Sock Hop

By Melissa

Summary:Go back into Time of the Year of Nineteen fifty with Troy and Gabriella, Chad and Taylor, Zeke and Sharpay, and Jason and Kelsie.

Chapter One :

"Okay Okay Class settle down for announcements Please!" yelled Mrs Darbus.

" Everyone QUIET DOWN ," chad yelled as he whistled.

" Oo My Thank you Mr Dansforth," said Mrs Darbus.

Everyone had quieted down as they heard the announcements began.

" Welcome to a New Month, I as your Principal speaking, I have an announcement to make, Within the New month we will be celebrating the Year of Nineteen Fifty, So take out your leather jackets, as the ladies take out your Puddle skirts During the whole month we will be dressing Back as Nineteen Fifty," annnounced the Principal. " With the Help by Mrs Darbus and Class they will be putting up signs and Banners and especially the Gym. So Basketball Players, Join in the Fun. ..." he added.

The class cheered as they looked over to one another as Troy looked over to Gabriella as they smiled at each other.

'One more announcment, Here is Coach Bolton. " Well Wyldcats You did it, We won the Trophy, you have outdone yourselves and I am proud of you all for putting on a Great Game, For Troy Bolton and Chad DansForth, please meet me outside it seems you both placed " another Mural on my Truck. again"... said Coach Bolton.

"What!", we didn't do anything," yelled Troy and Chad. " We didn't do anything:groaned Chad.

The Bell Rang as the students were led out as they both walked out of the class as they were complaning.

" If I am going down, you are going down with me, I swear Troy I will make you pay for making me do that on your Dad's Truck," said Chad.

"Me ! Me?" Moaned Troy. Chad and Troy stared at each other as they still complained.

"WOAH ! Look AT THOSE CARS!" yelled out Zeke.

Zeke, Sharpay , Ryan, Gabriella, stared to the cars. "WOW, those are amazing!" yelled out Gabriella.

Zeke tapped Troy and chad as he wanted to get their attentions to the cars. "WHAT!" they both yelled at Zeke as he poynted out to the cars. There the two saw the Cars as there mouth dropped.

" CHECK IT OUT ," said Chad surprisingly.

Chad and Troy made their way to the cars as they looked at one another ." Who's are these?" asked Chad.

They are yours and Chad's ," answered Coach Bolton.

"WOW, my car is a 57' Chevy!" yelled out Troy.

" Mines a 64' Imapla" smiled Chad.

" You Guys, Do you know what this means ," yelled The Girls .

Chad and Troy looked over to their Girlfriends.