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This is the final chapter and this is told entirely from Adam's point of view.

Chapter 12: Adam Kane

I can't believe how far things have progressed in my life. 40 years ago, I set out trying to come up with a DNA improvement that could heal diseases. However that didn't work out the way I planned. What I ended up creating was mutants, people who had the DNA and the power of animals and elements.

What set out, as a mistake quickly became the greatest achievement of my life. I had problems, like when Gabriel Ashlocke went insane because of a mistake I made in his DNA. It took my 30 years to solve that problem.

I created not one, but three teams named Mutant X. These mutants fought to protect the innocent against their evil counterparts. I made mistakes by getting funding from a group known as the Dominion. If I knew then, what I know now, then I would have never taken money from them.

They put a hit out on me, little did I know that they didn't want me dead, they wanted me to fix a genetic flaw that my creator had made. That's right, my creator, I'm just a clone, created my some mad scientist. I faked my death and broke my team apart by doing so, but at the same time, I faked Emma's death.

Lexa was assigned to take over Mutant X. How she held the team together I have no idea. Then I came back and revealed that I was alive and asked them to help me get rid of the Dominion. That little assignment ended with me being captured and held hostage for 6 months, the team yet again, not knowing that I was alive.

Lexa and the others ended up on assignment with an old friend Mari, and she rescued me. That's when we set into motion the war against the Dominion. After almost a full 6 months, we won that war, thanks to a 16-year-old kid, the son of Gabriel Ashlocke.

Things have done a full 360-degree turn from that time on.

Emma came back and revealed that she had married my son, Michael. They just had their first child, Christopher. Shalimar and Brennan had a child, Brooklyn. Brennan married Mari one month after the birth of his child with Shalimar. Shalimar was graceful about it, even agreed to be the maid-of-honor for Mari.

Jesse married his high school sweetheart Melodie, they have a five-year-old son, Alex and now she is 4 months pregnant with their second child.

Lexa and Max got married in a double ceremony with Rosalie and Dakota last month.

Ashlocke renewed his wedding vows with his wife Cassandra, mother of Ashley and Gabriella.

Josh and Zack left Mutant X, after he accidentally killed his brother Zane. I hope someday he can come to grips with what he did. He was angry after Zane's actions caused Gabriella to take her own life.

Lulu has met a very nice young man, James. She still needs to grow up a lot, but she's 16, she's supposed to be slightly immature right?

Everyone seems to have someone in his or her lives and we're living in a beautiful mansion that Gabriel bought for us to live in. We actually have neighbors. I'm not to crazy about the name of the Estates, I mean who names a mansion Xavier? But they picked it out, something about a character from action movie.

The little town we live in is named Serenity and so far, it's living up to its name.

Now I think about it, not everyone has someone, Ashley, Shalimar and I don't have anybody to share our love with.

Well now that we're no longer fighting every week and hiding from civilization, maybe I should start to date. There is only one fear; the Dominion isn't the only group I received funding from. But I haven't heard from the other one in years. I guess the Alliance has disbanded, which is good to know, cause they were worse than the Dominion.

Ok, this chapter sets up my next and final part of the extended trilogy that started that started with Wolf Crossing, went to Undercover Agent, Dominion War, Let it Snow and Tribulation. The final story will be entitled Love and War, very little romance and a whole lot of war!