It was early morning; the sun had barely begun to break the horizon with purples, oranges, and yellows dancing across the Nevada sky. Her skin, such a light shade of porcelain was illuminated by the early morning light. Her eyes were closed with lashes long and feathery on her cheek, a slender nose that led to her full pink and pouty lips. She was thin, almost too much so, but had a pear silhouette that showed through her red Egyptian cotton sheet that was gently splayed across her hip.

She lay facing the sunrise as he watched her sleep, her chest delicately rising and falling. She was unaware of him watching her, wanting her. Unaware that he had sat many nights outside her balcony window watching her, taking pictures of her, savoring her form. Tonight was different though; tonight he had come inside and sat at the edge of her bed, watching her, raping her with his eyes.

She lay unknowing when he took a needle and a vial from his coat pocket, unsheathing the protective seal off the needle, ripping off the plastic cap, and plunging it into the vial, filling the needle with its liquid. She lay unknowing when he stuck the needle into her hip and filling the liquid into her body. It was then that she woke; it was then that she saw the dark figure sitting in front of her; it was then that she noticed that could no longer move. It was then that she knew she was in severe danger.

She could not protest, neither physically or vocally, when he lifted her from her bed taking the sheet and covering her with it. Brushing her cheek gently with his finger, tucking stray strands of hair behind her ears, making sure to support her neck cradling her like a baby, and carries her out of her own house.

Now the sun was just barely above the horizon, shedding deeper and brighter shades of purples, oranges, and yellows. The colors glow upon her skin, radiating the beauty that she is. Her captor then opens the passenger side door to a black sports car and places her gently into the back seat buckling her into the waist belt. He smiles at her taking in her appearance lying there helpless, and takes out yet another vial and plunges the same needle into it filling it with this new liquid. And again he sticks the needle into her hip except this time everything went hazy when her captor shut out the light of the early morning sunrise.