Chapter 6:

Lets eat I'm starved

Everyone laughed as they made their way inside the diner as their Food was ready at the table as everyone ate , Ryan looked to his watch.

" You know guys, it's a quarter til eight, we have to go if we are going to make it to the school dance," said Ryan.

" Yea, Ryan is right, and we are performing infront of everyone remember" added Sharpay.

" Ugh, don't remind us please" smiled Chad.

" Ready to Go everyone, asked Ryan.

" Ryan are you going solo to this Dance?" asked Troy.

"Uhm, no but can I borrow Gabriella for my Date" grinned Ryan.

AH ha Ah Ha! No" smiled Troy.

Troy and Gabriella stood up as she grabbed a French Fries From Taylor's tray as she grinned.

"See you guys there"said Troy.

Troy and Gabriella walked to the 57 chevy as they smiled to each other.

He pulled Gabriella close to himself as he gave a smile as he moved close to her as he whispered "I love you Gabeiella" with that special Moment Troy frenched Kiss Gabriella as she was surprised at this moment as it stood still they kissed as Troy traveled his kisses to hi.

"OUWWWW!" yelled Wolf man Jack from the radio.

" There is seriously love in that Full moon tonight, Here's another Goodie by The king himself Elvis Presley.

The song was "TEDDYBEAR" as it began to play.

"OOO I love this song" snapped Kelsie as she began to sing along.

Kelsie began to sing along as she looked at the time,

OOO Guys we gotta go as of now, " she snapped.

Everyone got up as they each picked up a last frie as they ran to their cars and made their way to the Dance.

Wolf man Jack gave another shout out howl as he began to talk " Love is in the air here is Bill haley and The Comets" 'Round the Clock' .

the music began as they arrived at the Dance as they noticed all the 1956 chevy's parked.

" how will you know this one Troy" smiled Gabriella.

Troy smiled as he placed his fire red Bandana on the mirror .

(Sorry this one is short)