Disclaimer: I do not even own Mutant X DVD's, must less the series or characters of Mutant X. They belong to Tribune and Marvel.

This is a sort of sequel to Dominion Wars. This focuses on the relationships I built there. Some key notes to remember. 1) There are two sanctuaries of sorts, one is the original, and the other called Haven was built after the explosion at Sanctuary. 2) Ashlocke is a teammate now, not evil anymore. 3) Gabriella and Ashley are his daughter and son. 4) Emma and Shal are pregnant 5) Shal and Lexa are engaged (not to each other) to be married. 6) Jesse and Emma are married (not to each other). 7) Jesse has a son with Melodie (his wife), his name is Alex, and he is almost 5.

Team Haven: Jesse, Melodie, Shalimar, Dax, Rosalie, Mike, Emma, Gabriella, Ashley, Zane, Ashlocke, and new OC Cassandra (Gabby and Ashley's mom).

Team Sanctuary: Brennan, Mari, Lulu, Josh, Zack, Lexa and Max

Adam is leader of course

Each chapter will focus solely on a pair or triangle. I will be it all together with the ending chapters.

Thanks go out to Melodie568 for beta for chapters 1-5.

Chapter 1: Jesse/Melodie

Jesse rolled over in his bed, and reached his arm around his wife. To his shock, his arm hit the bed. He sat up and looked around the room. Melodie was nowhere to be seen. He saw the light on in the bathroom, and got up, "Mel you ok?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine."

"What are you doing?"

Jesse heard the shuffling of feet and rustling of papers. "Mel?"

"Jesse, I'm in the bathroom, do I have to explain everything?"

Jesse smirked, "No, but I heard you moving around in there."

"Jesse, do you need to use the bathroom?"


"Then go back to sleep, I'll be back in there in a minute."


Mel sat on the side of the tub reading the letter. She had read it 10 times already it still wasn't sinking in.

She had gone to the doctor for a regular checkup. Everything had turned out pretty well, but one thing. Tears ran down her face as she read the results for the 11th time.

Mrs. Kilmartin,

We would like you to set up a follow-up appointment with Dr. Head immediately. Your test results show an irregular growth in your body. We need to do further test to confirm. We have tried to call you at you home, but have been unable to get an answer there. We hate informing people of bad news this way, but feel it necessary in this case. Your white-cell count is up, and with the MRI showing the growth. It appears you have cancer.

We would like you to come in for further test to confirm. The quicker we find out more about your cancer, the better and we can start treatment.

Please make an appointment; it is a matter of life and death.


Dr. Andrew Head.

Melodie folded the paper down and slid it under the towels on the counter, by the sink. She didn't want Jesse to find it before she knew herself, what to do. She had just gotten married to the man of her dreams, and now she might lose him. In addition, Alex might lose his mother; the thought alone brought the tears pouring out again.

Jesse lay in bed and waited for Melodie to come to bed. He rolled over to look at the clock and realized 25 minutes had passed since Mel said she was coming to bed. He got back out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "Melodie, are you ok? Did you eat Shal's cooking after I told you not to?" he joked.

However, what he heard coming through the door was Melodie crying. But what was worse, was what he saw when he twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open. She was sitting on the bathroom floor clutching Alex's teddy bear. He walked over to her and sat down in the floor nest to her, and not even knowing what was wrong, took her in his arms and held her.

Several minutes passed before either said a word. Melodie pulled back from Jesse and wiped her tears. She got up from the floor and walked over to the sink to wash her face. She felt numb, like everything in the world was going on with out her. It was like an outer body experience, like she was on the outside looking in.

"Jesse, I need to tell you something. But I don't know how."

Jesse got up out of the floor and grabbed the teddy bear she had dropped. He walked over to the sink, and placed his arms around her, "Whatever it is, that's got you all upset and we'll get through it."

"I have cancer," she said as the tears starting falling again. This time though, she let it all out. Her knees got weak and she fell to the floor. Jesse caught her and held her. His mind was racing. He could swear she said she had cancer, but he couldn't believe that.

Jesse stood up, picked Melodie off the floor, and carried her to the bed. He put in bed and covered her up. He sat down on the bed next to her, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I got the results today. The results are in the bathroom Jesse."

"Melodie, remember when I said whatever it was, we'd get through it together?"


"I meant it," he said taking her hand in his.

He crawled into bed next to her and held her to her tears subsided. He waited till he knew she was asleep and then got out of the bed. He went to the bathroom and found the paper under the towels on the sink. He read it, and folded it back down. He turned the shower on and shed his clothes. He stepped in the shower, and let the waterfall.

Every word of the letter rang in his head..' cancer..life and death...'

Tears started rolling down his face as he sat down in the shower. He had to be strong for her, for Alex. However, for this one moment, he let go.

OK, that was deep I know. I kind of let this chapter write itself. I will visit Melodie and Jesse again in this story and throughout. Next up are Shalimar and Kristoff (guy from Hand of God episode, and baby's daddy.)