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Neon lights burned into the pitch black of the night. A breath sighed heavily from deep inside a broken soul. A heartbeat sounded into the night, slashing the silence like a blade. Footsteps falling in place just behind hers, footsteps following her in the same brisk walk, footsteps falling just as light as hers, falling into the same footprints as her own. The streets lay empty as snow began to fall, the hills of the desert stretching out beyond the dark horizon. Smoke began to fog the streets, enveloping anything in its path. She ran now, running away from the footsteps and the smoke. But they both followed her no matter how fast she ran from them. Eventually the footsteps fell in line with hers and the smoke began to twist around her. She breathed in the dark vapor and could no longer breathe. Falling to the pavement, her head hitting the ground, she turned to look up at the very bright sky that seemed to beckon her from the heavens.

Sara awoke to a nurse calling her name. She was lying on the floor, staring now into the bright light of the hospital. Night stared back at her through the blinds of the window. A dull throb coursed through her body; until suddenly it felt like lightning bolts coursing through her body. Sara screamed as the nurse tried to give Sara her pain medication through her intravenous tube. Ripping it out of her arm, her blood staining the linoleum floor, Sara lifted herself up off the floor, pushing both nurses to the floor and ran out into the hallway. Sara's feet moved without her accord until she reached the depths of a dark closet. She knew people had seen her, that they had followed her and that they stood outside the door whispering about her. Her head was spinning with words spoken long ago, moments that changed her, and then all went dark.

This time Sara awoke to the sound of knocking. She felt as if she had been sleeping for hours but the slow rapping on the door told her it had only been a few moments of darkness. A soft voice spoke to her through the door, coaxing her to come out of the darkness. Sara's entire body continued to throb, the blood now pooling on the bandage of her left hand from where she had torn the needle from her arm. She slowly crawled towards the door, placing her hand on the cold metal handle and turning it ever so slowly until the lock clicked open and allowed a sliver of light shine through. It was then that she crawled back into the darkness into the far corner of the closet. The door was slowly swung open until all Sara could see were these figures bathed in the bright light of the world outside. A hand reached toward her but Sara did not take it. All she did was stare up towards them, completely silent.

From the figures view Sara was shining in her white hospital gown, her hair now a mess looked beautiful as it outlined her innocent looking face. Her eyes stared blanking at them striking them somewhere deep within their souls, eyes that looked so deep that they stripped them all of their thoughts and for a few moments the figures stared in an ephemeral embrace with Sara. It was broken just as a spell would and they helped Sara gently out of the closet and into the bright lights of the hospital. She was only but a ghost as they led her back to her room seemingly floating across the floor.

The nurses tended to her new wound and to the old ones which Sara had reopened in her rush of insanity. Sara lay still beneath the white sheets of the hospital, her eyes staring heavily at the ceiling. The team looked upon her from the viewing window next to the door. They looked at a woman lost within herself and her past. A woman yet a child screaming out for redemption. A woman screaming out for a cleansed soul. A woman whose eyes shared so much of the truths that lay unspoken. The night outside lay as a dark reminder that soon Sara would have to relive every horrid moment of her life.

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