Ron & Hermione visit married quarters.

Day 3, Thursday, October 1, Harry, Wake up, late for Transfiguration.

Chapter 2

Day 3, Thursday, October 1 (ctn), Harry, Draco is snarky in class.

Pomfrey's office.

Entire Arithmancy class finds out Harry's a virgin.

Back home, firetalk to parents/Lupin.

Day 4, Friday, October 2, Draco, Need to be close grows stronger, move beds together.

Friends study at their place.

Day 6, Sunday, October 4, Harry, Talk to Lupin, thinking about bond.

Chapter 3

Day 11, Friday, October 9, Draco, Attraction begins, wake up with vivid dreams.

Day 13, Sunday, October 11, Harry, Talk to Lupin.

Day 14, Monday, October 12, Draco, Potions class, both are distracted.

Try to have lunch apart.

Snape, Collapse in Great Hall.

Day 15, Tuesday, October 13, Draco, Wake up in hospital again.

Visit from Lucius.

Talk with the 'team' about going back to the dorms and other ways of dealing with the bond.

Go to sleep.

Day 16, Wednesday, October 14, Harry, Non-hostile chat in the hospital.

Chapter 4

Day 17, Thursday, October 15, Draco, Back to Gryffindor Tower.

Day 19, Saturday, October 17, Harry, Harry talks to Ron in the dorm while the other boys sleep in.

Day 21, Monday, October 19, Harry, Attraction begins again.

Talk in courtyard. Draco is taking a patience potion.

Day 23, Wednesday, October 21, Draco, Draco wakes Harry up from intense dream.

(Scene not included: Day 23, Wednesday, October 21, Harry, The Dream That Got Harry Hot And Bothered.)

Fighting in Potions class.

Serious fight in the Great Hall.

(Scene not included: Day 23, Wednesday, October 21, Harry, After the Fight)

Chapter 5

Day 23, Wednesday, October 21 (ctn), Draco, Dumbledore's office, first kiss, voluntarily suspension begins.

End of the day in their quarters.

Day 24, Thursday, October 22, Harry, First morning of suspension. Working on 'getting comfortable' with each other.

Chapter 6

Day 24, Thursday, October 22 (ctn), Harry, First morning continued, feeling tired.

Go flying.

Talk about marriage & mpreg. Harry thinks about physical relationship.

Lunch, The List: removing some items, doing some others.

Decide to go to Hogsmeade for dinner.

Chapter 7

Day 25, Friday, October 23, Draco, Harry wakes Draco from intense dream.

Leaving the room, Draco's getting better at apologizing.

Lunch, Draco panics at how close they're getting, slightly rough activity takes place.

Dinner in Hogsmeade.

Ron, Ron, Pansy and Ernie find Harry & Draco coming back from dinner very drunk.

Chapter 8

Day 26, Saturday, October 24, Harry, Pomfrey worried about Draco's injuries, calls Esposito.

Esposito talks about lethargy and the immediate future of their sex life.

Back at room, talk about how curse may have been deliberately miscast.

Chapter 9

Day 28, Monday, October 26, Draco, Leaving their quarters, Draco realizes they've changed.

Back to class, other Slytherins realize they've changed.

Falling asleep between classes, talk about returning to Slytherin.

Nott does Virgo Acclaro spell.

Dinner, Harry tells Ron & Hermione that he's going to Slytherin.

Back to Slytherin, Harry falls asleep in common room.

Day 29, Tuesday, October 27, Harry, Wake up at Slytherin, Harry observes Slytherin interactions. Realizes they've become a couple.

Draco falls asleep in Herbology, Harry tells Ron & Hermione he's got to side with Draco sometimes.

Day 31, Thursday, October 29 (dawn), Draco, First time.

Chapter 10

Day 31, Thursday, October 29 (morning), Harry, Wake up.

Sent to talk to Aurors, think about last night.

Harry gets angry at Auror Tobin.

Virgo Acclaro at dinner, go back to room to sleep before going back to Slytherin.

Day 32, Friday, October 30, Draco, At Gryffindor, lethargy more pronounced.

Ron & Hermione talk about letting people they trust in on what's happening

Day 33, Saturday, October 31, Hermione, Halloween party, Harry & Draco too tired to attend, Pansy tries to talk to Hermione.

(Quidditch Game #1: Hufflepuff 190/Slytherin 10)

Chapter 11

Day 35, Monday, November 2, Draco, Collapse, taken to hospital wing. Again.

Hermione, Draco's parents show up.

Day 36, Tuesday, November 3, Ron, Lucius tries to take Draco away.

Day 38, Thursday, November 5, Hermione Summon healing circle, explain the plan.

Snape, Lucius decides.

Hermione, Circle forms with Lucius, Narcissa, Snape, Pansy, Blaise, Remus, McGonnagall, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Dumbledore, Pomfrey, Esposito.

(Scene not included: Day 38, Thursday, November 5, Lucius, the healing circle and immediate aftermath from his point of view.)

Chapter 12

Day 39, Friday, November 6, Hermione, After the healing circle, Hermione, Ron, Narcissa, Lucius keep vigil.

Day 40, Saturday, November 7, Draco, Still in hospital, getting bored. Talk to Narcissa, Ron & Ginny. Talk about Voldemort and switching sides.

First time sleeping together since circle.

Day 42, Monday, November 9, Harry, Hogsmeade. Talk about their childhoods, think about Slytherin change in attitude.

Hermione, Hermione says goodbye to Esposito.

Day 56, Monday, November 23, Harry, Waking up in Slytherin, social upheaval continues.

Potions class, Lucius is in the papers.

Chapter 13

Day 61, Saturday, November 28, Draco, Studying in the library followed by Seeker's Game. Lucius visits and reveals family plans, talks about healer's records, tells Draco he has to do an interview.

Chapter 14

Day 62, Sunday, November 29 (dawn), Harry, Draco wakes up from a nightmare about Lucius.

Day 63, Monday, November 30, Harry, Potions practice, new interactions between Gryffindors and Slytherins.

(Day 65, Wednesday, December 2, Daily Prophet Article, "A Bond Revealed: Interview With Draco Malfoy")

Day 68, Saturday, December 5, Draco, Awkward breakfast with Gryffindors. Pansy explains why she's still on Draco's side.

Day 75, Saturday, December 12, Draco, Quidditch game, Draco in the Gryffindor stands.

(Quidditch Game #2: Gryffindor 150/Ravenclaw 40)

Day 86, Wednesday, December 23, Harry, Yule Ball, Malfoys beginning to rise again, Lucius proud of Draco. Fellow students organize a circle dance.

(Scene not included: Day 89, Saturday, December 26, Draco, Christmas Blues)

Day 98, Monday, January 4, Draco, Back to class after Christmas. Gryffindors and Slytherins getting along well, Malfoy family doing better, Death Eater activity rising.

Day 115, Thursday, January 21, Harry, Talk about housing after school and being attracted to other people. Both playing Quidditch again. Draco finds out his father found the caster.

Chapter 15

Day 115, Thursday, January 21 (ctn), Harry, Talk about finding the caster.

Last night together.

Day 116, Friday, January 22, Draco, Leave their room for the last time.

Unbonding. Lucius Malfoy is going to see Voldemort.

Slytherin post-divorce party.

Day 117, Saturday, January 23, Harry, Slytherin/Ravenclaw game, Baddock still Seeker.

(Quidditch Game #3: Ravenclaw 170/Slytherin 50)

Chapter 16

Day 119, Monday, January 25, Draco, Back at school again, wondering if Lucius is all right.

Day 121, Wednesday, January 27, Harry, Reading the Prophet.

Day 123, Friday, January 29, Pansy, Draco sleeps with Pansy.

Day 125, Sunday, January 31, Hermione, Harry 'dates' Hannah Abbott.

Day 129, Thursday, February 4, Harry, Harry runs in to Draco by the Quidditch hut.

(Scene not included: Day 130, Friday, February 5, Draco, Stephen Cornfoot propositions Draco.)

Chapter 17

Day 133, Monday, February 8, Draco, Prophet runs abuse story, Draco & Harry talk again.

(Daily Prophet Article, "Boy Who Lived, Abusive Spouse?")

Draco thinks about how stupid it would be to get involved with Harry again.

Day 134, Tuesday, February 9, Harry, Transfiguration session turns into getting back together.

Ron finds out, tells Harry he'd better tell Hermione.

Day 136, Thursday, February 11, Draco, PWP scene.

Pansy lets Draco know she knows about him and Harry, and warns him that his father will kill him if he finds out.

Chapter 18

Day 143, Thursday, February 18, Pansy, Pansy, Blaise and Hermione walk in on Harry & Draco. Blaise also warns Draco about his father.

Day 145, Saturday, February 20, Harry, Harry & Draco fight over Lucius & politics.

Day 147, Monday, February 22, Draco, Pansy brings up the possibility of them being discovered.

Day 152, Saturday, February 27, Draco, Prophet exposes them, Draco is disowned.

(Daily Prophet Article, "A Bond Renewed")

Chapter 19

Day 152, Saturday, February 27, Harry, Draco in the infirmary.

Day 154, Monday, March 1, (dawn), Ron, Harry's worried about Draco going back to Malfoy Manor.

Harry, Draco comes back.

Draco tells Harry what happened at Malfoy Manor.

Day 160, Sunday, March 7, Draco, Fight over Lucius and Death Eaters, break up.

Day 166, Saturday, March 13, Ron, Draco asks Ron why Harry's not playing.

(Quidditch Game #4: Hufflepuff 160/Gryffindor 60)

Day 169, Tuesday, March 16, Hermione, Draco asks Hermione why Harry's not in class.

Chapter 20

Day 171, Thursday, March 18, Harry, Draco brings in Esposito, realize the bond was never dissolved; Draco was just taken out of it.

(Scene(s) not included: Day 172, Friday, March 19 to Day 174, Sunday, March 21, "The Gryffindor Polyjuice Squad")

Day 173, Saturday, March 20, Draco, Draco firetalks to Narcissa, asks her about Lucius' involvement.

Day 174, Sunday, March 21, Pansy, Draco and Pansy are polyjuiced to look like Ron and Ginny Weasley, so that Draco can be near. Hermione and Pansy talk.

Chapter 21

Day 175, Monday, March 22, Snape, Draco asks Lucius to let him save Harry.

Day 176, Tuesday, March 23, Draco, Draco makes his choice.

Harry, Harry and Draco say goodbye to Esposito, talk at the end of the day.


(Scene(s) not included: Day 178, Thursday, March 25 to Day 183, Tuesday, March 30, "Five Hideous Days")

(not shown: Quidditch Game #5: Ravenclaw 160/Hufflepuff 30)

Day 236, Saturday, May 22, Harry, Last Quidditch game of the year.

(Quidditch Game #6: Slytherin 160/Gryffindor 40)

(Final scores: Hufflepuff 380, Ravenclaw 370, Gryffindor 250, Slytherin 220)


Quidditch Games

Day 33, Saturday, October 31, Hufflepuff 190/Slytherin 10

Day 75, Saturday, December 12, Gryffindor 150/Ravenclaw 40

Day 117, Saturday, January 23, Ravenclaw 170/Slytherin 50

Day 166, Saturday, March 13, Hufflepuff 160/Gryffindor 60

Day 201, April 17, Saturday, April 17, Ravenclaw 160/Hufflepuff 30

Day 236, Saturday, May 22, Slytherin 160/Gryffindor 40

Final scores: Hufflepuff 380, Ravenclaw 370, Gryffindor 250, Slytherin 220


Bond-Related Links

Note: Fanfiction net does not allow URLs to appear as is. In order to reach the following URLs, remove all the blank spaces and then cut and paste into your browser window.


Calíope Amphora has translated, and Dana Norram has beta-translated, Bond into Portuguese. It can be found at the following site:

www . fanfiction . net / s / 2773972 / 1 /

Claes is translating Bond into French:

www . fanfiction . net / s / 3181930 / 1 /


coffeejunki did a remix of Bond, called Never Say Never (The Unexpected Remix), set during chapter 20. Meant especially for those readers who were a bit disappointed when I permanently (I thought!) closed off a certain genre of plotline. Go see :)

community . livejournal . com / hd underscore remix / 9060 . html

Other sites

Bond is also posted to two other HP fic sites, skyhawke and FictionAlley.

www . fictionalley . org / authors / anna fugazzi / bond . html

archive . skyehawke . com / story . php ? no 11092


I do a lot of doodling. Some of my doodles become story illustrations. No guarantee of quality here, folks. Caveat visor.

Chapter 3: Potter wasn't taking notes. He'd written out the Danish Futhark Runic alphabet three times and the Greek alphabet once, drawn a picture of a quill, a desk, a chair, Hermione Granger, and twelve little three-dimensional boxes, and set a simple spell to make them all dance across the page.

i9 . photobucket . com / albums / a71 / AnnaFugazzi / BondCh3 . gif

Chapter 5: "We're supposed to get 'comfortable' with each other, whatever that means. And, and you said you wanted me to lead here. So... I'm leading."

i9 . photobucket . com / albums / a71 / AnnaFugazzi / BondCh5 . jpg

Chapter 6: "I'd say 'talk about your parents' is pretty much out," Malfoy said grimly, and touched his wand to the paper. A line appeared across the words.

i9 . photobucket . com / albums / a71 / AnnaFugazzi / BondCh6 . jpg

Chapter 7: "Draco, darling, it's a damn good thing Lucius isn't here right now."

i9 . photobucket . com / albums / a71 / AnnaFugazzi / BondCh7 . jpg

DVD Extra Chapter 7: Lucius felt a tiny hand grip his finger firmly and a completely unexpected thrill shot through him.
i9 . photobucket . com / albums / a71 / AnnaFugazzi / BondDVDExtraVersion2 . jpg

Really Good Pictures

Now, if you want to see pictures drawn by somebody who's not trying to figure out which end of the pencil is pointy but who actually has talent, here's a few. Chibitoaster read and liked Bond, and asked if she could illustrate. After I picked my jaw off the floor and said yes, she started drawing. And so far, here's what she's come up with (remove all spaces in the URLs, and replace all occurrences of the word 'underscore' with an underscore character, which, for reasons known only to the fanfic dot net gods, refuses to show its face on the screen):

Cover illustration:
www . chibitoaster . com / bond underscore cover underscore f . jpg

Ch 1, The happy newlyweds:
www . chibitoaster . com / bonded underscore ch1 . jpg

Ch 3, Having a liittle trouble concentrating in Potions class:
www . chibitoaster . com / potions underscore class . jpg

Ch 4, The fight in the Great Hall:
www . chibitoaster . com / fight - ink . jpg

Ch 5, Dumbledore's sitting room, first kiss:
www . chibitoaster . com / h - dkiss underscore 2 . jpg

Ch 9, That Scene At The End Of The Chapter, Decidedly Not Work Safe:
www . chibitoaster . com / h - dsmex underscore 1 . jpg

Ch 14, Arriving at the Yule Ball:
www . chibitoaster . com / yule underscore ball underscore f . jpg

Ch 17, Meeting to exchange notes for Herbology and Transfiguration... yeah, that's it:
www . chibitoaster . com / scarf - chair underscore f . jpg

Note: apparently some of the pictures with dashes in them weren't showing up for some people. Try typing the dash in again when you cut and paste.

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